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Crop Circles --- Positive metaphor & open-handed deception in the movie 'Arrival'..?

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posted on Jul, 27 2020 @ 04:40 PM
Greetings ATS,

This thread is rightfully placed in the Skunkworks, following the hallowed ATS tradition of a complete 'conspiracy lockdown' on this topic, due to its significant 'Otherness' when placed alongside ordinary goings-on, day by day, week by week, here in the UK. It cannot be legitimately described with the exception of two principle conclusions - firstly, it is all a grand hoax perpetrated by a group of hoaxers who have been creating phenomenal fake crop circles for well over thirty years on a huge scale here in the UK, in particular affecting the South/South-West of England, around the area of Stonehenge as a more-or-less centre of the circle activity each year. These proposed hoaxers have learned how to literally weave wheat & various other crops in hugely complex geometric forms which pop up in the span of an hour on occasion, generally overnight but not always - appearing each year with the regularity expected of a seasonal change. When we get to April, May & June, the circles begin to show up, and thankfully a number of people have been doing an excellent job of recording the circles reported over a span of decades.

The best site for general viewing of the regular circles of greatest beauty, complexity & dimensional scale is a site named: Temporary Temples. These guys (a man & wife team) have been hiring helicopters for flyovers since around the early nineties, taking high quality photos from all angles & at relatively close-up perspective, often securing visual evidence of those wonderfully complex weave patterns in the crop which has been laid low, folded over & under in awesome ways, without the breaking of any stems. These circles are most often around 200ft in diameter, but some have been far larger in the past years. Due to the Covid outbreak the team haven't been flying as often due to various restrictions & hold-ups affecting their intended itineraries. Still, they've been able to upload a great number of circles this year which have been contributed by enthusiasts who happen to have invested in high quality drones with equally high quality camera equipment on board. So even if they can't get a helicopter to document the circle in question, they can usually find someone to contribute photos for the site.

Now I don't agree entirely with their theories regarding the origin of the circles, but they keep an excellent record of the events, and they analyse to some extent the geometry of each one they come across, which often yields some interesting correlations & connections to former circles, in the same or in different locations - the fact of the clear record they've kept makes it incredibly rewarding to go back through the older circles & refresh your memories of each, connecting them to more recent circles. Their viewpoint is a bit 'New Age' ('Temporary Temples' kind of gives that away somewhat). An interesting but unfortunate feature of the enthusiast community is that they've been subject to some bitter, angry & even violent disruption by persons alleging to be interested in the phenomenon, who enter a group as an alleged equal but then soon begin to poison the atmosphere between other group members, deliberatly stoking rivalries, ripping off copyrights, deliberately making the community into a toxic, frustrating place to attempt a civil discussion on the subject of the circlemakers, whomever they may be. I believe that there is a very specific reason for this, which should be clear momentarily.

From what I understand, the community had really bedded into the local area in which circles were appearing year on year by the early nineties, but then, infiltration appears to have occurred since that time, starting with the infamous tricksters 'Doug & Dave'. For more on that farce, please see Doug n' Dave. Things got worse progressively from there on, with persons relatively unknown sowing disinformation, filling the thought palaces of genuine enthusiasts with bitterness, uncertainty, causing a loss of trust in one another, escalating to punch ups on occasion. I believe this was orchestrated by the British governemnt in an attempt to whittle down the size of the groups interested in the phenomenon, ensuring that they couldn't rebuild &/or sustain the community membership at any significant level (which would otherwise grow exponentially, I believe - as new evidence & circles emerge year on year). This was therefore an unpleasant task, but perhaps a very necessary task, from the 'big picture' view of the phenomenon. This was happening in the sunny back yard of the nation, and what was actually going on, I believe is well-known & well-understood by our civil authorities. Politicians come & go, but the civil service lives forever!

So coming on to the first point - location. Where is this all happening? Well, it has been documented that circles have popped up all around the world - but only in England is it with a staggering volume & frequency/regularity in that one part of the country. One can also say with confidence that Stonehenge is roughly the centre of the phenomenon - principally, we see the circles in Wiltshire & Hampshire. This propensity for enhanced numbers of circles may indeed be deeply linked (on a local level) to another phenomenon known as ley lines, which are lines of supposed electromagnetic force (with some sort of 'unified field' connection to local gravitational flux (gravity is not a constant in all parts of the world - it can vary in strength, and this is now well documented). The underlying gravitational properties of this part of the English countryside may have some particular feature which keeps the circlemakers in town. This is also to say that local 'electrogravitics' (See T. Townsend Brown's work in the 1950's, before the subject became a matter of national security, promptly vanishing from the academic & commercial scenes as a direct result) - the local electrogravitics may be 'engineerable' in terms of some sort of harmonic resonance (See Dr Paul LaViolette for excellent research & experimentation in the engineering of electrogravitics). I believe that on some level there is a connection in this natural 'force', which the circles are tapping into on some level. What purpose this fulfils, and how it is achieved, is a matter which I intend to investigate further down the thread..

