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Favorite Esoteric Book?

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posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 03:15 AM
So in light of my re-reading of Manly P. Halls, ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’; as well as the works of Rudolf Steiner, Blavatsky and Max Heindel; I was curious what other books on esotericism and the occult, that you all here enjoy or that you would recommend for personal reading? I find the farther back in history you go with these subjects, the more pure and less watered down the material seems to be.


posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 03:29 AM
a reply to: VeritasAequitas

Jon Dee: Heiroglyphic Monad.

Very dense and cryptic. I try to understand it but the version I got just jumps right in no explanation or definition. He seems to be breaking down a symbol he made and telling why it is like it is.

I do want to check out other books by him though as he was kind of a big deal way back. I also wonder if copies we have today are true to the originals?

The material is so cryptic though maybe you could just disseminate it to the masses because nobody will know wtf he's going on about. Definitely only "for those with eyes to see".

I have a Rudolph Steiner book too that guy was way ahead of his time.

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 07:30 AM
Dean Radin Supernormal
HP Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 07:31 AM
The Bible

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 07:47 AM
not sure if it fits but
'Morning of the Magicians'.

first part is a fascinating account of lost technologies and histories. (second part is philosophical gobbldeygook.)

might give some insight on such matters.

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 08:13 AM
I would recommend The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. Life changing book.

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 08:33 AM

originally posted by: Metallicus
I would recommend The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. Life changing book.

Also, The Alchemist is a great book....and Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike.

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 08:35 AM
a reply to: VeritasAequitas

The Bible springs to mind.

And the Voynich Manuscript has always been of interest, and to my knowledge remains untranslated in any sort of proficient manner.
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posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 09:05 AM
"The Mathematical Connection between Religion and Science", by Stephen Phillips.

It reveals for the first time a form of mathematical gnosis embedded in the esoteric/mystical traditions of religions that is being discovered by particle physicists and geneticists because it is the blueprint for all levels of reality, including space-time.

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 10:19 AM
"Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life" by Wayne W. Dyer

When through a lot of esoteric stuff at one stage, lot of crazy stuff in it. Wayne W. Dyer done a great job to help pull me out of it and keep things real.

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 10:27 AM
a reply to: VeritasAequitas

I just started the Secret Teachings of all Ages yesterday! Manly P. Hall is one of my all time favorite people and so far it has not disappointed! Thanks for posting.

The Kybalion is pretty great and I also recommend the Marcus Aurelius Meditations too. Love me some Stoicism.

The book of the Law is another great read. Very short but will take a lifetime to fully grasp me thinks.


posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 10:35 AM
a reply to: VeritasAequitas

Walter Russell bio. Kinda started me on the path that eventually led here.

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 09:29 PM
a reply to: VeritasAequitas

You can learn a lot from MPH. And then “connect the dots” for yourself about The Craft. It takes time and extra reading but worth the effort because it is more like a “proper” initiation (at least it was for me!)

Part was history, curiosity, and why all the d@mn secrecy. The other was a suspicion that it is mostly for the “us/them” aspect disguised as “brotherhood”. Most have no interest in the esoteric aspect of The Craft.

What blows me away are the real believers. True believers!!

Check out The Psychopath’s Bible by Christopher Hyatt.

He scares me for some reason.

Good read! Great resource! My favorite publisher!

But... it kind of freaks me out!

posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 11:54 PM
Red fish Blue fish
The Golden Dawn

a reply to: VeritasAequitas

posted on Jul, 17 2020 @ 12:11 AM
Thus Spoke Zarthustra by, Nietzsche.

Apart from the ironic references to Zoroaster (The other dual monotheistic prophet/demi-god), it really conveys a manner of non-duality more in tune (IMO) with an inherent honor and respect based compass, as opposed to a socially dictated moral one.

It also really nails concepts seen with herd-minded thought and draws several parallels to the fickle following nature of the world to this very day.

Way ahead of its time if you know where to look.

And that's what makes it esoteric, I suppose.
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posted on Jul, 22 2020 @ 01:01 AM
To be honest many of these are great reads.

I already owned Secret Doctrine although I am looking to purchase a copy of Isis Unveiled soon.

I used to have a number of the works of John Dee. Iirc correctly he was a court magician for Queen Elizabeth. Him and Edward (iirc his partners name correctly) we’re into some deep level ceremonial magick.

I will check many of the books here

posted on Jul, 29 2020 @ 09:31 AM
Some good reads in this thread.

Here's a couple enjoy and keep coming back to over and over again:

Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa ((Llewellyn's Sourcebook)

Had this book for years. Agrippa provides a wealth of philosophical commentary on just about everything occult. Great reference book into the mind of occult thought, he shares insights into a little bit of everything.

How to do all things: Your use of divine power by Mark Age

This is a short little text summarizing some occult principles and how to apply them. It's brief and to the point, it's one of the more practical books I've found when it comes to exploring this line of thought. I don't think it's in print anymore, I stumbled across a copy while used book hunting.

posted on Jul, 29 2020 @ 11:32 AM
Here is a link for free esoteric books that might be helpful

posted on Jul, 29 2020 @ 03:07 PM
a reply to: VeritasAequitas

Right now I am reading, The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, and The Essential Kabbalah by Daniel Matt. Next I will be reading The First Book of Azrael, supposedly in The Stargate Conspiracy this book was written by ET's? My husband bought it at an occultic book store. So I will see what the fuss is about soon enough.

posted on Jul, 31 2020 @ 10:44 PM
The "Secret History of the World" is a great starter book for those looking into the esoteric , I read it at least 10 times when my interest was first peaked.

It's hard to pick just one really , "The Hermetica" is a good one .

The works of "Rudolf Steiner" are outstanding.

" The Necronomicon " is a good one if you can find an unaltered version which is basically impossible.

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