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Quantum Random Thread Generator

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posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 11:33 AM
Just did one last session for today. Got a few good hits this time. Started with the intent of "space travel" and got a thread from 2009 titled 10 scientific objects that changed the world, the first picture in the thread is of the Apollo 10 capsule.

Next intent was "ghosts" and it returned two threads from 2004, one was titled LOBE (Lucid OBE), for those unaware OBE stands for Out of Body Experience. The other thread was titled Huge amounts of info in dreams which talks about those dreams which leave you with an "abstract feeling" after you wake up, oddly enough I do know what they OP is trying to describe because I've had a few dreams like that.

Lastly I set my intent to find "a sign", seeking some sort of guidance. This was one of the weirdest results I've got so far. It gave me 3 results meaning the middle one is probably most relevant but all of them seem relevant in one way or another and they were all posted one after the other (you can hover over the links to check the thread ID's).

Looks like Contagion could happen for real folks: Deadly SUPER FLU could reach the UK in 24 hours

November 16th - "Positivity Day"

Ever read a crazy post on ATS?

The middle result does stick out and it makes me realize I haven't been the most positive person recently. The first result is also interesting for obvious reasons and the last one is as well, especially after I read the contents of the thread.

posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 01:46 PM
Decided to do one more session and it creeped me out a bit this time. Was watching a show about a missing person on Netflix and generated a thread while thinking about "losing people we love". The result is another strange and obscure thread which doesn't seem directly related to my intent but certainly feels connected in some way. Seems like the overarching message here is we need to repent because we're in the end of times. That's a joke obviously, I'm not actually religious, but in a way that makes it even creepier.

originally posted by: Angle on Mar, 26 2013

Your mind, the effect of all wrongs you did and faults you've made.

"Clear your mind"

You can make holes in your mind where you can have the same abilities as without your mind. But then your mind is not empty yet.

"Empty your mind"

Confess and have remorse, humble yourself.

"Meet the f*cked up people"

They can f*ck up things really bad. But that's just my view.

The present; there were there is nothing.

About 5 or 10 minutes later I did another one with the intention of finding "something important" and I got what is possibly the most depressing poem ever written lol. It's worth reading though because it's a "Good sad poem" as Night Star puts its. Feels like these results have a lot of negativity attached to them and I'm not really sure why, but I didn't want to continue after reading this poem. Those people warning this is dabbling into dangerous territory might not be crazy. Here is a small excerpt from the poem:

originally posted by: IndependentAgent on Dec, 20 2014

Cast out to the side, no one at my side.
I feel so trapped inside myself, have I already died?

For the pain in me, has crept deep inside.
From this pain in my heart, there is nowhere to hide.

Eyes are the window to the soul, what do I see.
Empty inside, like there is nothing inside me.

For years I lived with nothing but joy.
In a blink of an eye, I am just a poor boy.

Shell of a Man (IA Poem)

What spooked me a little bit more was the fact I got these results on the very first try rather than 2 or 3 tries and they aren't neighbor threads, they are the exact threads selected by the QRNG.
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posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 05:40 PM
I followed your link OP to this thread and I was not disappointed. The random generator result tied into the last response I read on the Randonautica thread. It was on my mind when I hit the button for a random thread, so color me curious now.

posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 05:55 PM
Okay, I tried a second time and now I am a little creeped out. I focused on something true and at first I got a removed thread, but then it went to this one. "How could I have become like this", at the bottom of the ops opening post I find.

"I needed to set something straight here. I've got nothing to do here anymore. I was part of the conspiracy. I guess I needed to find out."

Sorry about not doing it properly with the links and all, but I am on a new device I haven't fully mastered yet. The responses the random generator gave me didn't seem all that random, as a matter of fact both times it gave me something that had been in my thoughts as I tried it.

Looking at the posts above mine I see that I wasn't the only one to try it twice. Fact I wasn't the only one creeped out is really interesting.
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posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 01:33 AM
For this session I have focused on "what are your intentions?". For the high level of spookiness going on, is there actually some kind of greater intelligence going on? And if so what do they want? To have ones vocabulary limited to the thread contents of ATS does limit and impend clear communication, so I will try this one a few times.

Result one, thread deleted, closest matches

Finding Meteorites with Sattellite Images?

