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Prove to me Ouiji Boards work

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posted on May, 14 2005 @ 10:26 AM
for this topic ill get one of my friends over here and pull out my cheap ouiji board and see if it works. by cheap i mean the thing that moves is plastic. but i dont think the "others" will care will they?? if they do then im screwed. o well ill let you know what i come up with

posted on May, 14 2005 @ 11:01 AM
If Oujia boards work, and I'm not saying they do, then you could consider them like 'phones' to the spiritual world. Just because you call someone, does not mean they will answer, but that does not prove that phones do not work. And if someone answers, there's no guarantee that the questions you ask will be answered with truth instead of lies. But that does not prove that phones do not work either.

posted on May, 14 2005 @ 12:54 PM
From what I know about ouija boards, there are two possibilities to consider

1) They are a fraud.
2) They really work as claimed, and can summon evil spirits.

In a way, it doesn't really matter which one is true. If #1 is true, then there is no point using ouija boards; they aren't worth the cardboard they are printed on. If #2 is true, you really don't want to be messing with them. Regardless of which one is true, from my simple reasoning at least, they shouldn't be used.

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 01:52 AM

Originally posted by Geneticus
It should be easy enough for people to point their video cameras at the board and tape the planchette moving about...with the rule that the two or more people do not touch the planchette at all. I would want to see a close up view in which it is clearly visible that there is a gap between the "player's" hands and the planchette.

If you could clearly see on the video that there was no contact between the "players" and the planchette, then any movement would be spirit related.

Well that would certainly prove it without a doubt, however, the operation of a planchette on the board DOES require the person(s) to touch it. Lightly touch it, but they must touch it. Nobody is saying that the thing moves around the board by itself, that would just be freaky as hell and I doubt there would be any question about if they worked or not if they were meant to do such a thing.

I haven't seen the Penn and Teller show about it and don't know the testing they did. Anybody care to share the details??? Did it do nothing??? Did it atleast move but without any results??? Did it give answers but always incorrect ones???

A Ouiji is just another tool for divination purposes. There are many others ranging from Tarot, Runes, Scrying Balls, Entrails, Dice, Bones, etc. There are countless methods that have been used over time by cultures everywhere. (Here's a larger list with details of each one just to give you an idea of their variety: I think what is important to realize is that they all are just Tools though. There isn't anything specifically about the items themselves that make them important. What makes a difference is the person who uses them.

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 02:25 AM
mOjOm wrote:

A Ouiji is just another tool for divination purposes. There are many others ranging from Tarot, Runes, Scrying Balls, Entrails, Dice, Bones, etc. There are countless methods that have been used over time by cultures everywhere.

Exactly. There is nothing to fear, except yourself. It is not fake magic, or movie magic where you get something for nothing. But since self-knowledge is a most important thing you can say that for a small effort you can gain a huge reward. Personally I favor the Tarot, they are cards, pictures, hard to be afraid of those.

The reason for the stories connecting them to evil spirits and the like is really two-fold. First like any serious activity you should always at least have a buddy and for bigger things even lets say a circle of friends. And second all of the Intuitive tools when properly used lead to a greater self-awareness. Empowered people do not follow dogma, this scares some kinds of people.


posted on May, 18 2005 @ 11:26 AM
Yes they do work but not the entities that you want to ask questions too.Well here goes the story, friends I know got a ouijia board and were scared of it.Me I was younger and bold and I said, it was fine to do it in my apartment.So everybody gathered in my apartment ,I think there was five or six of us.Well, when Lee and I started to do it nothing.But when the twins started to put there hands on it it did move.And when they asked it questions it also replied.It looked like they were moving it until they said watch the phone will ring in one minute,just when they asked itself to be known.And me being the brave one picked it up and all I heard was static.Then over that I heard the words that made my nipples turn cold and hard I heard this bad spirit say," Sherri you will die".Now this was enough and when the twins asked me what it said, I didn't tell them because this bad spirit was already manipulating there life.So everybody left and my apartment was very hot after everybody left.I couldn't really sleep after this so I just stared at the ceiling.So for anybody head my warning the ouijia board is a tool that opens a gate of communication between physical and spiritual.Maybe for your first encounter you might get a benevolent spirit.But usually its bad spirits ready to feed off your fear and create havoc upon you.

posted on May, 18 2005 @ 03:39 PM
why does someone need a cheap board game to contact spirits ?

Whenever you have to pay to pray, be careful ! The only magic involved is how your money mysteriously moves into someone elses bank account.

posted on May, 19 2005 @ 08:46 PM

Originally posted by syrinx high priest
why does someone need a cheap board game to contact spirits ?

Whenever you have to pay to pray, be careful ! The only magic involved is how your money mysteriously moves into someone elses bank account.

You don't have to buy the game board if you don't want to. If you'd like to make your own that is perfectly fine. I once used one that we got from an old ESP Game. It came with Cards with Symbols on them you would guess at and a Pendulum with a Yes/No Board to ask questions and it also had a Ouija but no planchette. So we made a planchette ourselves out of a couple broken pencils fit together into a triangle.

Another common Home-made Ouija is to write one up by hand on a piece of paper or cardboard or whatever and use an overturned wine glass as the planchette. That shouldn't cost you much, unless you break the glass!

