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Quantum Random Thread Generator

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posted on Jul, 17 2020 @ 07:28 AM
1/ Colour Red

a reply to: MotherMayEye I know from experience on ATS that an awful lot of Americans do not get "sarcasm". So please, please tell me that you were being sarcastic? As That tennis player used to say "you cannot be serious". Transparence and oversight?????? You tell me where the hundreds of billions of dollars of the defence black budget goes and then I'll stop laughing. I wont mention Iran- Contra. Whoops I said I wouldn't mention that.

2/ Colour Green

originally posted by: johnwick But only on the subjects you decide are " important " right? You know what you are doing right? It is a behavior pattern known as zealotry. It is a form of extremism. Just like the wacko Muslim's think you should be jailed even killed if you don't say what they demand about Islam. Because of their extremist zealotry. Glad we could straighten that out.

Oh yah, that's it. I'm such an extremist when it comes to climate change. What a regular Perry Mason you are to cleverly figure me out like that. What a Zealot I am??? Actually discussing possible Racketeering or fraud on an online forum. I think you're still high from your surgery buddy. Glad we got that straightened out.

3/ Colour blue

a reply to: Xtrozero Really? On one side you and others would complain that the super rich pay no taxes even if they said to pay 90%...

That's incorrect. Firstly, if we're talking about individual tax rate, the highest tax rate in the United States is 39%. Before 1981 prior to Reagan, the top Tax rate for the wealthy individuals was 70%. But things have been much better since the Reagan tax cuts in the 80s right? Let me know

Now, if you're talking about the portion of taxes the wealthy pay in total, you're wrong again. The top 10% pay 68% in taxes They also earn 75% of the wealth in the United States, so they're paying way less taxes compared to what they earn. This is in contrast to the middle and working classes: ir-share

So you're wrong. You pulled that 90% figure out of nothing, really. Just made it up. A flat tax takes 15% right off the top, no deductions, no write-offs, just a straight 15%. I sure 15% would be on the high wage earner side and a lower flat tax would be for others.

The fact of the matter is, the flat tax will do little to benefit the middle and working classes. It will only serve to benefit the rich. Plain and simple. The wealthy will get their taxes chopped by more than half, and the middle and lower classes may see a rate deduction of what? afew percent? In the end what group is the flat tax going to benefit the most? It's the wealthy. The idea of the flat tax is aimed at benefiting them so that the wealth can, you guess it, trickle down. We've seen this work out just well in the 80's and the 2000's. Today we sit with record income inequality which started to skyrocket in the 80s. The wealthy gained $billions from Bush and Reagan tax cuts and in the end little was gained from it. But you want an economic system to benefit the rich further? You think this makes sense? Is the wealth going to trickle down this time?

In trying to be as objective as I can with these tests I decided to try focusing my intent on the most apolitical thing I could find, colours. In terms of any direct connections this session is a big fail. I did find some difficulty in being able to solely focus on a single colour due to the many associations of various objects with colour.

One association I did notice is how colours can be referenced with our emotions, red is angry, green is inexperienced, blue is sad. In this context today's test does show something. I was a bit surprised to find this association at first and got the feeling that our emotions are a part of the translation process for how all this works.

posted on Jul, 19 2020 @ 04:53 AM
1/ Anger

First result - post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

spiritual,christian person. artistic,screenwriter.

2/ Fear

First result - blank message box, i don't know.

LOL sdog

3/ Love

I give comedians a wide berth. I remember the SNL 'ads' where they'd say a candidate was an ax-murderer or something outrageous. Some of those were hilarious because they were so outrageous. Let me reiterate...Conan's spoof ad did nothing but portray Paul as a flat-out lunatic. It'll be on youtube soon enough if anyone is interested. You all can see what I'm talking about.

With the topic of emotions coming up last session, tried to focus my intent on different emotions this time. Not really finding any associations this session. With the first result getting a serious volition ban when feeling the anger was appropriate. Otherwise this session is a fail.

posted on Jul, 20 2020 @ 11:55 AM
1/ Car

The cat with the knife is an example of animism, giving non-human objects, human characteristics. The Egyptians were very involved with their animism. It's not just a pretty picture, the characters are gods. The snake is most likely Apophis and the cat is most likely Re. Apophis is one of the gods of the underworld and in this case would represent death. Re is the sun-god and giver of life. This picture represents Re's triumph over death. A very optimistic view. Of course it could just be proof that cat's hunted snakes with knives in ancient Egypt.

