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Coronavirus treatment breakthrough: Cheap hydrocortisone steroid drastically cuts deaths

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posted on Sep, 2 2020 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: alldaylong

I read on slasdot this mornibg that they ran the genome through a supercomputer at oakridge and concluded the virus triggers a bradykinin storm which can be mitigated with vitamin d, and severa fda approved drugs already on the market.

Im too lazy to make a thread though so i will post the link here.

And here since i suck at linking.

posted on Sep, 2 2020 @ 04:12 PM
I'm not worried about catching the china flu, don't need no steroids, cloroxydramamine, or any medicine. It's a hoax!!!

posted on Sep, 2 2020 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: olaru12

I would think that selective and deceptive editing,to take what he was saying out of context,would be readily apparent to a laymen in the film industry.

Let alone a union strong man like yourself, who is obviously proud of his craft, and a total professional.

I'm not saying your intentionally trying to pass off a selectively edited video clip for the purpose of deception to alter public perception of reality.

I'm just saying your doing a dingdangdoo good job of it..

We both know he was referring to the Leftist media spin at the time, that he was not handling it appropriately as the hoax. Not the virus itself..

Remember when they called him a xenophobe for shutting down international travel early on?

Then flipped to say he didn't do anything?

Let's not do the time warp again..

With all due respect,

posted on Sep, 3 2020 @ 02:59 AM
Note the statistics from this study that compares Methylprednisolone (included in the MATH+ protocol that the EVMS is using for example), Dexamethasone, Hydrocortisone and Prednisone (in the steroid category, they have more categories). Note in table 2 their results have Hydrocortisone as the worst treatment (deepest in the red of all those steroids, meaning it makes things worse for the patient than not getting that medication). Prednisone is the only one in the green. Dexamethasone and Hydrocortisone are in the red. Methylprednisolone is somewhere in the middle.

Observational Study of the Efficiency of Treatments in Patients Hospitalized with Covid-19 in Madrid (pdf)

Just for a quick comparison, I'll quote the hazard ratios before and after propensity-score matching. "Negative d or hazard ratio less than 1 implies patients treated with that medication died less than those that did not. The opposite is true for positive d or >1 hazard ratio. Medications highlighted in red have at least a small positive d (>0.2) after propensity-score matching. Similarly, medications highlighted in green have d < -0.2." (says the description under that table there)

Methylprednisolone: 1.11; after propensity-score matching: 1.01
Dexamethasone: 1.26; 1.12
Hydrocortisone: 1.44 ; 1.30
Prednisone: 0.94; 0.85

Notice how far hydrocortisone sticks out from the rest in a negative direction, even after propensity-score matching. Remember, these are immunosuppressors that have the side-effect of constricting blood vessels. Blood clotting is an issue in Covid-19. Suppressing your immune-system, is quite a drastic risky measure. There may be less invasive methods, see for example their category called "Immunomodulators" in the same table with HCQ's hazard ratio listed at: 0.79 before propensity-score matching. Even better than prednisone.

Note that these immunosuppressors (the corticosteroids) have no effect on viral reduction, unlike HCQ + Azithromycin + zinc + vitamin C (the first 3 stalling or inhibiting viral replication, that is, the latter 2 primarily only in combination with HCQ, HCQ is the only one that can do it fairly effectively on its own but not nearly as effective as with all 3 substances, HCQ can also inhibit viral entry into the cell, and vitamin C is involved in getting rid of the virus). Not to overlook the immunomodulating functions of HCQ in regards to Interleukin 6 and the cytokine storm, but I figured that should be obvious from how they categorized HCQ in that table.

Also not to forget about vitamin D3 for its immunomodulating effects, but my point was about immunosuppressors (the corticosteroids) having no effect on viral reduction. Early treatment focussed on viral reduction is still key in the treatment of Covid-19 as well as the corona virus pandemic (less viral load is also less spread, or viral shedding*).


The term is used to refer to shedding from a single cell, shedding from one part of the body into another part of the body,[2] and shedding from bodies into the environment where the viruses may infect other bodies."

Source: Viral shedding - Wikipedia
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posted on Sep, 3 2020 @ 09:06 PM
a reply to: whereislogic

I expressed the positive and negative aspects of corticosteroids in more detail in this thread:

JUST IN: Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug to use against Covid-19

And in a comment linked there as:

my response to the MATH+ protocol

Which is in the thread: "Protocol Saves 98% of COVID Patients, Hidden by Media".

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