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writings of Jesus

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posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 02:15 PM
as I recall there is nothing to support the concept that the books of
Matt,Mark,Luke and John were actually written by people of those names.

more probable is that the names were added by the scribe that copied them
to give them weight.

.He did claim to be the son of God didn't he?!

So did Icke and hes still loose.

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posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 02:22 PM
He never wrote anything purposely..
it's a book on phychology, the purpose was to show you what perception is...
it tells you in the damn book who to look for if you want PHYSICAL proof THOMAS.... duh, anyone I know would want physical proof.. well why not listen to the guy who got it? ... ohhh his books aren't in the bible.. what a shame..
It isn't a "divine" book .. its instructions... its phychology...

posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan

Originally posted by Al Davison
Conventional wisdom and tradition says that Jesus was not illiterate - he could obviously read.

Why could he read? Because he knew parts of the torah and such? These sorts of things could be memorized no?

I doubt he wrote anything. I doubt the apostles wrote anything either, infact, i think its generalyl agreed that most of them were dictating to scribes. Jesus probably couldn't write properly either, and never sat down with a scribe.

It would've been a good thing for a god to do no?

He was taught... and apparently he told one teacher that he already knew that which he was trying to teach him... and this was when it was fairly young.

VI. 1 Now a certain teacher, Zacchaeus by name, stood there and he heard in part when Jesus said these things to his father and he marvelled greatly that being a young child he spake such matters. 2 And after a few days he came near unto Joseph and said unto him: Thou hast a wise child, and he hath understanding. Come, deliver him to me that he may learn letters. And I will teach him with the letters all knowledge and that he salute all the elders and honour them as grandfathers and fathers, and love them of his own years. 3 And he told him all the letters from Alpha even to Omega clearly, with much questioning. But Jesus looked upon Zacchaeus the teacher and saith unto him: Thou that knowest not the Alpha according to its nature, how canst thou teach others the Beta? thou hypocrite, first, if thou knowest it, teach the Alpha, and then will we believe thee concerning the Beta. Then began he to confound the mouth of the teacher concerning the first letter, and he could not prevail to answer him. 4 And in the hearing of many the young child saith to Zacchaeus: Hear, O teacher, the ordinance of the first letter and pay heed to this, how that it hath [what follows is really unintelligible in this and in all the parallel texts: a literal version would run something like this: how that it hath lines, and a middle mark, which thou seest, common to both, going apart; coming together, raised up on high, dancing (a corrupt word), of three signs, like in kind (a corrupt word), balanced, equal in measure]: thou hast the rules of the Alpha.

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