The forces of gravity & electromagnetism were unified in a theoretical & practicable (engineerable) way, although as yet this truth hasn't been fully documented in the open literature. This is the case alhough the Kaluza-Klein model of 1922, along with aspects of Albert Einstein's Special Relativity around 1928, between them made a very good start on the efforts to develop a unified field theory, which led to information & equations allowing for the engineering of electrical machines (notably by Gabriel Kron in the early days) based on the theory, having something to do with torsion tensor transformations (the mathematics is beyond me, but all this is really well expounded in JP Farrel's "Secrets of the Unified Field Theory; the Nazi Bell & the Philadelphia experiment"..


posted on Jul, 27 2020 @ 04:40 PM
All these researchers were censored to a degree; the electrogravitics of T Townsend-Brown, and of course Tesla's research was locked up tight by the US governemnt mere hours after his death. The trouble with the unified field theories in the 1920's & 1930's was that they didn't account for several of the quantum mechanical properties being worked out by the mainstream quantum investigation - such as the strong & weak nuclear forces. This meant that the unified field theories were ultimately discarded as 'useless' - despite the fact that the synthesis of gravitational & electromagnetic forces was demonstrably perfectly unified, and led to engineerable electrical machinery ; a fact that was not lost on the Nazis, as will be clear to the readership of any of JP Farrell's excellent books on the subject of Nazi secret experimentation & weaponry.

The crop circles themselves seem to involve a means of expressing mathematical statements through the medium of enfolded/enfolding actionable GEOMETRY as a correspondence tool based on the properties of legitimate mathematical objects in higher dimensional space.. In the movie 'Arrival' there are twelve machines which arrive from 'elsewhere', hovering in fields & promptly beginning to communicate in an incomprehensible 'language' which revolves around the expression of circles against a glass barrier between the aliens in their watery abode & the humans in the 'viewing chamber'. The circles are almost impossible to understand on the first attempts (spoiler alert - they manage to understand them in the end!) The movie was unique, I found, in that it had a legitimately satisfying conclusion - it was a 'complex yet manageable' outworking of the premise, and after watching it through once I suddenly realised that there was a connection, so it seemed, to the crop circle phenomenon - were the proper authorities making available to us, in the format of a movie, some truth about an aspect of our collective human experience? Some mysterious phenomenon which they had managed to decode, which held great promise for future benefits to mankind through the acquisition of technology, or perhaps a higher source of wisdom?

Playlist of interviews with Arrival (2016) cast & crew

Here's something interesting as well - in the link above, the director of the movie (Denis Villeneuve) claimed that he based the design of the twelve alien ships in Arrival on the 'asteroid' which caused a stir in November 2017 when it was first discovered by astronomers. However, the movie was FINISHED in 2016. So how the heck did he manage to spot Oumuamua a whole year before the science community itself became aware of it. This is clear evidence, in my estimation, that someone wants us to realise the correlations, that something 'funky' is going on with the statements made, with the plot & production values of the movie, and of course that initially incomprehensible CIRCULAR LANGUAGE FROM ALIENS HOVERING OVER FIELDS. Hmm... Are crop circles similarly being decoded by the British government, as with the movie? I believe so. The Oumuamua statement from the director is just too obvious, that something fishy is going on..

When I laid my 2018 (or 2019, can't quite remember) crop circles out in a line on Google maps, they stretched from Hampshire (near Portsmouth, where a massive & highly secretive naval base happens to be located) in a North-Westerly direction, up through Eastleigh, between (& around the area of) Salisbury & Amesbury, towards Trowbridge, Melksham & Devizes in Wiltshire. A perfect line stretching up towards another large estuary (and a military town) in Bristol, where the Bristol Channel separates England from Wales. Seeing the circle locations laid out so clearly I began to seriously wonder whether there might be a chance that the UK military had established an underland waterway (or less ambitiously, a high speed rail link) which separated underground bases established at points along that crop circle 'line of best fit'.. It is my contention that whether or not that underland waterway/ rail link exists, there are several DUMBs along that line of 'circle presence', from which they study the phenomenon, unfolding the details of the apparently intelligent language which is being forwarded to us by whatever conscious beings or AI system may be trying to communicate with us. Dr Jaques Vallee once dropped the ball at a conference. He allowed a French general to speak at a conference on various phenomena. But the general, when asked about crop circles, said: "Oh yes, we know all about that. They are generated by the orbiting mylar/melamine platform (? - can't recall exact type, but it was suggested that the orbital platform is a sort of plastic material & hence wasn't easily located by radar until advancements were made).. As the General tried to continue speaking, Jaques Valle suddenly shouted at him "Arretez vous!!" which means "Stop NOW!" It looks like the General may have accidentally given us a bit of a peek at what is creating the circles - a type of Artificial Intelligence, based in an orbital technological platform of some sort, designed to be unnoticed until we had advanced our technology to a certain point. It was triggered around 1980, and circles gradually became more prevalent, eventually with something like 30 circles a year in the Wiltshire/ Hampshire regions of South West England, close to Stonehenge, which is also a sort of calendrical monument with a bunch of really fascinating hidden attributes. The platform was likely left here aeons ago, now communicating with the human race, for good or ill, by the use of geometric sigils in huge scale crop fields - a method of communication which no government can afford not to understand, or to have a handle on, managing the public awareness by misinformation, disinformation & disruption of citizen enthusiasts who wish to record the phenomenon in a scientific manner.

