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supply shortages due to covid

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posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 03:06 PM

originally posted by: AugustusMasonicus
a reply to: bigfatfurrytexan

That's what I'm talking about. If there wasn't a freezer shortage I'd get that now. upright freezer went out last summer. I didn't replace it because i had no idea that a used freezer would be $400 today. WTF?

I can find a small 7cu ft chest freezer that I know will fail in 2 years for about 200.

Last summer i bought that same chest freezer for some work related stuff for 129 bucks. We got 4 of them. 1 has already failed.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 03:19 PM
a reply to: network dude

The Sunday, July 26, 2020 NYTimes magazine had a comment about lumber being in short supply this summer, because so many owners of 2nd homes are remodeling those vacation homes to accomodate their year-round needs.

I haven't seen rubbing alcohol in any stores since March this year. Everyone, for other supplies, look at different types of stores. For example, if your supermarket and drug store has no disinfecting wipes, try a regional discount chain like Grocery Outlet -- disinfecting wipes are in stock there.

Fry's Electronics has started selling a variety of pandemic supplies at the front of each store, across from the cash registers.

For food items in the USA, I recommend you look up the location of communities in your state or region that have a Grange. Many Grange organizations have organized local connections with grain growers and other local Ag activities, and as a result their community food stores have so far this year never run short of flour. Many online food vendors have been mostly out of flour this year because of the unprecedented volume of online orders, but Eden Foods has refilled their stock of organic wholegrain flours ... I have no financial connection w/ any of these vendors.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 03:37 PM
BICYCLES! I am huge into mountain biking, and was looking to upgrade last month. No bikes anywhere. New Bikes directly from Trek or Cannondale are backordered until Feb. 2021. Your only option is to call every bike store in a 400 mile radius to see if they have any demo models for sale. I got lucky and found the one I wanted this week. It was an 8 hour round trip drive.

The other oddity: Root Beer. No idea why. You can find it in 2 liters, but no root beer in a can anywhere in my area.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 03:40 PM
Good thing we have microbreweries.

a reply to: network dude

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 03:40 PM
How's your 'two stage doom weapon porn' scenario about covid planning out?

a reply to: tennisdawg

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 04:06 PM
paper short supply
Tylenol, both brand and generic .....almost non-existent---we got the last generic bottle
All many of hand wipes and sanitizers...shelf totally empty
rubbing alcohol.....none
toilet bowl cleaner....sparse

A gallon of bleach...over $6.00.....way more than pre ChinaFlu
Lots of empty spaces in the soda aisle....mostly canned soda missing
At least half the self-serve checkouts are credit/debit cards only
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posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 04:16 PM
a reply to: DontTreadOnMe

Everyone, earlier this week (San Fernando Valley, California), I found lots of paper plates at Gelson's Market, a family-owned supermarket chain in Southern California. During this pandemic, the family-owned businesses have kept items in stock a lot better than the very large commercial vendors. Smart&Final, a wholesale food store that is open to the public, usually has a good stock of canned and bottled sodas on hand. They are connected, I guess. But yes, prices are up on a number of items. Another example is the discount supermarket chain Grocery Outlet, which currently has disinfecting wipes in stock.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 04:19 PM
Really the only thing I haven't seen in a while is yeast. Luckily my mom stocked up on some and sent me 2 pounds recently which is more than enough to hold me.

Other than that, various house fixtures are in short supply. Building a house now and running in to several delays due to materials being in short supply.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 05:00 PM
I’m having a hard time getting Square D circuit breakers, Generac Generators, and ammo.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: network dude
sex workers?

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 06:41 PM
a reply to: Nyiah

That has been scarce, to rare, to getting better.
We usually buy the largest bottle....and had to settle for the second largest of Dawn.....grabbed it because it was there today.

Dishwasher soap is also harder to find.....but better today.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 07:17 PM
I live in a recreational area, and buying a beer of my choice was never a problem, even on the holiday weekends. Lately I've been picking up a six pack about every weekend and I noticed I wasn't seeing a lot of the standard fare on cooler shelves in all the closest stores around here. Beer like Bush, Bud, Miller, the old standbys.

