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Truth and Facts

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posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 09:53 AM
a reply to: panoz77

I know, I have many videos up on my other thread of them instigating the convoy. Roadblocks, beating cars ect. I was just trying to go the benefit of the doubt to those that actually believe this was a justified shooting, so they would hopefully join in and comment. But nothing but crickets so far, and that speaks louder than actual responses

posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 09:54 AM
a reply to: kwakakev

Good video, he has some good ideas, 1 specifically I'm good to follow. Thank you

posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 09:59 AM
I have watch at least 90 nights worth of live-streamed riots.

Neither truth nor facts on are on the BLM / Antifa side.

I am done listening to them or reasoning with them.

posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 11:48 AM

originally posted by: SKEPTEK
I have watch at least 90 nights worth of live-streamed riots.

Neither truth nor facts on are on the BLM / Antifa side.

I am done listening to them or reasoning with them.

Here's some Truth... The harsh kind.

If they are dumb enough to go riot, than I do not care at all if they die. Don't care if it's justified or unfair.

Zero #s given.

You play dumb games you win dumb prizes...

I hope everyone has fun self destructing though. They definitely need a wake up call.

posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 01:08 PM
a reply to: muzzleflash

I understand what your saying and why you feel that way as many do. And after watching some of the videos I've seen I get that hatred as well. But I hold hope they will all be rounded up and arrested at some point. If a group walked in and killed them all there would be a civil war without question. They are the scum of the US and all deserve Darwin Awards. We must never stoop to there level unless there is no choice. But one can dream, my friend.

That's one of my favorite sayings btw.
Play dumb games, win dumb prizes.
In this case they would win the Darwin AWARD of the decade. They all get handed trophies anyway why not add that one.
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posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 02:05 PM
So much hypocrisy in this OP, let's go down the list:

1. You can't do a lot of reading on both sides on ATS because the political forums are 99.9% right wing. So don't know what you're talking about getting a left perspective on these political forums.

2. A peaceful caravan and one bag egg gets the whole caravan labeled. You didn't link who said what about the caravan, but your point is exactly what the right does, blanket statements smearing whole groups: the left, protestors, voters, POC, immigrants, LGBTQ.

3. Freedom vs oppression. Wow that's what protests have been about for 100+ years. In every country.

4. Buffalo police just dealt with a white man holding a knife screaming the N word. Link

5. BLM/Antifa are terrorists? That's Trump's political agenda. Protestors and rioters are not listed here: Link Property damage, looting, arson, graffiti all have their own legal definitions. Just like all the right wing people in jail now or facing trial that you are hoping they get charged on the crimes they committed and not charges that is some stretch of the imagination.

6. Supporting death of your brothers and sisters, right wingers on here have written numerous times they do. While in reality the left wants justice reform not death. For example I've read on here that Jacob Blake should have got 8 shots. There's a lot of violent gruesome things written on here about the left.

7. The narrative is both parties and media are smearing the other one. There is not one narrative, there's at least two.

8. Trump's help to the cities brought more problems. His secret police was insanity. I thought cities were suing the federal government for that. [url=]Link[/ur l]

9. BLM are burning the country to the ground? No that is climate change doing that. Rioters are setting things on fire but literally burning the country to the ground is a joke. Mass acreages is catching on fire due to climate change. BLM are protesting because they don't want to work? They're protesting for systemic justice reform and police reform. Keep in mind 18 million people are on unemployment, plus many more jobless.

posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 02:52 PM
a reply to: game over man
I could go down the list 1 by 1 and I probably will later I'm tight on time.

#2 is not a blanket statement. That's what was actually said to me in the caravan thread. Read through you will see it.

#6 supporting the death of my brothers and sisters? I never ONCE said that in the op. I said many times I do NOT want to fight and I'm hoping this ends. As a matter of fact that was the WHOLE theme. I dont want to fight.

I've found this to be extremely typical lately. People cherry pick sentences and take them out of context.

You just told me I support killing my brother's and sister because of what someone else said.

You told me I hope right wing people in jail get out? I never even touched on that issue at all.

Blm/antifa are terrorist in my opinion. This is American I'm allowed to have one.

You did as EXACTLY expected.

You put almost everything you wrote in MY mouth.

You told ME how I feel on a subject. With your words

You lumped me in with others.

#3 was just an insult
#4 one white guy said something racist, so we all are I suppose by your writing.

I even went as far as too separate this from a left/right issue and made it good/bad

I never asked for a left perspective.
I asked if there were any blm/antifa members here and offered to have a peaceful discussion.

Your entire post doesn't make any sense. It only touched base with 2 things I actually wrote and even that was twisted.

And I thank you. This was the very response I was expecting. You proved my point. You don't actually read what I wrote, put a bunch of words in my mouth and told me what I wanted. Thanks again

posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 07:19 PM
a reply to: 772STi

Hahaha I think a few days I posted:

"2020 is the year of the Darwin Awards!"

You can't make it up man, it's unbelievable.

posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 07:32 PM
When it is time for the militias to form up and restore order, it would most beneficial and effective to leave the rioters alone and just go for Mayors and City Councils.

That way the police will be free to do their job while the real domestic enemies are contained and prevented from interfering, therefore prolonging the riots by condoning them.

posted on Aug, 31 2020 @ 07:33 PM
...are strange bedfellows.

posted on Sep, 1 2020 @ 07:35 AM
a reply to: 772STi

You nailed one of the big problems, any situation can be spun to fit any narrative.

Remember, it's fear vs love, and it's very easy to tell when a person is acting out of love because there won't ever need to be any justification or defense for their actions, they will speak for themselves.

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