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Jane Halton for Crimes Against Humanity

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posted on Sep, 7 2020 @ 11:53 AM
To Mr Steve Georganas MP. Federal Member for Adelaide,
Mr Peter Malinauskas MP. State Member for Croydon,
Mayor Claire Boan, City of Port Adelaide Enfield,

Dear Members,

These are difficult times. The facts as I currently know them,

There was a genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 identified at the start of this pandemic in Wuhan. Since this time, 4500 variations of this genetic sequence have been identified around the globe so far.

An intense and well funded media and policy campaign has tried to suppress successful treatments for Covid19, while these same groups also promote vaccinations. There are strong financial interests for pharmaceutical companies to exploit the public health during a global medical emergency.

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are two ringleaders behind this global crime against humanity that has cost many lives and implemented many restrictions. There are others that extend through the UN and WHO. Event 201 is where the main players have orchestrated and practised the disinformation, fraud and theft of public funding campaigns. In Australia, Jane Halton has a strong role with Event 201 and continues in the mismanagement of policy response by restricting life and freedom saving medications. By suppressing information on available treatments, it has helped justify the community breaking lock downs across the nation.

The following petitions are to help resolve this situation:

1. Restrictions on medications like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are immediately lifted.

2. Danial Andrews, the Premier of Victoria is immediately fired.

3. A tribunal is formed to investigate and prosecute those in the global health community that have committed crimes against humanity.

Further information and public discourse on these matters is available at:

Yours Truly,


posted on Sep, 7 2020 @ 01:12 PM
Call to Join The National Class Action AUSTRALIA

Advocate Me is taking action in relation to the continuing Declaration of a State of Emergency across Australia and the Declaration of a State of Disaster in Victoria.

Due to the large number of people engaged in these actions, the only form of contact will be via submitting our forms. Once your details have been submitted we will contact you. ​

Serene Teffaha is the principal Lawyer of Advocate Me and has over 8 years experience in challenging Governments specialising in Whistleblower protections, Human Rights & Public Law and Administration. At this stage Serene will only be taking cases in relation to these class actions.

posted on Sep, 7 2020 @ 01:23 PM
Fauci is Cross-Examined

@USlawreview’s Legalman practiced law for three decades. However, he has lost so much respect for the U.S. legal system, he no longer cares about being America’s most trusted attorney.

Listen to The Fauci Cross-Examination

posted on Sep, 8 2020 @ 02:33 AM
Rocco Galati - Suing the Government for Covid-19 Tyranny

Lawsuit against Trudeau Government: Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati and the Lies and Crimes of the COVID Operation

Celebrated Canadian Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati characterizes the COVID Operation as “the biggest example of misinformation and lies on a global scale that we’ve seen.”

The Constitutional challenge that he is filing with the Ontario Superior Court seeks to pull back the shroud of secrecy imposed by the Trudeau and Ford governments which, he says, are currently and have been “ruling by decree” beneath the pretexts of “COVID Measures” and “Emergency Measures”.

Rocco Galati has filed a 191 page lawsuit taking on the entire political reaction to the pandemic, link

posted on Sep, 8 2020 @ 04:36 AM
United States Patent Application Publication Pub. No.: US 2017/0216427 A1

The present invention provides a live, attenuated coronavi rus comprising a variant replicase gene encoding polypro teins comprising a mutation in one or more of non-structural protein(s) (insp)-10, insp-14, insp-15 or insp-16. The corona virus may be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease. Such as infectious bronchitis, in a Subject.

A method for making the coronavirus according to any of claims 1 to 12 which comprises the following steps: (i) transfecting a plasmid according to claim 15 into a host cell;
(ii) infecting the host cell with a recombining virus comprising the genome of a coronavirus strain with a replicase gene;
(iii) allowing homologous recombination to occur between the replicase gene sequences in the plasmid and the corresponding sequences in the recombining virus genome to produce a modified replicase gene; and
(iv) selecting for recombining virus comprising the modified replicase gene.

While this patent does don't directly identify the source of SARS-CoV-2, it does identify some of the technology and methods for how such viruses are developed in a lab.

