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High Quality Game Devlogs

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posted on Jul, 19 2020 @ 03:48 PM
Not sure how many people here are interested in coding or learning how to make games but some of these videos are just so educational and well made they deserve to be shared. Also the knowledge they provide extends far beyond just the scope of programming. I've watched a lot of indie game devlogs but these are some ongoing projects which really stand out in my mind for their high level of quality in terms of both video production and the actual game. They are all 2D games except the first one but they are solo developers.

First up we have Coding Adventures by Sebastian Lague. This series is one of the best I've seen, he builds different small games to test different ideas rather than a single large game but the ideas will be useful to any programmer. He covers such an array of interesting topics that I cannot suggest a single video from the playlist but I would recommend watching the video on Boids and the one on Clouds. His most recent videos about procedurally generating planets are also very interesting and tie together a lot of ideas he previously covered.

Coding Adventures Playlist

Next we have the Arcane Devlogs by Randall. This series is not only very educational but his last two videos are easily the funniest devlogs I've ever seen. From what I understand Arcane is similar in concept to Terraria and has procedurally generated biomes along with Noita-type pixel physics. The art style of this game really appeals to me, he recently made a video on how he learned to draw pixel art which I found insightful and provides a good starting place for anyone interested in that type of thing.

Arcane Devlogs Playlist

Another series I've been watching for around a year now is the "City-Building Game Devlogs" by ThinMatrix. The artwork and concept of the game feels a bit generic to me, it basically seems like another city building sim, but this series stands out to me for a few reasons. The videos are always highly informative and show the thought process which goes into making decisions. The videos about path-finding for cars and people are particularly interesting. The video production quality is also top notch and the guy lives in a beautiful region and shares a lot of great natural scenery which I find very relaxing.

City-Building Game Devlogs Playlist

Last we have the Dauphin Devlogs by DevDuck. Dauphin is an RPG about a Marine Biologist working to study and protect marine life, with exploration mechanics based on procedural generation. The art style of this game is fairly similar to Arcane and the video style is similar to the style of ThinMatrix, well explained concepts and code with high production quality. One of his most recent videos was about converting his entire game from Unity to Godot which I thought contained a lot of useful information for anyone trying to compare game engines.

Dauphin Devlogs Playlist
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posted on Jul, 19 2020 @ 04:12 PM
For those people who may not be into game development but do enjoy gaming I recently came across a great mini-doco explaining How Stardew Valley Was Made by Only One Person. It was actually that video which gave me the idea for this thread. I bought Stardew Valley a few weeks ago and couldn't believe it was made by just one person. That's why it's so good though, you can feel the love and passion which went into the game, it's not just some soulless abomination pumped out by a corporation who only cares about milking gamers.

posted on Jul, 20 2020 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

These are awesome thanks. Just thought I'd throw in a couple more.

The Cogmind devlog is pretty great. A lot of development details.

Going to also have to drop in the Dwarf Fortress Dev log too just for the sheer amazingness of it.

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