Of course it's a lovely conspiracy connection between the watery aliens of 'Arrival' who communicate using a weird circle/geometry/allegorical language, seemingly totally alien & incomprehensible without the efforts of an incredible assortment of talented philologists, mathematicians & physicists, decoding the message of the 'Circlemakers'. I got the feeling over several years that there was more than one aspect of each circle which had to be interpreted, and that the very location at which each circle appears may have some important clue, some notch in the overall totem being built up by use of the place name, the coordinates, the road names & nearby monuments, historical events or places of spiritual significance, perhaps also phases of the Moon & planetary alignments (lots of Sun & Moon iconography in these circles) - various data adapted from OUR environment to create a message which is directly comprehensible to us humans.. Whatever it may be, this is an intelligent system of communication, a universal language of geometry, just as noted in the film's conclusion!!


posted on Jul, 27 2020 @ 04:40 PM
At the very least it seems able to harvest data from our society, to assess/weigh it & then to apply some sort of encryption to prevent unauthorised access to the data (which I imagine was hashed out in the eighties), ultimately putting out some multidimensional communique, bearing information for the authorities which perhaps is necessary for the overall progress of humanity - '100 ways to prevent Armageddon; an Alien Cookbook for Galactic Wellness'

As noted it's probably a fully automated AI platform, in orbit, possibly transdimensional, possibly connected to craft which dwell under the surface of our oceans. It may not be conscious, but it's definitely intelligent, and capable of sustaining a two way conversation. We owe it to our children to figure out what this all means. Per my theory re: the movie Arrival, we may already have done so. If so, kudos on the message translation & forwarding of substance onward to whomever is attuned with eyes to see & ears to hear.

I'm not worried by those who will claim it was all 'Doug & Dave', or whomever succeeded them in the years following, over & over, generations of people with nothing better to do, sustaining a hoaxing hobby for decades just to mess with people. Total nonsense - it's far too complex, multipotentate & in some ways a glorious & transcendental phenomenon, so I don't think that anyone coming to the subject with the right mindset can ever be fooled by such blatant crap. After all this time, it shouldn't even be dignified with a response. As far as I can tell there has been a deliberate suppression & campaign of ridicule, including the watering down of true research by the generation of weak websites which are light on facts & full of 'gentle skepticism' which serves to bore people to death Doug & Dave - some mild mannered skepticism which does nothing for the cause Sorry Croppie, but you need to shake it up a notch, otherwise people are just going to swap tabs to Netflix after a half page of your 'light-on-the-facts' article, coupled with zero analysis of the broader implications.

In this case it seems that the debunking was dreamed up by an elect group of civil servants who knew that somehow they had to put the dampeners on the phenomenon, so that people don't wake up tomorrow, quit work, withdraw their savings & buy a campervan to go touring round the circle sites drinking Ayahuasca!

I personally think that the actual circles when created have the effect of altering the local spacetime medium, the aetheric quantum foam which underlies all dimensions of Reality, applying geometric tensor transformations which are at minimum electrogravitic, with possibly more layers of integrated geometric/radiological solutions that act like keys in the minds of those who study them carefully, unlocking doors of perception which may be for good or ill, I haven't quite made up my mind as yet.

Just after midway through the movie, the narration by the lead male actor, Jeremy Renner, begins. The narration is geared to be in the style of a public broadcast or school presentation for the general population. It focuses on a number of key questions, concerning things which are NOT known regarding the aliens (named 'heptapods' as they are octopus type creatures - a cephalopod - with seven tentacles/feet instead of the eight we would be familiar with in our octopus population..) Note also that there is correlation between the representation of the aliens as a form of cephalopod (octopus, cuttle fish, squid), and the reality of the world we inhabit, because cephalopods are, aside from humans, the one creature which diverged millions of years ago from human evolution, actually evolving along a path which is suggestive that if they were not subject to mothers facing early death after gestation (female octopi are killed by exhaustion due to the birthing process of the eggs of the next generation) - if the mothers were able to TEACH their young, rather than each generation having to figure everything out from scratch - then each generation would have become successively more complex, more intelligent, more capable of evolution towards self awareness. In another world they would have evolved to consciousness absolutely rivalling our own intellect in complexity & capacity for understanding their place in the universe, truly self-aware beings.