Dr. Fauci Backed Manipulating Viruses in Wuhan Lab, Gain of Function Research

In this 5 min video, Dr Moe talks about 'Gain of Function' research being banned in the USA because of its dangers, and how Dr Fauci helped support this on going research in Wuhan.

posted on Sep, 8 2020 @ 06:00 AM
WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 - 21 August 2020

There is currently a delay of about 5 days from the onset of symptoms to when an alert about a suspected case is raised. This is concerning, because the longer a patient goes without treatment, the lower their chances of survival, and the longer the virus can spread unseen in communities.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is talking about Ebola with this statement. We still have similar issues with Covid. Why is HCQ being restricted, censored and some doctors risking their licence to prescribe a treatment that is showing many beneficial results?

No country can just ride this out until we have a vaccine. A vaccine will be a vital tool, and we hope that we will have one as soon as possible. But there’s no guarantee that we will, and even if we do have a vaccine, it won’t end the pandemic on its own...

At the same time, we will not – we cannot – go back to the way things were. Throughout history, outbreaks and pandemics have changed economies and societies. This one will be no different.

In particular, the pandemic has given new impetus to the need to accelerate efforts to respond to climate change. The pandemic has given us a glimpse of our world as it could be: cleaner skies and rivers.

So is this the WHO vision for the world? Restrict treatments, force vaccinations, continue lock downs and depopulate the world? I am glad President Trump did pull out of this organization.

posted on Sep, 8 2020 @ 07:55 AM

Halton, a member of the WHO board for three years, said she could “understand the concerns of our friends in China” about being blamed for Covid-19 but defended a proposed investigation into the zoonotic origins of the virus as the best way to prevent it from happening in the future.


Jane Halton is not interested in the lab origins of this disease with a focus on the zoonotic origins. There has been a lot of debate and evidence around the origins of this disease with a much stronger case present for a lab origin.

National COVID-19 Commission (Advisory Board) Commissioners and Key Staff

Jane Halton is one of 12 people working on this Advisory Board and the one with the most medical experience. The others on this board are more experienced in trade, industry, transport, energy and other sectors.

To the National COVID-19 Commission,

Why is an effective treatment for Covid-19 restricted during a pandemic?

There is plenty of evidence of Hydroxychloroquine working from a growing body of international studies, . There is also lots of censorship of these findings as experienced by the American Frontline Doctors.

If public health is a concern, why is HCQ restricted during a public health emergency? Hundreds of doctors support it as an effective cure. Has been used for 65 years, then banned 15 days into lockdown on the 25th March 2020.

Just what is going on when Anthony Fauci oversaw the beneficial effects of Chloroquine against SARS-CoV back in 2005?

To call these and many other studies 'antidotal' while promoting new and expensive Remdesiver has put his legacy into disrepute. The testimony of Judy Mikovits in the movie Plandemic and work of Plandemic II adds a strong and solid case of Fraud and Crimes Against Humanity for Anthony Fauci.

To add to these charges, I call for Jane Halton to also be charged with Crimes Against Humanity as well by restricting vital medications during an emergency and using this ignorance to harm the Australian community with its lock downs and further restrictions.

I do understand that a trial on this scale will take some time to organize and processes. In the meantime I ask for the immediate removal of Jane Halton from this board. As the main source of medical advice on this board, her position is compromised by a global agenda that is wilfully suppressing beneficial treatment options and detrimentally affecting overall policy management.

I also ask that restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are lifted immediately so a more appropriate and reasoned response to the Covid-19 issues can take place.

Further information and public discourse of these issues is available at:

Yours Truly,


posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 02:57 AM
Got a response from the National COVID-19 Commission

RE: HCQ and Jane Halton for Crimes Against Humanity

Thank you for contacting the National COVID-19 Commission Advisory Board (NCC).

The Advisory Board's role is to help to minimise and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 on jobs and businesses, and facilitate the fastest recovery possible of lives and livelihoods.

The information you provided has been reviewed and has helped inform the Advisory Board's assessment of potential responses to the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on the Australian economy.

Thank you for your interest.

NCC Enquiries

posted on Sep, 9 2020 @ 08:05 AM
The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives’: Rowan Dean

Sky News host Rowan Dean says the jury is in and says categorically “Hydroxychloroquine saves lives” and Australians must be given access to the drug.

Mr Dean said Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, along with his deputy Nick Coatsworth and Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen “stand condemned” for their continuous rejections of the drug.