2/ House

Why do we hate each other? Why are we killing this beautiful planet? Why are people still starving when the very rich could stop that? Look into your soul and find the answers.

3/ Tree

Well I sent my rep a very strongly worded email denouncing Obamas stance and demanding an end to all future funding should Mubarak some how stay in power. Sadly that is about all I can do for now. If I lived in a bigger city I would go out and protest in solidarity but I'm afraid it wouldnt do much good in my little one red light town. Found this should anyone be interested.
LIVE EGYPT HAM FEED FROM #telecomix : #egypt #jan25 #anonymous

With today's session I tried focusing my intent on a single object. Able to picture it clearly and measure objectively. The first result was kinda getting close between cat and car. The others get hazy among interpretations and association. Will call it another fail.

posted on Jul, 22 2020 @ 12:44 PM
1/ What are some good questions?

new user
name: ghostinvestigater
Other members posting on this subnet: 137.118.214.%

2/ My deceased Father

A lot of folks don't like Trump for a lot of reasons and he certainly has enough about him that is easy to dislike. I think what he is doing right now is heroic and ultimately will be considered so. He is working the system, spending money and getting media attention by focusing on things that will get attention. Why? Because he wants enough of a following to be able to qualify for the national debates. He does not think he'll win and frankly I don't think he even seriously wants the job. What he wants to do is get on a stage and ask the "legitimate candidates" . For grins we'll say its Obama and Romney. He wants to questions and make statements that put them in positions that they would never be put into by the political and media elite. If given a chance he will blow this one party sham apart. Why do we continue to prop up middle eastern dictators? Why do we not demand compensation for doing so? Do you think thats OK and if so, why and if not, what are you going to do about it if elected? Why do we allow China to push us around and push the world around with currency manipulation? Why do we pound the table on human rights everywhere but when it happens in China? What are your plans to reform entitlements in a bullet based, substantive manner? Why is everyone so afraid to secure our southern border? Why is everyone so afraid to move to a place where candidates must prove eligiblity to hold the office of the Presidency? He is cares about the country, whether or not you like him. He has the stones to ask questions and will ask them with a level of common sense candor that will rip the facade off of the candidates of the major parties. That can potentially have a serious impact on the country. Of course, if he can tear them apart enough, he has a chance of getting elected. If he can expose them for the frauds and empty suits they are and get in the mid 30s he could take a three way race. Again, I don't think thats what he's doing. He is doing what he can to come into the debates with significant approval which earns him a seat at the debates. With nothing what so ever to lose, he will tear the bark of the other folks.

3/ Jesus

Another thing about your extrem thinking. Seeing as there is no "in between" or allow minor diffrences of opinion, with verything set in stone, no debate, no discussion. Why even bother voteing or haveing a congress? I mean if there is no such thing as changing times and circumstances and all social issues are already set in stone with no leway. And the goverment is not allowed to involve itself with anything. why bother haveing it there? What the point of the 535 members of congress? Surely there jobs are not needed.

Trying to define just what exactly is going on with QRNG and intent is a hazy one. When having an intent on simple objects or concepts, the results are so far poor. With how QRNG is framed in ATS posts, questions seam to work better.

Being unsure how to take this technology, this session first question provided something to consider. Getting into the minds of the dead sounds like the stuff of nightmares. Anyway, for science lets see where it goes.

The response for my father dose have elements of his character. The first and last sentence fit quite well.

A lot of folks don't like Trump for a lot of reasons and he certainly has enough about him that is easy to dislike... With nothing what so ever to lose, he will tear the bark of the other folks.

The response about Jesus is interesting. It shows some of that fight Jesus had against the principalities. I will give this session a pass.

posted on Jul, 22 2020 @ 02:24 PM
THE greatest question of 2020...

the NFL football team that was once named RedSkins ... has a well kept secret name for now... the rumor hs started that the DC football Team will adopt the Name: Sentinels ---> mocked as Seniles if Biden gets the WH digs

what a Lame Name !!!

the name implies 'a Watchman', an 'expendable' person on Guard Duty , no less

... and Not-so-much...a heavily armed Defense that is virtually impenetrible by the enemy forces, such as the Navy Operations with hypersonic missiles & torpedos protecting the Carrier Task-Force----> AEGIS system
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posted on Jul, 23 2020 @ 11:08 AM
a reply to: St Udio

I knew someone would turn up eventually on this thread. Due to the nature of this topic everything is on the table. One thing I do ask is people at least try and post their experience with QRNG. There are various option available with threads, posts or text, whatever works for you. I am just trying to understand this along with the rest of us. Keep it on topic, the more review the better.

