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The Real Reasons For Face Masks And Useless Temperature Guns

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posted on Aug, 26 2020 @ 07:22 PM

originally posted by: dogstar23
a reply to: scrounger

Scrounger, I agree with you in principal, however, the stores can refuse service if they simply don't like your shirt, as far as I know.

So if they want to (and likely, under the advice of their attorneys - possibly under requirement of their liability insurance), refuse entry based on running a fever, based on the least invasive/quickest method available, I believe that's their right as a private business.

unfortunately a store cannot refuse service "if they dont like their shirt".
they have to have either legally defined reason and/or do it until they loose a lawsuit.

look at the person who refused to make a SPECIAL ORDER cake.
they were raked over the coals and legally challenged.

as for your second point I believe your quite right
they choose the most expedient method that the lawyers feel they can initially challenge any lawsuit to.

but in reality and not being a lawyer this looks like a weak argument for a determined lawyer with medical experts.

IMO i dont think they have a legal leg to stand on (nor the state gov that mandates this) and only getting away with it because no one has the money , time and good lawyers to see a legal challenge the whole way


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