Hydroxychloroquine has been touted by many as a potential treatment to COVID-19, however Dr Kelly declared to the Australian people it was not effective. Mr Dean said “the jury says very clearly, if you look at all the studies … Hydroxychloroquine is consistently effective against COVID-19 when used early and in the right combination with other drugs”.

“Paul Kelly stand up tomorrow next to the prime minister and say you are sorry because people are being denied this drug which potentially could save many lives,” he said.

Hydroxychloroquine is Effective and Safe for the Treatment of COVID-19, and May be Universally Effective When Used Early Before Hospitalization: A Systematic Review

posted on Sep, 11 2020 @ 05:29 AM
Top Conclusions After 9 Months Of Reporting On Covid-19

After nine months of intensive coverage of the covid-19 pandemic, it's time to start focusing these videos on other subjects just as important to our future well-being.

But before I do, what have we learned over the course of these coronavirus videos? Well, for starters: we thankfully know a good deal at this point how the SARS2 virus infects people and how to treat it cheaply and effectively (even if world governments refuse to do so).

The virus has revealed a profound lack of integrity amongst our "leaders" and public health institutions. I don't think that trust will be easily regained -- if ever -- in our lifetime. But while we didn't get *everything* right in our coverage, I'm pretty darn impressed with how far out front of the mainstream media we've consistently been. Putting out these videos, 5/week through May and then 2/week afterwards has been the most intensive effort of my life.

Given all of the messages of gratitude Adam and I have received from our viewers, and the stories of how this information may have protected and saved lives around the world -- all the effort was definitely worth it. Thank you for supporting us in this cause!

Peak Prosperity is one that has been doing a great job working to understanding the Covid situation from the start and keeping up with many of the studies coming out. Dr Chris Martenson has kept his integrity through all of this, following the data and acknowledging his mistakes along the way.

Despite all the evidence there was available at the start that HCQ was an effective treatment for Covid, why is there still no placebo controlled, double blind, gold standard study? The one Veteran study that was done overdosed the patients in the latter stages of the disease. The next lancet study was all full of fraud and had to be retracted.

With Anthony Fauci also discrediting HCQ, the damage to public perception has been huge. A large intentional disinformation campaign has been done upon the population. It was organized by the leaders of the pharmaceutical companies for large government grants towards vaccinations and other medical technologies. It was supported by the MSM with the information presented. Some medical boards have also held this ignorance by suspending, interfering and restricting information and access to HCQ.

posted on Sep, 15 2020 @ 06:36 AM
Whistleblower Who Claims Covid Came From Lab Joins Twitter and Posts Her Evidence

Link to another thread on ATS. Dr. Li-Meng Yan has moved to America after working in Wuhan. Writes about the spike protein and gene editing.

posted on Sep, 15 2020 @ 10:32 PM
Progress update with the emails to my elected members.

The local council can not do much, apprenticed being kept in the loop.

Had some ra ra with the State Members assistant on the first call, got a few red flags on me, Should probably get a red MAGA hat with that. The second call was more civil, just mentioning the situation in Melbourne helped put the focus on what is at stake, we are in it all together. He has been brainwashed by the media, was kinda open to some of it, is reluctant to look too deep. Some of it does take a while to sort out the facts from the fiction. Was good in identifying the doctors behind restricting HCQ as the focus to push for change.

Got a call back from the Federal ministers assistant. Feels a bit lost in all the science of it. Anthony Fauci is enemy #1. What he has done to discredit and restrict HCQ is criminal, he is not the only one, but was at the front of the public campaign against it. While it is official USA policy to keep this fraud up, there is not much confidence yet in being able to tackle this issue. The assistant did not want to consider a eugenics component to this globalist agenda. I don't want to either, but when it keeps coming up it could be fatal not too.
edit on 15-9-2020 by kwakakev because: spelling

posted on Sep, 16 2020 @ 01:14 AM
To the Therapeutic Goods Administration,

Why is an effective treatment being restricted during a pandemic?

I don't accept supply issues when it would only be a few million dollars to cover all Australians while billions are getting spent on vaccinations. Has been a good 9 months to work on the problems.

Jane Halton for Crimes Against Humanity,

Why is good science getting silenced on this issue? Have been watching what is happening with the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons as they sue the FDA over restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine.

