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Quantum Random Thread Generator

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posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 01:44 PM
After discussing Randonautica in a recent thread it gave me the idea to use a QRNG to pick random ATS threads. So I spent the last few hours creating a Quantum Random Thread Generator for ATS using the ANU QRNG. The script should run right in your browser and you can read the source code if you're worried about what it's doing or you want to see exactly how it works.

This forum is full of weird topics and unlike Randonautica it doesn't involve any walking to find threads. The way it works is very similar to Randonautica, you first decide on an intention then click a button to generate random threads which should have some relation to your intent. The following threads are what I found while using the script and I did actually get some fairly strange results.

Obviously I got a lot of boring results and things unrelated to my intentions and I haven't included them here, but it's kind of weird how many times I got results related to the intention I had in mind. It probably worked around 70% of the time which seems like more than a coincidence, even if it worked only 50% of the time that's still odd considering the range of possible topics on ATS.

I wasn't sure if a single random thread ID would work very well since Randonautica seems to use multiple random points to "converge" onto a single location. So the script will also show threads closest to the randomly selected thread ID. If the selected thread has been removed the script will still search for nearby threads. As a result it will generate between 1 and 3 threads depending on what it finds.

The first intention I started with was something that would send me "down a rabbit hole", hoping that might give me an interesting conspiracy to research. Surprisingly I got a thread talking about Ley Lines and an attempt to map out the Ley Lines since they aren't well documented anywhere. It's also very coincidental that the thread talks about these high energy areas being prone to unusual activity.

originally posted by: woghd on Mar, 23 2011

For a while now, I have been mapping Ley Lines across the globe. I started this hobby by mapping Nazca-type geoglyphs,and that evolved into Ley-line research
Ley Lines appear to follow lines of energy that form a global grid, and I have mapped some that encircle the globe. On these ley lines you will find monoliths, cathedrals, hauntings, strange areas of mystery, masonic buildings, ancient cities, government installations, etc. If anyone has anything they would like to share, I would be greatful. Additionally, If I have a colleague out there who is interested in sharing information, I am very interested in that as well.

Ley Line Research

For my next intent I wanted to find something "unique and original" but I didn't focus very hard on it. The result was still interesting though, it gave me quite a unique short story. I'm not sure I fully grasp the moral of the story but there seems to be some sort of deeper meaning behind it. The fact it's about children is also slightly strange because I was babysitting kids right before doing this.

originally posted by: sonnny1 on Feb, 7 2012

He opened the box to the delight of the children."There,there",he said " You can all look inside,and see what it is."

In moments of panic,the children ushered back and forth,trying to peer into the box. Madness taking over,he held the box over his head. "You must take your rightful turn",he said. "Not all will see what they desire,but all will see something." Ushering the children in a tight row,he settled them in,one by one, to see what was in the box.

The Box

Next I tried to focus on my avatar and my posts on ATS. The result wasn't a thread made by me nor did it contain any of my posts but it was a thread relating to the membership of ATS and it's a thread I remember seeing before. In fact it's the only thread on this list I remember seeing before, the fact ATS was experiencing huge growth back then is also in stark contrast to the current situation.

originally posted by: intrepid on Jan, 27 2008

ATS has long been the premier site for alternative topics with the membership being the finest on the Net. We have recently seen a HUGE jump in interest and with this growth comes the need for help in maintaining Abovetopsecret's high standards.

With the excellent membership this was not an easy task in choosing who to ask to put even MORE into the site but I'm proud to announce these members have accepted the position of Moderator on


The intention I chose next was something related to "UFO's and time travel" because I've made several threads examining the links between warp drives and time travel. Honestly this one freaked me out a little bit because it returned a thread from 2003 about the Montauk Project. I wont quote anything from the thread because it only contained a dead link to a website called "Hostile Invader".

I vaguely remember hearing about the Montauk Project before but I've never really looked into it. Wikipedia states it was a secret U.S. military project focused on exotic research into things such as "time travel, teleportation, mind control, contact with alien life" and was connected to the Philadelphia Experiment. That is very coincidental considering how obscure this subject is and how rarely it's discussed.

Following up on the last intent I decided to focus on "aliens and abduction" for the next search. It gave me a thread from 2013 with a UFO video which is still available. The result wasn't as unusual but it was still relevant to my intent and the video is worth taking a look at. I haven't seen a UFO shaped like that before but it could be some sort of balloon as suggested by some people in that thread.

originally posted by: Lady_Tuatha on Sep, 19 2013

Okay im posting this one because I am also in Northern Ireland and want to know the explanation, I dont really buy into all the ' shapeshifting/inter-dimensional' melarkey but ive never seen a balloon shaped like this over here if thats what it is, anyhoo just thought id share it on here for you guys.

UFO Sighting Video Catches Figure With Legs Hovering Over Belfast?