Nintendo Revolution Controller

Result two

How to get access to RATS ? (or how to find the ATS points store in the new layout)

Scientists trying to clone, resurrect extinct mammoth

Result three

Obama, wiping tears, makes new push to tighten gun rules

The birth of conscience

Result four

A curious omission?

They can't keep a secret that big!

It is reassuring to see a correlation with science, technology and truth. Not too much on the dark side except for some Obama tears, that one is long overdue.

posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 02:07 AM
a reply to: kwakakev

Seems like you started to get some hits in those last results. In particular "The birth of conscience" stands out to me as being relevant. Even the comments in that thread are a bit weird. The fact it talks about realizing you've died is a bit creepy too because that "Shell of Man" poem also says something similar. This is the part of the story which stuck out to me:

originally posted by: 0bserver1 on Jan, 6 2016

What are they saying, what, what are you trying to tell me? Who are you where am I what happened to me?

I am scared; mama is that you please talk to me …

Suddenly the nebula exploded, but the sound started before the explosion started to happen and the whisperers chilled away blended together with thousands of wonderful color sparkling mini-comets, flying in every direction like fireworks on New Year's Eve.

However, darkness started to surround me, only from where the nebula was, a small bright light with a tiny little tail swimming erratically in front of me finding a path to go.

As it came to me I wanted to reach out and touch it but I couldn't, I looked to find my hands but I couldn't, it shocked me and as soon as I could I looked down to search for my feet, they weren't there.
No Nooooooo, where’s my body? As the whispering started to take form I could hear what they said,and they said: "you are not any more "

slowly freaking out I screamed, “What do you mean, I’m not anymore “Again, they whispered, “you are not anymore “

I didn't want to understand what I fiercely feared could be, but I blocked the possibility and the pain started to grow into my conscience that I had to understand that, I was, I was, I was, dead.

They answered "yes sss's "

The birth of conscience

posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 02:42 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

Too much fun. Came across three threads all with Blackburn Rovers. Thought maybe it was some militant group of some sort, turns out to be a soccer team.

Cool idea and thanks. There's lots of gems in this site.

posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 09:39 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

I did raise an eye brow when the birth of consciousness thread came up too... Really, what are we suppose to make of this? Take this stuff to seriously and is can do ones head in. One thing with intent, be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.

With all that is going on, the next intent is 'how can I help?'.

Last night's dream...

A new board for Libya?

The dream is kinda appropriate, could do with a shave. Got the feeling I need to clean myself up a bit. The other thread stirred up some past things...

posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 01:04 PM
a reply to: kwakakev

Did you read some of the replies in that dream thread, the dream shared by lordvader about nuclear war feels a bit ominous. It also reminded me of the last result I got from the last session I did earlier today. I don't think I was focusing my intent on anything specific and I didn't bother sharing the result but it now feels a bit more relevant and worth sharing. I got another strange religious thread titled Is God a Sociopath? and a thread describing a vivid dream involving a war of the worlds type scenario (both in the same result). The OP see's what appears to be a large bomb exploding and seeks cover. I don't think it is actually aliens attacking though because it seems like the UFO's are saving the animals from a war we've started between each other.

originally posted by: Vamp333 on Apr, 20 2010

i dont know where we ended up.. it was like a basement in one of the shops or something.. there was lots of noise.. things exploding.. when the noise stopped we climbed through the rubble towards the street.. it looked like a war-zone.. but it was silent.. dead silent.. thats when i looked for something with a date on it.. (i taught myself to put information from dreams as a teen) i found a newspaper dated 28th October, 2011.

its then the silence broke by the sound of Military trucks coming towards us... people were screaming 'Help Us'.. but i pulled my boyfriend back into the rubble of the shop.. people ran towards the trucks asking for help... but they weren't there to help.. they were there to kill off any survivors.. & thats what they began to do.. anyyone one who ran into the street they shot dead. i think that shocked me enough to wake me up"


Now... not only have i not been able to shake this dream since i had it 4mths ago.. but ever since wakening from this dream im experiencing what i can only discribe as a "Time-Shift" feeling... im having a really hard time remembering that its actually 2010.. & not 2011.. i have this weird sence of things... i keep finding myself knowing what is going to happen next... but at the same time.. things seem to have changed.. Example... movies ive watched & i know ive seen before have different actors in them... people i swear were dead are surprising still alive.