The CDC has sorted its issues out on releasing HCQ after some struggles. The FDA is still being corrupt.

Do you realize that by pretending there is no treatment for Covid it helps enable the lock downs in places like Melbourne and the boarders? With all this censorship going on it is sending the message that fear and ignorance is winning over science and reason.

Why is the doctor - patient relationship being impacted by some people who have not done their research? Perhaps they have done their homework and they just have other agendas going on?

The scale of this fraud does not affect the whole world. Many parts of the world still have HCQ available over the counter, been used for 65 years and well known about. The western world with its conglomerated media has been worst affected by this disinformation campaign.

The scale of this fraud is massive, billions of dollars, large multinational organizations, respected leaders in global governance. I would like to see a large scale, international war crimes like tribunal to round up these ringleaders that choose to restrict human life and rights for their aim of company profits.

Your Truly,


posted on Sep, 17 2020 @ 01:15 AM
To the FDA Ombudsman,

Why is an effective treatment being restricted during a pandemic?

Why has the most beneficial stage of hydroxychloroquine been restricted when it is taken in small doses as a preventative? Zinc helps in this treatment. Ivermectin is looking good too.

Why has the doctor - patient been restricted during a pandemic when there are many conditions and treatments they consider on a daily basis?

Why is there censorship on a critical issue that affects the world?

When we do lose science and reason we are left with ignorance and fear. When the response to the American Frontline Doctor's is to censor these arguments, where are we going? If they got some things wrong, call them out, let the debates continue and eventually the facts do get sorted out from the fiction.

By pretending there is no effective treatment for Covid it has enabled lock downs and restrictions all around the world. Melbourne, Australia is struggling very much with these issues at this time. While we continue to live in ignorance it supports these community restricting trends against human life and rights.

To take one of HCQ's side effects as a reason to ban it all does not add up in the cost / benefit when facing a pandemic. It has been approved for 65 years, lots known about it, overall one of the safer drugs around with many millions of doses done and available over the counter in many countries.

The cost / benefit of the HCQ ban does add up for pharmaceutical profits in other areas. For Anthony Fauci to say the evidence on HCQ is antidotal while he promoted Remdesiver is criminal. His conflicts of interest to suppress HCQ has frauded much government funding. A much cheaper solution is available to help avoid many of the more sever implications of Covid. To suppress it is a crime against humanity.

I am from Australia and this decision to restrict HCQ is affecting us. I am aware there are more people than just Anthony Fauci involved in this fraud. Have been working on a case against Jane Halton as the Australian representative at Event 201.

Yours Truly,


posted on Sep, 20 2020 @ 12:44 AM
Systemic discouragement of Hydroxychloroquine is a ‘national scandal’

Sky News host Rowan Dean says Australian governments are “directly responsible for the deaths of Australians” whose lives could have been saved, but weren't, because governments and bureaucrats discouraged the use of Hydroxychloroquine.

Hydroxychloroquine has been touted by many as a potential treatment to COVID-19, however acting Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly declared to the Australian people it was not effective.

“The jury is now in, not out, and there is an abundance of evidence that suggests that HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) and zinc taken early on in the correct combinations definitely saves lives,” Mr Dean said. He said there have been countless studies from across the globe which indicate the potential success of HCQ, and also the impotence of lockdowns.

“Hydroxychloroquine saves lives. Italian lives, Saudi lives, Swiss lives, Filipino lives, American lives. So why not Australian lives, Mr Kelly?,” he said.

“I'll tell you why. Because all these clowns, these bureaucrats and politicians, are taking their advice from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, who in turn are taking their advice from some mob called the COVID-19 Taskforce, who have taken all their advice from the Recovery studies in Britain.“ Which have been repeatedly questioned and even debunked.

“By discouraging the use of hydroxychloroquine, by banning the drug in Victoria and criminalising its use in Queensland, Australian governments and their bureaucrats are directly responsible for the deaths of Australians.

“This is a national scandal and in time will be acknowledged as such.”

posted on Sep, 20 2020 @ 08:15 AM
2020 SEP 10 Craig Kelly explores; the latest research on HCQ, the most political drug on earth

Craig Kelly explores; the latest research on HCQ, the most political drug on earth, Daniel Andrews misled all of Australia the supercomputer that put Australia in lockdown. FULL STORY HERE: Link[/exnew s]

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