A similar type of Divination which is very easy to make yourself is a Pendulum for asking Yes/No questions. The use of it dates back to times well into B.C. and I believe was the inspiration for the Ouija.

posted on May, 19 2005 @ 09:10 PM
I personally believe it is the person or peoples subconscious. I feel that fears play out foremost and that is why people see demons and satan because that is what they have been taught to fear.

[edit on 19-5-2005 by Mayet]

posted on May, 19 2005 @ 09:34 PM
Ouijja The Mysterous board game. Made by a toy maker but founded by the pagans many years ago along with the wiccan's scribe"The looking glass" aka The black mirror.

Yes to all those unearthy doubters out there, dont be fooled by this ancient doorway to the afterlife. This Board is truely something to respect. Yes while asking stupid questions and not being 100% in belief of what you are actually experiencing this board does not seem to work, But if by chance you alllow yourself to believe, in an environment shut off but of you and the board. You will enter into a realm of pure terror, remember those who have not passed are always willing to give you something in return of thier bidding.

A ouijja board can steal time, 2 minutes of your thoughts can actually last hours with you uknowingly noticing.
You can be shown or told something to be appeased or the most horrifying you can be shown things to come and see them happen with your own two eyes, weeks, months years later.

Being ignorant to this board is a "wise decision" as it does not thrive on those who do not believe but those who are in tune with what and how it can be used.


oh yeah and not to get of the subject but what is up with the 11:11 , 12:12 and now the 3:33 if anybody else out there is understanding this.. let me know Im not the only one.


posted on May, 19 2005 @ 09:53 PM
You mean the time you wake up and look at the every night......or just look at the clock......or your receipts and totals while shopping come to that....or its just everywhere.....?

posted on May, 20 2005 @ 01:04 PM
In a matter of time that you actually feel you have been waiting for the answer, could be hours or more.

For example: You ask the Ouijja a question, then your answered. This took all of say 2 minutes in your mind but could possibly be hours later If you check the time before asking and again after being answered you may sometimes may be astonished of actually how much time you have wasted waiting for the answer. Thus stealing time as ATS most of the time does. (LOL)

posted on May, 20 2005 @ 01:16 PM
Yeah, I see 4:44 all the time. I don't even try, it's just happens.

posted on May, 20 2005 @ 02:26 PM
All I know is that several years ago my ex and I along with a close friend started using a Ouija board just as a way to break up a dull evening and
it turned into something completely different; while the board does not usually "work" in the sense of answering personal questions in a satifactory or correct manner, when you use the board to invite "whoever happens to be out there..." to use the board as a means of communication
you will be quite surprised with the quantity and quality of the responses that you will receive.

We very quickly became convinced that wwe were speaking to a spirit
or entity of great knowledge and insight; we even began transcribing the
"minuits"of our sessions and ended up, after several weeks, with 2 completely filled college rule noteboks of all the "special information" that was being provided just for us(or so we were told).

Suffice to say that all of the future information and knowledge that we were provided were all lies but there was no denying that the board itself
was under intelligent and not entirely friendly control. The end result of our
"experiment in the supernatural" was bitterness and suspician directed towards each other and the end of two very special relationships.

The quija board itself is nothing more than wood and plastic, in that some of the previous post were correct; there is no inherent power in the board itself . The powere is in the invitaion and the power of belief that in turn gives power to something or someone else to control and manipulate the user.

A word to the wise; leave all such things alone unless you are eager to
have your life turned upside down. Looking back on it now, I think we got off lucky; it could have turned out a lot worse.

But that is just my opinion...


posted on May, 26 2005 @ 03:35 PM

I am sorry for what happened to you, and I do not mean to sound cold but I cannot let something like this go by without comment.

I do not expect you to believe what I am about to say but perhaps others here will listen. I am speaking from over 20 years experience and study.

Let me ask you a question, if you went walking through your house waving a chainsaw above your head and cut off your girlfriends head would you then tell people they should not use a chainsaw? Of course you would not.

That is exactly what happened here, you did not take the board seriously and opened yourself up to anything that might happen.

Reading between the lines I suspect that perhaps the 'very special friendships' you mentioned means that there was a romantic connection between the three of you. If this is true then I know exactly what you lost because I have had that same sort of relationship myself.

What you did in the simplest of terms is open yourself to any part of your own subconcious. There are good and bad parts, and since you did not specifiy at all, or provide any sort of guidance you got the bad ones. It was not 'evil spirits' it was you, and them. What that came out of the board can you not trace to one of you, anything? Did it not translate your own internal fears and jealousy into what the board told you?

The board is really not a toy. It is kept on the market by people who believe it is important that the tools remain available and so it has been cloaked as a simple child's game, IT IS NOT.

Like any Intuitive tool it must be used with respect and knowledge. If you have prefaced each session with a request that called up the good parts of yourself then the experience would have been totally different.

To anyone reading this, please consider my words. Stop, clear your mind and think, if you do then those good parts I mentioned will tell you that this is the truth. A board can be used in complete safety if you are wise and learn about what you are doing. If however, you wish to destroy yourself then follow the path that Lightseeker walked and the results will be the same.

Again Lightseeker, I am sorry for what happened to you, and if you lost what I think you did then words cannot express how sorry. I wish I had known you before you did this, a few simple words from me, or anyone with a reasonable amount of knowledge could have spared you the pain that you brought upon yourself.



posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 02:53 PM

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