Last year, early spring, I had a good job and a little cash to spend for a change, so I started to try the different local brews, the IPAs and a few dark ales. I decided to revisit some of those local brands lately and of course, the ones I liked weren't available, and these beers cost $10 -$11 per six pack and are never in big demand.

I hadn't paid attention, but I don't think they are short on beer at Meijers (with a larger selection of local brews) or Walmart. I'll be keeping track though, as I can't get what I want around here, even the top dollar micro-brews.
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posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 07:43 PM
On a serious note. I work in the hvac industry, ALL manufacturers are short on equipment, including coils and specific interface components. I have heard many reasons for this,freight not wanting to deliver in certain states due to having to be under quarantine, manufacturing plants closing due to covid outbreaks etc. not good news for folks in the south, if your system breaks down. Prices going up.. Or I may not be able to even get the EQUIPTMENT or parts needed to fix or replace your system.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 09:41 PM
Building supplies have been touch and go in my part of NY for about two months. First it was 10ft fence posts and now it is wooden stockade type fences. Outside of that it has been bicycles, A/C units for home and paper napkins. Oh I almost forgot, deck screws are now in short supply. Almost any exterior type of building supply is in short supply. The only fencing to be found is either smaller picket fence panels or vinyl. As I have spent much of my time since the easing of the quarantine installing fences, the demand for that type of work is high. The demand has exhausted the back stock and well replenishing it has been difficult due to lock downs.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 09:49 PM
Haven't had an issue finding anything really. I can still get toilet paper, alcohol, medical supplies, dollar bills and change.

Only thing I have had an issue with is that ammo is still kind of hard to come by. I know of one spot that still stocks ammo, and for a fair price.

There's some reloading stuff but not much.
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posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 10:26 PM
We are stocking up on food for the upcoming winter, I do not want to be going to the stores looking for something we need only to find they are out of it.

We need to get more whole chickens in the freezer, and more TP and PT in stock because I hate paying high prices for those two things and finally we are seeing some reasonable priced stuff again. Also more organic flour, and of course bacon for our cat. We now have increased our backstock of cat food to twenty pounds of dry food too, that will be our minimum.

We have always stocked and rotated foods, mostly to save money buying things on sale. On top of that, it saves trips to the store and that lessens impulse buying. overall, we have saved more on food over the years than what we paid for the food in our rotating pantry. I am talking over two grands in savings just buying things on sale over ten years. But, you must rotate properly or you will wind up with waste.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 10:47 PM
a reply to: rickymouse

Rotating food, buying stuff on sale. Always things we've tried to do.
And, one of the few good things about this WuHuFlu.....fewer trips to the store = less $$$$ spent!!!!

posted on Jul, 31 2020 @ 12:06 AM
Glade spray for despenser with timer. My grammie's dogs stink! Even after a bath!

posted on Jul, 31 2020 @ 04:32 PM
a reply to: cre8chaos
Chronic dog stink is most often due to their being given really cheap dog food to eat. Perhaps you can find the good stuff on sale sometime for them to try.

posted on Jul, 31 2020 @ 04:43 PM
a reply to: Hypntick

Hypntick and everyone, fear not on the yeast -- co-op and independent natural food stores have started stocking and selling yeast in 8-ounce packets, made in California by Giusto's flour mill which is in Marin County, CA (SF Bay area). Those natural food stores have been selling yeast on a regular basis since May 2020, in California and probably elsewhere. In addition, the family-owned Gelsons market stores in southern California have started selling Red Star yeast in the last 45 days or so, different packaging but same yeast; it turns out that Red Star was unable to sell more yeast for awhile even after it grew new batches of yeast, because their packaging company (in China of course) was out of the little plastic packets used to hold the individual serving of yeast ... it's always something. So now Red Star is selling their yeast in similar-sized packages (same art work) that are somewhat aluminized. But the yeast works well, so that's the main thing.

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