1/ Washington DC

Here's some additional random but possibly relevant info about Space Fence:

The Space Fence (formerly Air Force Space Surveillance System S-Band Radar) program provides a radar system operating in the S-band frequency range to replace the AFSSS VHF "Fence" radar that currently performs detection of orbiting space objects. The Space Fence will have a modern, net-centric architecture that is capable of detecting much smaller objects in low/medium Earth orbit (LEO/MEO).

The nine (9) FENCE sites were located on a path across the southern United States from Georgia to California along the 33rd parallel and consist of three (3) transmitter and six (6) receiver sites.

Officials awarded the engineering, manufacturing and design contract valued at $914 million to Lockheed Martin on June 2 Space Fence: Connecting the Surveillance and Transhumanist Agendas The Space Fence is a massive, planetary-wide, space surveillance system currently being constructed that aims to monitor you all the way down to your DNA.

Officially, the Space Fence is, according to Wikipedia, a 2nd generation space surveillance system being built (started in 2014) by the US Air Force and Lockheed Martin to track artificial satellites and space debris. Its budget is US$1.594 billion, it’s expected to be operational in 2019 and the Space Fence facility will be located in the Marshall Islands along with an option for another radar site in Western Australia.

According to Elena Freeland, author of Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth who is soon to release a book on the topic, the Space Fence will eventually develop into a conductive Saturnian ring around the Earth’s equator. From there, it could be used to facilitate a complete lockdown on planetary communications (including our DNA communications, since we are electrical creatures), in line with the MIC’s C4 objectives (Command, Control, Communications and Computers).

Conductivity is linked to both mind control and holographic manipulation (a la Project Bluebeam). It is theorized that, with nano metal particulates everywhere including inside of people’s bodies, the masses are easier to mind control, since the metals act as receivers of wireless transmissions. There is evidence that the more metal particulates in the air, the easier it is to project holograms onto it link

Bill Gates is doing well on the molecules, Elon Musk owns the satellites. This session gets a pass, Sentinels fits.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 06:31 AM
1/ Where is hope?

At first i read the tittle wrong and thought we had mind control drones. I really don't see the difference in someone in a wheelchair and someone glued to the proverable couch. This is a giant leap in technology and leaves me wondering if my original fears have come true and where we are headed next in our grasp for advancement.

2/ How to overcome evil?

It is possible that smokers have the same infection rate, but are less likely to identify symptoms as Covid caused. Smoker's cough? Covid cough? What's the diffy? Not to mention under reporting of being a smoker, due to qualifying for cheaper health care coverage. (I guess that might not matter in some countries, but I haven't done any research on that. I just know the insurance differential for smokers vs non smokers in my country is high.)

3/ What is my place in all of this?

Originally posted by zmoron blather
Zorgon: You gonna retract that slimy lie you posted about me?

When getting results like these I do see how it is easy to fall into confusion if taking things too seriously or literally. As for providing a different perspective to questions and issues it does open up some new ways to consider things.

The first question reads like there is hope among all the people of the world, keeping up with events and trying to makes sense of it as best they can. As technology continues to build a more interconnected world it does scare me with what human nature is capable of. With more review going on with many of these larger problems, I hope common sense does prevail.

The second question has got me thinking about my smoking habits. i like my nicotine, do notice the impacts on my health. Issues of integrity also come up with the struggles against evil. Hold the high ground and don't become that which you are fighting.

The last question helps reinforce what I have been doing, call out the errors when I see them, especially my own. I give this session a pass.

posted on Jul, 27 2020 @ 01:32 PM
1/ What have I got wrong?

So you would say that the multiple investigations at the State level that have found little or no evidence of in-person voter fraud should be ignored? These are conducted basically every year by State Republican Administrations.

2/ Where should I start looking in my state?

I didn't understand the duck and 'cleaning the microwave' but, the lazy susan in the fridge would free up space for bottles in the door. I like that one! #43 in the second video (the pillow) made me chuckle.

3/ Is there some support available for this?

Comets do not travel that fast in your field of view. Or how about the more plausible reflection on the van window! One saw a cylinder the other a boomerang both in the same location thats how you cant go with what people think they see!

This is a strange conservation. In working with QRNG I am looking for some kind of spiritual edge, something to help with all the nasties going on. I don't really expect much, but open to anything that works.

