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My Crazy Dream After Work

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posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 11:23 PM
All this alien talk has been on my mind lately, and the whole video of an interview has been glued in my head for a while. When I got home from work I took a LOOOOONG nap. And it went like this, if anyone knows anything about dreams FILL ME IN!

It started when I was in the back yard at my buddys house in California(my hacker buddy) We were checking out the stars and looking for UFO's. Well we were about to go in untill we saw a UFO high in the sky doing crazy circles showing it wasn't playing around. We were trippin out in my dream and got real excited. The whole time in my head I was wishing I had a camera(due to my experience not long ago) So anyways as we paid attention to the craft we saw a bright looking UFO speeding across the sky. It looked like sparks from a fire cracker but they were pure white.

When we saw this strange UFO shooting to the left, it flew by the other UFO we were looking at. We felt terrior because we knew something was wrong. Then some of our own space ships came along couldn't tell what type of Craft we had but they looked more advance then any b2 bomber or stealth I've ever seen. So all of a sudden "OUR" space craft were being destroyed, one after the other all I could see in the sky was fire and dark smoke. We became worried and knew something was terribly wrong.(this was taking place at night time)

So I ran to my dads house as fast as I could, I could see the UFO's in a distance it was almost like they saw me running. I finally ran into my dads house and told him, he said he saw the samething. Then I went next door to my neighbors house and asked if they saw, they saw the same thing, everybody was in panic in the neighborhood and the news reported that we were being invaded by aliens. There wasn't anything anybody could do.

So the next morning comes by and the news reported that we were going to be visited by aliens. So we got a knock on the door this weird looking alien almost looked human just a bigger head, the eyes actually had white and some color he blinked as well and had some kind of smerk on his face. I didn't feel threatend or anything but he had this weird device in his hand. As he used this device on my family he came to me in private. It was strange, when he used this device he used it on my hand. All it was, was this strange blue light shining on my hand, I asked him what it was and the man next to him said it was to keep track of me. As my hand felt numb I felt strange but still comprehended with everything that was going on.

So I went outside after they left and talked to my neighbors about it. They all said they had the blue light shined on their hands, some laughed about it and said that it was the end of the world, some kind of barcode they put in us to keep track. Everybody from different parts of the world had to meet at certain places of the world as well. All I remember in my dream was that there were thousands if not millions of people being shipped away in these BIG UFO's. So basically they took over our planet and were sending us off to either their planet or somewhere else, all I know is people were going crazy and all I heard was screams, people tryed getting away but couldn't even we were populated by the aliens they were all over the place getting everyone in line.

All I could think in my dream was being scared of being in the UFO period. Because after so many people got in the UFO's you could see them shoot out in the sky and in a matter of a few seconds they were gone, it looked scary and I could already sense my stomach wasn't going to enjoy the ride. I tried talking my way out of it with a couple Aliens but they no answer, all I saw were the same smirks on their face, the one I kept bugging to let me go had an angry look. I knew were in trouble. Before I got shipped off I was watching this tv that people had out to watch since the news was airing for the last time. All the said was,"This is it, the end of mankind. We had no control and we did our best to stop this from happening THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD." I didn't want it to end like that, I was mad very mad I couldnt believe our government basically sold us. The news stated the Government sold us to the aliens to save their skins. I felt to betrayed and mad I no longer wanted to live. Then I was in line with the rest of the group(a loooong line slowly boarding the craft) right before I went in the craft I woke up.

And that was it. I woke up and couldnt believe I dreamed that from a nap. I usually never remember my dreams when I take naps. What ever it was it was freaky, it felt so real and made so much more sense in my dream. I couldnt explain my dream word by word but thats pretty much all I can comprehend telling, it was long. I fell alseep for exactly 2 hours 45 minutes.

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 11:27 PM
Wow it is sincity the person who all of a sudden lost the video of the interrogation did you find your friend? can he resend the vid? i hope you are not lying to the WAX

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 11:29 PM
you sound like a movie i saw on the scifi channel alien siege i think it was

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 12:16 AM
SinCity.. I'm still wondering about the full-length Interview with Victor's ALien associate.

Would you please elaborate...
most recent details since your ATS associates interference?...


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