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An absolute lack of foresight and empathy

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posted on Sep, 3 2020 @ 12:37 AM
The left loves to place themselves on an ethical pedestal, to signal their unending virtue and compassion. They claim to care about humanity but they clearly couldn't care less. Imagine how hard it is for kids growing up in this world right now, think about the psychological trauma that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. We are already going through a pandemic which has devastated the global economy, but these rioters think it's appropriate to run around burning down buildings and indiscriminately attacking people.

These riots are creating deep divisions and pushing many left moderates and centrists over to the right. If Trump is re-elected these riots will be the primary reason. Honestly some times I think the left wants Trump to be re-elected. They didn't learn anything from Hillary apparently, because they chose another long time establishment politician that most people have a hard time trusting as their front-runner. The other thing they clearly fail to recognize is that BLM is achieving exactly the opposite of their intended goal.

Using violence to achieve goals only breeds more hatred, I can guarantee you white supremacist groups are seeing a surge in numbers right now and that's obviously a bad thing. This isn't what progress looks like, this is what going backwards looks like. Now they are even starting to attack politicians like Rand Paul and even politicians on their own side, it's completely out of control. Innocent people from all walks of life and all races are being impacted by the destruction and to condone it is beyond irresponsible.

Having said that I still stand by what I said in my thread about Jacob Blake, I don't think that many shots in the back can be justified. After briefly looking at the Breonna Taylor case it seems the cops were also very negligent and didn't even raid the right house. The protesters screamed her name at Rand Paul, apparently without knowing he is the author of the Breonna Taylor law designed to end no-knock raids. Just because a person has different political beliefs doesn't mean they don't care about human life.

I've always been strongly opposed to the war on drugs because it creates more suffering than it prevents, it enriches drug lords and takes away our freedom to decide what we are allowed to put inside our own body. I don't really trust anyone on either the left or right to really tackle these drug related issues, the right often has religion-based concerns and even those who call themselves "liberal" are often ranting about how we need to control what people are allowed to eat and drink for the "greater good" of society.

Guy gets shot and killed in raid, police find a small bag of weed:
2008 - SWAT team kills another homeowner in a "drug raid"

Dogs get shot in front of kids, a pipe and a few grams of weed are found:
2010 - SWAT kills two dogs in front of children during a house raid over a marijuana posession.

Cop shoots 1 year old puppy in front of 6 year old girl:
2014 - IL cop shoots 6-year-old girl’s pet in head as she watches: ‘The dog wasn’t doing anything’

7 year old girl gets shot in head and dies in wrong address raid:
2014 - Swat officer flashbangs and headshots 7 year old girl in warrant less wrong address raid.

These are just some stories I found on ATS with a quick search. These no-knock raids which regularly seem to be carried out on the wrong address have been a problem for a long time, regardless of race or even age, doesn't matter if it's a puppy or a little girl. Imagine someone being killed now over a tiny bit of weed considering how much it has been decriminalized, it's almost like looking back on the dark ages when people were shot over a few grams of plant matter. Decriminalization is one thing I will give Obama credit for.

Don't get me wrong, I have a deep respect for police and the courage it takes to put their lives on the line in order to protect everyone else's lives. What I don't respect are the school bullies who decide to become cops so they can use that power over other people. It's also important to remember that cops don't make the laws, they are just enforcing the laws made by politicians. The point of this thread isn't to say "look how terrible cops are", the point is mistakes and corruption will always exist but the data shows things are improving.

When these sorts of tragedies happened in the past we didn't deal with it by rioting and destroying what people have worked their entire lives to build. We have made so much good progress on these issues in recent decades and now we're acting like none of that progress exists. From the moment Trump was elected people have been slowly radicalized by the MSM to believe this false view of reality, which again has achieved the opposite of what was intended; by constantly shaming white men and pushing "men vs women" narratives they've only created more sexists and racists.
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posted on Sep, 3 2020 @ 12:55 AM
I think I was in the fourth grade when I first heard a teacher tell a student. "You should become an politician". It was at that exact point in my life I understood the correlation between personal choice and division.

posted on Sep, 3 2020 @ 01:01 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

Thank you for seeing both sides and further what they are bringing and will have wrought down the line. It’s not easy to tread the middle path these days and for those that can, you’ve succinctly navigated the intricacies of the tribalism occurring in the Us atm.

Thank You


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