Question 1 - Why have they come? Are they scientists or tourists? Why are they asking no significant questions? In terms of translating the movie as metaphor into what we appear to be seeing in the crop circle phenomenon, then it seems that they are sharing as their base philological communication method a form of the specialist higher dimensional geometric mathematical tensor analysis, along with progressively lower complexity layers of correspondences (data relating to each other, which share a sort of scalable concept mapping feature - more subjects in less space..)

Question 2 - Why did they land where they did? What is the significance of the geographical locales in which they appear? This question absolutely translates into my own observation of the crop circles here in the UK - that there is this layered complexity method to their every single choice of location & circle type, in regards to the exacting positions in geographical space in which their circle-making endeavour/ behaviour is manifest. They seem to utilise a form of encryption which depends, at least partially, upon the names of local towns, villages, hamlets, roadways & public sites of historical interest or what we now call 'sites of outstanding natural beauty' (places set apart & protected in law by the longstanding inter-governmental mandate to preserve the countryside's habitats of beautiful natural landscapes, ensuring that (for example) any 'new build' or regeneration projects follow strict legislation preventing damage.

Each circle can thus be considered to be a multidimensional potentate cypher of sorts, which requires picking apart in a loose translation process (a process which depends at least by half upon creative/ intuitive decryption 'skills', which by necessity can only be decoded by someone with acute lateral thinking skills, a mindset predicated upon abstract & innovative modes of thinking, general observational thought processes, possessing a natural enjoyment of lengthy, complex lines of speculative inquiry, in a very much 'right-brained' thought process (as opposed to mathematical thought).

That's all for now - I will be adding some more thoughts later on. Thanks for reading! And keep an eye on the fields - it's fascinating if nothing else. And ignore those who ignore the evidence! If you want the evidence, go search it out. There's a number of great sites which really do a good job of cataloguing the strange features of genuine circles (versus the ones which are obviously made by poor quality hoaxers).

Cheers, FITO.

posted on Jul, 27 2020 @ 08:13 PM
I haven't read your entire thread yet, though I I don't know if you mentioned this but if you overlay a map of UK crop circles on a map of underground water they match up.

posted on Jul, 27 2020 @ 10:55 PM
Good analysis and questions.

The clearest crop circle case of communication I have found so far is the Chilbolton Arecibo message, link

The last part of this message references the transmission method and links to a crop circle in the area a year earlier. Being able to link how crop circles evolve over time in a region is an important part for trying to make sense of it all. Having access to many years worth of satellite imagery will aid in attempts to decode.

Taking the approach that crop circles are some form of communication seams reasonable to me. Looking at some of them it is like describing the fabric of reality, different pieces of the puzzle.

Sure some crop circles are man made, Doug and Dave will do one for a carton of beer. Some are not, at least with the technology we do know about. The effects on the plants can be reproduced with microwaves with how they bend. Having such EM radiation mastery over such a large area is out of my league.

From one videos I have seen, it only takes a few seconds and looks like a wind sweeping over the land to produce these more advanced crop circles. In this video there was a ball of light over the area at the time and took off once done. The ball of light was followed for a little while until losing track of it.

posted on Jul, 28 2020 @ 03:42 AM
a reply to: MissSmartypants

Thanks for the contribution, that sounds interesting, a possible validation of my assessment, with regards to underground waterways. Interesting stuff!

posted on Jul, 28 2020 @ 03:46 AM
a reply to: kwakakev

Thanks for youur response - the Arecibo crop circle was hugely meaningful to me when it came about back in 2002. I was a teenager, going through a difficult time, and seeing the circle & reading about the message it contained, was actually a bizarre comfort to me, reminding me that there's a bigger picture, that there is an element of mystery to life, and that there might be anonymous, unseen hands helping us to overcome difficulties. Part of my theory, which I haven't yet discussed, is that the circles are the work of Elohim (the plural version of the term) - the spiritual beings behind the events are part of the community of Heavem, perhaps. This seems to me to be something which civil service would assess as being 'on the side of the angels', a really top secret relationship between the national governance & the realm of spirit beyond this earth. I will add more on my Elohim theory later, I genuinely believe it's got some real applicability here.

posted on Jul, 28 2020 @ 05:02 AM
All crop circles are all man made imo.

Here's one I did earlier:

posted on Aug, 7 2020 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: MissSmartypants

You don't think that's a product of the same sort of geology that favours underground aquifers as a water source also making for good arable land?

posted on Aug, 20 2020 @ 04:32 PM
Really cool thread I appreciate you putting it together so well, thank you.

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