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posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 01:44 PM
The next intent I chose was something "mystical or magical" and I got this strange story about "mysterious fibers falling from the sky". Seems to have spooked some people but apparently the substance was analyzed by a local news station who found it was "a mixture of wheat, gluten, flour and bacitracin, an antibiotic", leading them to conclude it was some sort of "biodegradable gauze" for cattle.

originally posted by: Shadoefax on Nov, 20 2014

Chino Valley, Arizona is a small town about 110 miles north of Phoenix. A woman there recently spotted mysterious fibers falling from the sky.

"The fibers were so long. They looked like 50- to 60-foot-long solid raindrops," said Marie Snow. She said she spotted the fibers on Nov. 5 in the mid-afternoon after noticing three military planes in the sky.

"It's thicker than a spider web. It's very strong, but I wouldn't touch it with my bare hands. I'm frightened. I want it to be tested by a lab," she said.

'Mysterious' fibers in Chino Valley. Biodegradable gauze?

I wanted something a bit more mind-altering so my next intent was to find a "glitch in the matrix" or something like that. The result was a thread about "breatharianism" which is apparently the ability to live without eating food. This one also gave me a bit of a shock because it mentions virtual particles (what the ANU QRNG is based on) and directly references the matrix and other intentions I previously used.

originally posted by: Rolci on Jan, 8 2019

So I am going to share all I found and my experiences below if I am allowed. In case I can't, a quick summary of the mechanism: Prana, an all-permeating energy field, can be accessed by consciousness (and by that alone) and converted into particles, which will then form what the body needs. How? One way to visualise it is by learning about virtual particles. Virtual particles are science fact, they are everywhere. As an example, how does one magnet that there's another one nearby it's supposed to pull or repel? The answer from Wiki: "The magnetic field between magnetic dipoles. It is caused by the exchange of virtual photons."
At this point I felt I had to put a stop to my research into the possible powers of the mind and meditation, I just felt overwhelmed and considered it a real possibility that I will end up in mental hospital or something as I felt the paradigm system I had lived in for a lifetime crumbling around me, or to be more precise, inside my head. I recall having that feeling that those lines I had heard in the matrix were actual reality in my life: where Morpheus tells Neo how he sees that he feels like Alice in Wonderland, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Except this wasn't a #ing movie. Yet I was determined to further investigate breatharianism itself as it was the original line of enquiry I had started out upon, so I simply abandoned this detour into meditation and returned to my research into breatharianism.

the Breatharian phenomenon: a case of fish refusing to follow the frog on to the land.

My next intention was "ancient wisdom and forgotten knowledge", I was expecting to find the secrets of Ancient Egypt but it gave me some sort of religious thread talking about the "end of times". I also got another thread about 2012 which contains a lot of apocalyptic images. That seemed relevant because I was thinking about the Mayan calendar as an example of ancient wisdom.

originally posted by: PURPLEMAN on Jun, 1 2011

I want to take this time to affirm that I am a Muslim and I believe it is now Qiyamah (The End of Times). This is my declaration of that and the following is what I'd say to the world, if I could.
The Buddha himself has advocated the use of violence in favor of a greater good. I know my views are odd, or seem foolish, but it is better to be a fool than take part in evil. If you think I am the anti Christ, you are right in your own way because I am anti christ, I do not accept Jesus as the son of God or my savior. I do however believe in Prophet Isa (PBUH) and I believe my self to be a person like him, very much so.

Concerning the 8 Windz

I couldn't help but try focus my intent on something "weird or creepy" to see what I'd get, and the result is indeed somewhat creepy. I also find it odd the poster makes reference to "that magical date" which is of course 2012 because this thread was posted near the end of 2012. I was beginning to suspect that my previous intentions may be seeping into my my current intent because it seemed to be happening fairly often.

originally posted by: Anundeniabletruth on Nov, 9 2012

As we approach closer to that magical date it is becoming clear to me that the time has come. The time has come that we discuss Nibiru. Really, it doesn't matter what we say about it, we just need to talk about it because with all of this political crap going on the sad planet has called out to me. It told me that it is sad, very sad. It said that it has started to feel neglected and that if we do not show it the attention it wishes that it may very well have to come rushing into us a full speed, hit us as hard as it can, and let Satan escape from it and have his way with us all. So yeah... I think we should probably talk about Nibiru for a bit. I don't know about you but I do not want to be raped by Satan.

So... Nibiru eh?

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posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 01:44 PM
Deciding to step it up a notch a focused my intent on "death and despair" because it seems like these negative intents work very well in Randonautica. Little did I know how well it would work here. I instantly got several threads about terrorism and people dying. The first result I got was the following well written thread talking about the difference between terrorists and freedom fighters.

originally posted by: December_Rain on Dec, 6 2009

In this day and age, where the words "freedom" and "terrorism" have become inextricably linked. It is hard to see who is Freedom Fighter and who is Terrorist. In this thread I have tried to view both sides citing various sources (listed in the end post).
After more than half a century, the United Nations is still struggling to come up with a definition of terrorism. In recent years, experts have suggested several possibilities. A 1992 report commissioned by the UN suggested that terrorism be "the peacetime equivalent of War Crimes," including deliberate attacks against civilians, hostage taking and the killing of prisoners. Many believe the Sept. 11 attacks have given new urgency to the need for consensus, and the UN is planing to hold more debates.

