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Why the need?

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posted on Jul, 12 2003 @ 02:57 PM
From the many posts that I've read I have noticed that everyone wants the truth and think that things are being hid from them. Well things are! But why do you need to know? We all know that there is other life out there, secret facilites, etc. but some things are better left unsaid and unknown. Most people can't handle the truth (I know but they should have the right to know right? wrong). The truth can be very harmful. Ex. Say we proved there was no god and never was one and let the world know......what do you think is gonna happen? chaos!! mass chaos!!

Trust me I would love to know just like the rest of you about many things but to think things up to be able to find out...not me. Without the right to be secretive and personal all rights are violated. Great things get accomplished in secret...always have and always will.

Just my 2 cents....I too believe in it all and am intrigued by it so don't go bashing me....just a simple question and I hope I get some intelligent answers.

posted on Jul, 12 2003 @ 03:04 PM
Or was that curry velocity...

Either way, the desire to learn more and even the forbidden or as it is said "to wan't what isn't yours" may play a role here.

Me personally, I kind of like risk. Or at least the chance of it, and from my childhood days I remember "Knowing is half the battle". Kind of sums it up.

I believe people are naturally inclined to learning, thats how we survived. So even though it may get us into trouble, look what good it has done also.

posted on Jul, 12 2003 @ 03:16 PM
Hello Remain Obsolete, and welcome to the loony bin!

I have thought about just this topic on more than a few occassions. Although there really is an infinite combination of "ifs" and "buts", what I came about with (in a nutshell) is this: If the government, Cabal, whoever, was developing say new technology for the express purpose of defending the US population from external threats, and informing the puplic of the existence of this technology or its use would cause unnecessary public disruption, I wouldnt necessarily have a problem with it being kept secret.

Indeed, I'll even go a bit further and say that the gov might even have a right to keep the public in the dark about potential threats that are not publicly known, especially if there isnt anything the public can do about it. Example, if an orbital war was being waged against potential alien invaders.

However, I DO have problems with keeping everything a secret from the public when the powers that be decide to completely disregard the constitution and personal freedoms. For example, the illegal, unconstitutional land grab performed by the USAF to obtain Freedom Ridge and prevent civilians from watching things at Area 51. They obtained 94000 acres of property illegally, as per federal law, any land acquisition over 50000 acres requires congressional approval. This never happened.

Also, if I can refer you to the seismic thread

There is a good deal of evidence that this very technology is NOT being used against external threats, but AGAINST the American public.

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