28.Oct.2011 Dream

EDIT: that last paragraph is strange for a few reasons but one thing worth noting is the thread was posted in 2010 but the Mandela Effect wasn't even a thing before 2015 as you can see on Google Trends. The fact the OP described all the typical aspects of the Mandela Effect that long ago is intriguing. I'm reading some of the responses in that thread now and they're also quite interesting.
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posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 02:16 PM
Ok I was reading though the 28.Oct.2011 Dream thread and one post stuck out to me as being especially eerie.

originally posted by: futuredude on Oct, 16 2011

ok so basically there won't be aliens or UFO's invasion and it won't happen in 28 October 2011 its impossible

what you described sounded like a world war 3 or something


I went to the profile of "futuredude" and the last thread he/she posted before being banned was titled Get ready for the world war 3 people (enjoy your lives). At this point I can't help but feel like the message being conveyed through all these random threads is that we're approaching a doomsday scenario as much as my brain may want to deny it (like in The birth of conscience). Considering I got results related to bombs and war when my intent was the future it seems to be a warning about WWIII. I cannot deny that current world events seem primed for such a war to be easily triggered. I'm trying not to take it too seriously but if any of this is real then I can only hope there is some sort of top secret "time agency" working to ensure we avoid such a perilous timeline.

kwakakev I don't think the dream thread you found was only about a haircut. Here is a small snippet from lordvader's post, the full thing is worth reading:

originally posted by: lordvader on Mar, 22 2011

I wake up on morning of March 21st and come out of my room, Its about 6:30 in the morning. I see that my parents are glued to TV. normally they both leave for work early so I ask them if they are feeling ok? If something is wrong?

They tell me they that when they work up and switched on TV to get whether update all channels were reporting an attack on US and India. They said that Florida, South Florida, California specifically LA & surrounding areas, Washington State and some place in India have been hit by a massive terrorist attack.

There is a huge Mushroom cloud that can bee seen on TV Coverage but no body is confirming a Nuke attack.

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posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 05:06 PM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

At the time I did not read all the replies in the Dream thread. In the context of 'how can I help?' the first post was enough to find some kind of personal direction in it. In terms of helping out with issues around WW3, I have found participation in ATS as a good start to help sort out some of the facts from the fiction. How you have become attracted to the conclusions of defending against WW3 from the initial intent says some good stuff about your character.

I did take a deeper dive with the QRNG, thinking about lots of different things, people, objects and situations. Just keep running with whatever comes to mind and see what comes up. Some of the results did not have a strong correlation that I could easily identify. More so the more i used it, see it a bit like running out of mana when starting to get tired with it.

Most of the replies did provide some kind of interpretation that was easily made. It is hard to verify a lot of the associations, a few of them made me think about things in a slightly different way.

A few of them stood out a bit stronger, did have to laugh. How I got all three thread on the coke cola division when thinking of Hillary had a strong message on the drug trade.

I did try some silly things, like 'how am i going to die?'. Forecasting is already a sketchy thing, so trying it with weird stuff is dumb. Anyway, all for science as just running with whatever came to mind. The results had strong themes of water. Guess time will tell on that one.

The last question was 'are you god in the way that you helped make this universe?'. Result, Another Possibility. It is an interesting read with so many theories thrown in.

As a way to explore parts of ATS i would never come across otherwise it has been great.

posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 07:03 PM
When it comes to forecasting with spooky stuff, it can lead to an entangled web. Self fulfilling prophecy is one trap as one becomes emotionally invested in these messages. If you really could see the future then what happens when you get some bad news? If you could do something about it then you are not really seeing the future in the first place.

Some people can get some good results when it does come to predicting things, lot of money going on in that one.

Jesus makes a good spiritual leader in the Bible, as for some of the Revelations stuff I am not interested. For a group of Dark Ages clergy to sit around a table when deciding what to put in this book and see that humanity has some problems and there is messed up stuff down the road is a no brainier. For people to still run around today claiming the sky is falling is taking some things too far from my perspective.

One other cool result from the last session. I was looking for something to help get some motivation moving. Just another cool starwars music vid.
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posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 02:01 AM
I'm watching Dr. Sleep and had to pause it for a moment. Anyway, in that moment I thought about this and thought I'd try it using soul eaters as my focus.

Came up with:

Facebook and "Your" account...

Yahoo Hacked - 200 Million Users Affected - Info Being Sold Online

I got a chuckle. YMMV.

posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 03:30 AM
a reply to: kwakakev

Self fulfilling prophecy is one trap as one becomes emotionally invested in these messages.

