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Twitter has locked all blue check mark (verified) accounts

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posted on Jul, 16 2020 @ 06:08 PM

originally posted by: SKEPTEK

Looks like it was the work of a 400 lb hacker.


I didn't get very far through that link, but I can safely say those posters are all pretty lame when it comes to getting things done.

Yesterday's hack of major blue check posters was essentially making a God bleed.
With a fair unbiased media coverage of this event, it would fester and this would mark the beginning of the end for the platform. But we all know that won't happen.

posted on Jul, 20 2020 @ 03:21 AM
TISM needs to remake this song. Replace all the TV references with Internet ones.

Social media is a cancer for mankind, and I can sadly one day actually see idiots starting civil wars over a twitter post because many humans are simply incapable of thinking for themselves.

If a Johnny Depp tweet told them to go kill their children because it's been shown Nazi's were once children, there are people who would do it.

I am a real tech head. Love my computers and stuff. But I'm finding myself 'turning off SBS' more and more each day. (thanks for ruining my one hobby 'casuals'

Life's never been so good in such a long time as it is now as a result.

Facebook goes, no more Homophobia. Never used Twitter so my eyes never get raped by covid nonsense. Don't visit MSM news sites anymore, no more racism, no more #(insert genetic type here)livesmatter.

I mean I walk down my street and I ask, where are all these major world problems? Sure as hell not in my reality that's for sure. Of course there are still assholes doing asshole things to others, always will be. There are still nasty diseases, always will be. But it's just not on the scale we're told it is 24/7

Get off twitter, delete facebook, make better choices when it comes to sites you vist and the post you choose to read. Be happier and be less likely to harm or kill another human in the process.
I mean no one is holding a gun to your head. Excercise some of that freewill and personal responsibility your were supposedly born with.

Once it was gossip, then it was newspapers, then radio, then TV, now it is the internet.
Once you see the merry-go-round you've stuck yourself on along with nearly other human, it becomes much easier to get off.

Or you we can sit here and theorize on the imaginary causes behind it and keep the ride going instead if you all want?
How it's everyone elses fault we're scammed and harmed, and how everyone else needs to fix it for us. Because pressing a "block", "Ignore" "delete account" or using a scroll wheel on a mouse are always going to be too difficult for many of you.

"I hate a lot of what I see... I could delete my account and be happier.... turn off my TV, computer and phone, but I need those stars and flags, need them up votes, need that attention from complete strangers......"

Self control and personal responsibility. If people had it we wouldn't have bitcoin scams and pedophilia would only be a thought crime.

It's sad that I actually have to remind myself daily that I am supposedly part of the most intelligent species in the Solar System.
edit on 20-7-2020 by AtomicKangaroo because: oops forgot to add the video link.

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