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ABC News: Intimidation Tactics Could Backfire On Protesters, Sway Voters In November

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posted on Aug, 29 2020 @ 07:15 PM

originally posted by: midnightstar
You people are NUTS

Well nuts usually have a written style like yours. It would be nice to the think of readers

On topic : of course that those protest will sway votes. Let's see if this madness continues. Never saw a country letting that # happen. Those thugs should have been tear gassed, blast balled and mass arrested in the beginning.

posted on Aug, 29 2020 @ 07:20 PM
a reply to: carewemust

Ordinarily, I vote 3rd party and I honestly don't care at all about any of the strictly partisan issues.

The thing is that I already knew just about everything about sars2 by December. I posted exactly what was coming, and who it was most likely to kill on my social media pages. I became an authority on the subject to many people after it all started coming true. I've been critical of Republicans in general over their response and have pulled at least a tiny bit of support away from them.

I'm shifting my narrative to lead those people back to supporting the President. It may be easy. It may be hard. It just depends on what he gives me to work with.

posted on Aug, 29 2020 @ 10:28 PM

originally posted by: midnightstar
Sure he has well you go Vote for Him . Trump could care less about LAWS as he has PROVEN time again .
As for ORDER the guys anti order as it gets he instigated as MUCH of the protesting as any person looting may have .

You people are NUTS The man says the looting starts the Shooting starts of coarse right wingers think any one cought stealing should be shoot and killed anyway . Take about extreme even The Muslims only cut off a hand for theft .

Heck right wingers are LIABLE to kill a mail man who is delivering a package as kill crazed as they are if he shows up unexpectedly .
a few LOOTER 10000s Of Guys slobbering to use there Guns for mass killing sums up right winges
Is English your second language? If so, you get a pass. If it’s your native tongue, enroll in a community college composition class.

posted on Aug, 30 2020 @ 03:40 AM
a reply to: ketsuko

I can't figure out how Joe Biden is going to key on that strategy, and not campaign at all in any states and win.

That's an easy one.

Since he can't even open his mouth in public anymore due to the dementia he suffers from, if he even tried to debate he'd be absolutely torched by Trump.🔥

I bet he can't even handle hardball questions from reporters and the media anymore. It's actually very sad to see.

And also remember that clinical dementia is often triggered by stress. Is a Presidential debate in front of 10's of millions of TV viewers stressful?

Does a bear poop in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic?

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