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A fairly simple solution

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posted on Aug, 6 2020 @ 04:04 PM

originally posted by: conspiracytheoristIAM

originally posted by: Firewater

So, this whole Corona Virus thing is REALLY startin to piss me off. And COVID19 (or Covey, as I like to call it) has proven to be quite the relentless and extremely stubborn (not so) lil' pandemic. Not only has it taken the lives of many, but it has dramatically altered the lives of so, so many more. And I'm sure most of you will agree when I say that this whole "new reality" thing really sucks. I mean, how long is it gonna be before we get this bugger under some kind of control? Months? Maybe years? And then how much longer until life gets back to, a more or less, pre-pandemic state? Who frickin' knows, right?! And I really wanna go to a at least a couple more of those old-school, head-bangin, packed in like sardines, type of concerts before I die. I mean, I'm not quite Joe Biden yet (sorry dems, I couldn't resist), but it won't be long before attending those events would just be too dangerous. Not to mention, a wee bit awkward. And I want the movie theaters back. I never thought i'd miss those things... but I do. Oh yeah, and frickin' Disney World!! I want to go to Disney World (not land, it sucks) again. So much of our lives was taken away from us. And then, everything else we had left, was flipped over onto it's head. All. by. Covey. Frickin' Covey, you sorry SOB.

Okay enough of my rantin n ravin. It's time to take a deep breath... and move forward.

It's time for what you all came for. I will now unveil my "FAIRLY SIMPLE SOLUTION".. (drum roll)...


Seriously, think about it. In theory, if everyone stayed home for 2 - 3 weeks, the currently infected could only possibly infect those within their own household. Then we would have to allow enough time for those cases to run their course and then... viola. Covey is, theoretically, down for the count. Okay okay. I know that it would not be that easy. There are many, many things which need to factor into this theory of a solution. Here are a few of the important parts:

Everybody would know the start date well in advance and have plenty of time stock food, supplies and get mentally prepared.

Some super essential workers could go to work. But, really there aren't many of those. A handful of city workers to keep the power on and the water running who would not have to even come in contact with each other.

We would need doctors and nurses at the hospitals to take care of the really sick or injured. They would hopefully be okay with living at the hospital for a few weeks. They could set up trailers for living quarters out in the parking lot. Which leads me to my next item.

The ONLY way that you could leave your house would be for a "LIFE OR DEATH" type situation (or broken bones, i guess. but that's it)

We would need patrol officers looking for people trying to sneak around on foot and pulling over anyone and everyone out driving a vehicle.

I'm sure most people would be willing to make the "sacrifice" of roughing it for a couple weeks in exchange for an almost instant return to normalcy. Heck, if this was done months ago, ol' Covey would be a bad memory by now.

I understand that there will probably be some traces of the virus somewhere and that we may never actually completely wipe it out, but we would surely have it under control. And by using what we have already learned about the virus, I have no doubt we would be able to keep it under control.

So thats it. My "SIMPLE SOLUTION". I'm sure there are factors i hadn't thought of, but over-all I think it's a pretty solid theory. What do you think?

Thank you for reading.

Voila, two or three more weeks you say ? If that happens you can kiss our country and economy good-bye ! More companies would be bankrupt , so no new jobs and the stock market would be in turmoil....bad idea. !

Shutting down the whole country would mean everything freezes. Everything. The government not doing it does make it seem like a biological weapon for population control and to make the rich richer.

posted on Aug, 6 2020 @ 04:56 PM

originally posted by: The2Billies

originally posted by: chr0naut

originally posted by: The2Billies

originally posted by: Nickn3
Don’t worry, it will be over by November the 4th.

Only if the Democrats win. Then it will disappear entirely - from the media and we won't hear a word about it, effectively making people believe the Democrats made it go away.

If Trump wins, well since Pelosi called it the Trump virus, you know Trump caused it is the implication, it will get exponentially worse, at least that is what the media will tell us. They won't stop blaming everything that happens in the world on Trump if he wins the election. That is when round 2 of impeachment begins over the Trump virus.

A virus can't vote.

The politicizing of the virus, the falsely allocated blame that prevents any real response, is what is feeding the epidemic numbers in the few countries where it is out of control.

You are right.

Yet 1/2 of the Democratic Platform is blaming Trump for the virus and the spread of the virus. We can't stop the polarization which began the day Trump closed air travel to the US. Remember, that was called racist, now it is called not soon enough by the same people who decried it and called it racist.

That is the way the US is operating now pushed and enabled by a media that will only report biased news, so that no one trusts the media anymore, and by extension no one trusts the elite politicians who clearly direct what the news outlets say and what they can and can not report. Creating a mess that will end in civil war, I see no alternative.

And yes making the virus outbreak worse, probably. But that is the way it is in the US and I see no hope for this civil war which is being now fought in the streets of Portland will only escalate.

The biggest fallacy and most dangerous one is that packing people tightly together, many with no masks, most shouting and screaming does not spread COVID 19. That is the most dangerous political lie out there today as far as COVID 19 is concerned. Worst of all, it is killing black people at a rate higher than the rest of the population, 40% of all COVID deaths are black people while they make up less than 15% of the total population.

Trump blamed both China and the Democrats, neither of which were culpable.

He claims that by blocking travel to China, that he prevented a worse situation, yet the virus was already spreading in the US and clearly, the travel bans had zero effect at the time, and the rate of growth of the epidemic means that even if he'd have cut all inter-country travel, it would only have had an effect on the current statistics of possibly 100 cases. The predominant source of infections in the US are from within the US.

One of the primary initial sources of the virus in New Zealand was from the US (coming third after Iraq and Italy). Because he didn't stop travel out of the US. The same sort of thing he blames China for!

And, clearly, his oversight and coordination of the state responses (he is executive over all those state-advising federal agencies like the CDC, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security) is non-existent.

He isn't to blame for the virus, but he hasn't done anything effective in defense of the populace against it. He has a duty there. Just like he has a duty to ensure that the rule of law is maintained while anarchy and rioting is happening. He deflects, and blames, and does almost nothing as POTUS. That has nothing to do with either the Republican or Democratic parties, he is in the chair.

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