I did think about the potential for a self fulfilling prophecy and manifesting our fears into reality. However I've never really had a fear of WW3 even with current events, my main fears right now are for the global economy and the wide spread protesting. On top of that both of our results seem to be correlating in a weird way.

If you could do something about it then you are not really seeing the future in the first place.

I don't think it's possible for anyone to predict the future with 100% accuracy regardless of what method they use, the laws of quantum mechanics tell us the future is always uncertain. However I do think certain outcomes are more probable than others, and it may be possible to get a glimpse into those probable outcomes, which can perhaps provide us with the foreknowledge to prevent such undesirable outcomes.

Btw for anyone still following this thread stay tuned because I have another interesting quantum script in the works.

posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 03:39 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

PM for you.


posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 05:46 AM
Ok here's the new script, this time it will give you a random post rather than a random thread. Unfortunately it wont show you what thread the post was made in, it also wont show you the author or the time it was posted unless the post has been edited. There are a great deal more posts on ATS than there are threads so there's a lot more to find using this method.

Quantum Random Post Generator
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posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 07:52 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

You are a tricky one. Took a bit to process how to proceed. For this session I decided to just focus my intent on the title of some other threads currently going on and see what turns up.

One Million People Sign Petition to Shut Down Pornhub for Alleged Sex Trafficking Videos

reply to post by scorpionxx
Those videos have been around for a while. It does look like a science fiction movie. I hope they find a support road to the facility or other evidence of its existence. The reality of Dulce leads many more questions than what is going on there. Thank you for the photos and video

Was lead singer of Linkin Park murdered to stop the exposure of a pedophile ring..?

a reply to: Pluginn
Gm has to pay only 99 million for killing 124 people and now they want Volkswagon to pay in the billions for evading a regulation? sounds about right. SMH.

Disturbed. The Sound of Silence

a reply to: semperfortis
that's true, and the member lost there account because of it. Have they learned a lesson, time will tell.

So if these replies from the QRNG was put up on the boards would they fit in ok? Is it just the culture of ATS as a kinda crazy place at times?

The first one fits well, cannot argue with that. The second one is a little off topic talking about car manufactures, I do agree that the death toll is more than two. Don't know what to make of the money stuff except it exist. As for the last on I do not know, has got me thinking about the song lyrics a bit more, it has a similar haunting vibe to it.

posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 09:10 AM

originally posted by: kwakakev
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

As for the last on I do not know, has got me thinking about the song lyrics a bit more, it has a similar haunting vibe to it.

I always found The Sound of Silence a bit haunting but it's also one of my favorite songs. Made a post in that thread sharing another cover of the song if you're interested. One of the top comments under the video I shared is "I have heard this song many times but this is the first time I can clearly hear the lyrics" and when I first listened to it a few weeks ago I had a very similar feeling. The lyrics which I suddenly seemed to understand on a deeper level were the following:

People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share

It might sound crazy but it almost seems like a description of telepathy, I'm probably way off but I feel like it's about a future society where our ability to speak has been replaced by telepathy and we don't realize we've lost something important in the process.

posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 09:52 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

I get what you mean...

I did have another interpretation

People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share

It is why we have statues getting pulled down in the streets. Everyone so caught up and out for themselves, disconnected from one another. Censored.

The words of the profit are written on the subway walls.

The sounds of silence is about the end. It starts by looking into the darkness.

As for your take on it, sounds like evolution into a new species. Have heard of some alien groups with such telepathic powers. How the power of the phone has changed so much and so fast over my lifetime. Just what kind of future will it be if we can all read each others mind? I would expect a complete social breakdown before lunch.

posted on Jul, 9 2020 @ 10:20 AM
a reply to: kwakakev

It is why we have statues getting pulled down in the streets. Everyone so caught up and out for themselves, disconnected from one another.

That's another interesting way of looking at it, people are talking without speaking because they are all typing, there's very little real human interaction, especially not across the political divide. I wasn't really thinking about aliens, more like a highly advanced human society which has some type of digital telepathy (I basically believe that UFO's are man made, whether it's secret gov stuff or time travelers I'm unsure). I believe Elon Musk recently spoke about the possibility for the Neuralink implant to allow telepathy between people with the device installed. It would lead to even further disconnection from each other despite appearing as though it allows us to be more connected, just like the internet.
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