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Yet another newbie!

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posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 11:50 AM
Wow, well, I very recently joined and I must say I've never seen a board like this! I've been interested in the rumblings of underground information being passed around on the net, and ever "out-there" link I've come across I've always latched onto. There really is just some amazing stuff. But I've always just seen a site here a site there, with no.. dynamic information. Always static and never changing. Untill I found this! There's just so much to read its overwhelming.

I had a bit of trouble navigating the site at first, and even reading the posts (mostly because I'm not used to being allowed such a large avatar) but I think I'm getting the hang of it now. So no major questions really. I do hope to get a blog someday but that can wait.

Allright onto introductions then! Well, I am a *ahem* young person. Sigh, I am, in fact, 15 years of age. Almost 16 (one month) heh, not that it really makes a difference. I must tell you though I do try to contribute something in every reply I make and to remain mature. So I promise my age won't be an issue.

I enjoy reading, both sci-fi and fantasy. I love sci-fi because of the ideas, and how every (good) book has something new in it, a new twist. And fantasy is always great because well... how does one describe something like how reading and enjoying a good book makes them feel? I also like The Outer Limits and X-files, but mostly if I'm watching TV its PBS. Nova, the various news programs, and Battlefield Britan are some of my favourites.

I go to high school, wich blows. I get awful grades not due to understanding the work... but because I just get disgusted with the... monotany of the work and don't do it. I really need to learn patiance, because I do appreciate knowledge and education.

As far as music goes I enjoy a huge variety. No rap however, just never really got down with the beat and I can't relate to the stories. Even though I grew up in the ghetto... Anyways, er, yeah, I also like Frank Zappa, Burning Spear, and tons of classic rock. I'm also into outsider stuff like Captain Beefheart and various internet music makers.

I enjoy playing Set and sitting around a coffe house talking to random people.

Er, well, that's me! Hello to you ATS!!! It's a pleasure to be here!

PS: My initials are ATS, nifty eh? Haha.

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 12:40 PM
Welcome to ATS. Nice intro Good to see you here im sure you will enjoy.

See you around the board

If you feel you have any questions visit my thread
Hey new members!! Come here if you need advice

Below is A hand book of links that may help you answer some questions you have, ie, what are points ect....
ATS hand book

If you have any questions feel free to u2u me

You will find your u2u's in the member center

and also there is a message when you recieve a u2u

also need help getting your avatar up (or pic in your profile) check out this link
Avatar, Pic in profile help

Want to post a pic in your thread.
how to post a pic on a thread


posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 12:44 PM
Welcome aboard. Check out Below Top Secret for lighter topics and Politics@ as well. Later.


posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 12:47 PM
Hey cownosecat, welcome to ATS.


posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 12:57 PM
Welcome to ATS.

Excellent first intro

Look forward to some debates with a "young un"

You may notice on your travels that i tend to get involved in "The war on terrorism" threads. Get ya self among them and lets have a good debate

Shame ya only 15, was gunna buy you a beer

Have fun

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 02:28 PM
Thanks for the welcome! OK I do have one question, what do the points meen?
How do I get more points, what are they for, etc. etc.
And is there anyway to get into RATS without paying a monthy fee. (One time fee is OK, but I can't afford more then that.)

EDIT: One more question, is there anyway to easily tell when a topic I've posted in/started has been replied too? Like I know it automaticly subsribes to thread but there is no read/unread button type thing.

[edit on 15-3-2005 by cownosecat]

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 02:34 PM
Hello there
stick around and have fun...

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