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Covid-19 / Half of USA Doctors Believe Fewer Patients will be Infected in 2nd Wave versus the 1st

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posted on Jul, 31 2020 @ 10:41 AM
a reply to: SaturnFX

No, it is not "too late" once symptoms start. And many, many, many aspects that are thought to be unique to SARS-CoV-2 are simply how viruses work. People are just learning about it now. Essentially, in rare cases, a viral infection can really wreck someones life through auto-immune disorders, precipitating diabetes, neuropathy, etc. We dont fully understand this mechanism.

For the vast majority, this is quite literally a "cold." However, once the infection progresses to the disease of covid, which is essentially characterized by a cytokine storm, it gets serious. Notably, this can also happen with many other viruses and novel viruses emerge every 3-10 years. I have my own hypotheses about this whole "virus vs disease" paradigm, but thats another story for another day.

So, there is a window of approximately 3-5 days *after* symptoms begin, and even then, most will not progress to the actual disease of covid.

The other option isnt just to "pop pills." We know how Vit D affects severity for respiratory issues in general, and empirical data (dismissed as anecdotal) shows that this remains true for this virus/disease. 45-60ng/mL is ideal (25-hydroxy). There are a multitude of other aspects, but basically get good sun every day, remove stuff like HCFS from diet, get some houseplants, & learn how to meditate.

Things like that may appear nearly irrelevant to many, but they are not. Stress/fear can wreck immune systems (meditation), proper breathing impacts health more than people realize (meditation), houseplants can actively and effectively remove contaminants from our living space, diet is the fuel for the body in general.. including the immune system, and getting sun every day is extraordinary for health.

These are pretty basic things that public health officials should have been harping on about for years. Particularly when we start to see just how dramatic the connection is between Vit D levels and severity.

Even beyond all that, there are other options for zinc ionophores than HCQ. Their comparable efficacy is unknown, however, they can all induce the mechanism of action that is believed to be relevant (membrane potential of cells wrt zinc).

Nearly all of this is ignored or dismissed by "experts," (bureaucrats) but taken quite seriously by many doctors and researchers.

We could completely change how our world experiences seasonal viruses, for the better, but that would castrate some very large industries.

ETA: Zinc ionophores + Zinc should be an absolutely groundbreaking discovery for treating viruses (among other things). Fauci himself even indicated as much years ago.
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