The first response has got me thinking more about my local area, have gotten wrapped up in a lot of the USA stuff since falling down that 9/11 hole. Feels like I have been stuck in the trenches of the information war for a while now.

The second response has given me a few ideas on where to start cleaning some stuff up. Some of it still looks to be in the too hard basket for now.

The third response comes across as QRNG is trying to help with the reflection and taking care with what we see. I give this session a pass, has got me questioning some important things.

posted on Aug, 4 2020 @ 04:34 PM
I have been reluctant to keep testing with this daily. Be careful what you wish for, don't want to over do it too much. Have continued to used it occasionally when stuck with a problem or not quite sure how to take something. Have found it helps reassess some things. With some issues going on in another thread, lets see where it goes.


Anyone have any more information on unmarked black choppers and what they are up too? I witnessed 2 black choppers at about 3 pm on Memorial day. They appeared to be a smaller version of the blackhawk/seahawk class. They had the same style tilted tail rotor with the blades on the right hand side as opposed to most civilian models with the blades on the left.

They were flying very low and it was a clear sky and the were flying north to south when I first saw them, so no sun glare making them look black. They flew about 20 feet above my jeep and I could not see any markings or lights. They were flying in nose to tail and weaving over the city crossing over the highway and looping around to fly back north and then south again (once again almost over me.) I'm not usualy into conspiracies and always thought that these reports were people seeing choppers from a distance and that they just appeared black due to the lighting. I know aircraft and these were not normal models. they were also jet black with blacked out windows and absolutely no markings or lights.

I wish I could have gotten pictures but I couldn't. I was a skeptic but after seeing this with my own eyes I am now a believer. Compound this with NSPD 51 and maybe the new world order talk has some truth to it. Anyone have anymore info?? (by the way, On other posts I read, people report seeing "pods" on the side. Both Blackhawks and Seahawks use side mounted pods to store extra fuel. Basicly turning a mid range aircraft into a long range.)

This response does indicate there is more to the story with the black helicopters.

2/ Craig Sawyer

2016 General Election Election Number - 10282 Election Date - 11/08/2016 Stats Type Republican Democrat Other No Party Affiliation Total Compiled Vote-by-Mail Provided (Not Yet Returned) 397,075 479,616 28,416 268,692 1,173,799 11/02/2016 7:09AM Download File Voted Vote-by-Mail 909,299 835,206 54,806 369,439 2,168,750 11/02/2016 7:09AM Download File Voted Early 889,655 946,292 53,079 408,848 2,297,874 11/02/2016 7:09AM Download File totals updated this morning

No Party Affiliation & Total Compiled are the two main parts that stand out.

3/ Timothy

I hope you find truth and love in your life! Best wishes from Rj

Sounds about right for Tim.

4/ Arizona police department

If four airplanes were hijacked on 9/11, but one of the four wasn't really a hijack/crash scenario - were the other three?

I give you a metaphor: A man is carted into a hospital emergency ward on a stretcher. His intestines are splayed out across his torso and he's bleeding pools of blood all over the floor. The doctor looks at this for a moment, then says "But wait...I see blood, I see intestines...but I don't see anything that could have caused this to happen. What caused this?"

who benefitted by the events of 9/11?

The doctor next reaches into the mans inside jacket pocket, pulls out his wallet and says, "Wait. His wallet still has money it. Who benefitted from this?"

The fact that your questions do not have easy answers does not change any of the observable facts.

The main question that bugs me with the Arizona trafficking camp is where are the other police reports? Craig did have some of them at the end of the investigations, but not all of them.

The allegations that Tim does make, not just against Craig but many police offices and other law enforcement officials are huge. With everything else that is coming out with Pizzagate, Epstein and the satanic Hollywood culture going on, in some ways I would not be surprised if Tim is right. But what can we do? How do we prove it and stop it from continuing?

4/ Surprise me

Ill speak for myself personally and i apologize to the OP if i seem to be attacking.. It just seems this sight is becoming a forum of posting basically anything, especially when there is not even direct link to earthquakes and rainbows for this instance. The OP gave a link from 4 years back that happened to have a rainbow right before a quake and they claim that there is one right now in LA yet with no links.. The op stated they dont know how to post pics, so perhaps i wouldnt even start a thread that u know people will want a pic from.. Is anyone else from LA that is seeing this rainbow atleast??

It does leave the impression that the evidence is out there somewhere if it does exist.

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