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They Are Coming After Tucker Carlson's Family Again

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posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 09:20 PM
a reply to: chr0naut

Let me just say I appreciate your reply. Not just here, but you're always polite, respectful, logical but firmly hold your ground. It's rare to find anyone doing that these days. So from the gate, you have my respect

And you are correct that having a home server isn't a crime, but using it to house classified information is definitely a crime here in the states. It's very black and white. Worse yet is the separate offense of removing SCI (national security information) from a SCIF (the sole place SCI may be consumed, stored, transmitted, etc).

Despite Comey's unprecedented decision to make a charging decision (vs a grand jury) her conduct meets the very letter of illegal conduct under the espionage act.

Additionally, it was after being notified of the FBI search warrant (this is never announced in advance) she then deleted some 33,000 emails subject to the Search warrant.

In all, she definitely committed at least 4 separate criminal acts in violation if multiple US laws. 3 of which are felony level federal offenses

Unfortunately the DOJs head, the AG, had a secret meeting with the suspect's husband during the investigation making a charging decision impossible to be reliable.

It is unfortunate this was not pursued, because it has caused many Americans to lose faith in the federal system of justice. The FISA abuse, criminal spying and numerous double standards have all but eradicated what little trust was left

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 09:23 PM

originally posted by: Breakthestreak
Mommies little cuck just has no life huh?

All Trump

All the time

Laughable man

The story about the nyt is beside the point. The point is that pathetic, left wing pieces of sh!t OPENLY think it’s ok to attack a person’s home and family because they hold a different political opinion and expose the pathetic ideals and hypocrisy of such a moronic group as ‘the left’

It’s NOT ok to attack innocent women and children, regardless what your beloved media tells you.


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