Terrorist or Freedom Fighters?

Moving on from that I decided to change my intent to the "the future" or something related to predicting the future. However I continued to get threads related to death which made me think that negative intent was still overriding my current intent but it's also possible that something bad is going to happen in the near future involving a bomb or a war, considering I got these two threads when my intent was focused on the future:
Boston bomber identifed?
WAR: Baghdad Firefight Leaves 24 Dead

I wanted to find something less dark this time so I focused hard with the intention being "enlightening or educational". I got this thread which seems to be written right before Obama was elected and it does indeed provide some food for thought and some insight into how similar the situation is today. It almost comes off as being a prediction which is kind of strange too considering my previous intention.

originally posted by: seagull on Oct, 25 2008

Here we are, a bit less than two weeks from the most important election since the Great Depression. Oddly enough, as with this go-'round, the economy is the major issue...ironic, huh?
Remember that election during the Great Depression I mentioned earlier? Well that President lead us through some of the darkest days this nation has known...economic turmoil, a war such as I pray we never see again...

We have dark days ahead of us now. As dark as those my parents lived through during the Depression Era? Unlikely. They'll be dark enough though, and tumultuous to alongwith it. Be informed, it's important.

It's almost time to vote...

Lastly, my intent was to "conclude or end" my random journey in a way that would provide some sort of closure. Again it seemed like my previous intention had influenced the result, so I would suggest performing several searches with the same intent before assuming that you're not finding anything relevant, there does seem to be a delay in the effect, assuming it's not all just the result of mundane coincidences.

originally posted by: Vrill on Sep, 27 2014

I own a massive library of UFO books and everything unexplained and Cryptid.

My question to some of you fine people, is what are some great UFO books that have recently came out within the past 1-2 years? (or ARE coming out soon in the coming months) that will be must reads?

Lets discuss UFO books

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posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 02:00 PM
Its the only way to keep ATS going at this point

posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 02:11 PM
a reply to: Butterfinger

Well that's sort of another reason I made this, it gives us a fun way to go back and discover old threads before the possible demise of ATS. I still hope and believe ATS will find a way to stick around though.

Hopefully some other people will have an interesting experience using it like I did. Feel free to share anything unusual that you might find. I can't help but feel like there is actually something to this as crazy as it sounds.

posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 02:14 PM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder
I think you got very interesting results since almost all you 'intentions' lead to topics that correlated to a significant degree. It appears that your experiment showed intent being activated at the quantum level.

Maybe you should follow up on 'D wave Quantum Computers' which is very interesting and somewhat mystifying. There are some very interesting YouTube's on the subject.

Excellent thread and experiment.
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posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 02:21 PM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

Awesome! I downloaded the original app yesterday and have had some fun with it. This addition was a great idea. Human ingenuity at its finest!


posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 02:52 PM
Thanks guys, let me know if you have any issues with it. I'm not sure if it will work on mobile browsers but I'm guessing it wont work on some of them, the best way to use jsfiddle is probably with a desktop browser because it seems to be a fairly heavy duty website.

posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 03:17 PM
You got me, i like science.

For the first one my intentions is 'show me an alien'.

What the devil doesn't want you to know

Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six...

Another thing is that the beast is not the man with one of his numbers written out. The man is the devil; and the devil is the abomination of ruin that stands where it ought not, in some of the women of the earth.

What is going on with Tormentations? Has not been here sine 2010. Are we the alien? Looking though some of their other stuff, the alienation of isolation sucks.

The next one is cool creepy, intentions is 'who should i trust?'

Head's Up Central US: Severe Weather and Tornado Threat

Just leaves me thinking Q and the storm that is coming upon us.

Next intention, 'how do i make myself better?'
Seoul Warns of Possible North Korea Nuke Test as Obama Flies to East Asia

This one hurts my head. If North and south Korea cannot sort their mess out what am I suppose to do? I have spent some time on the north Korea watch thread, but trying to keep up with all this stuff i don't understand. From what i can see, if the deep state does sort some of its issues out it will take some of the pressure off regional conflict. How does this make me better? Bit of rant i guess?

Final one for this session, intention is 'what is at the light at the end of the tunnel?'
EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT? With a PHONE CALL from 26,000 miles above Earth?

Yeah... It may be in the hoax bin, thats fine. i get it.

posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 03:39 PM
Decided to give it one more quick go before I head out for a while. First intention was "unsolved or explainable". Got a strange thread where the OP didn't provide a source and everyone was trying to figure out what they were talking about. Then I did it a second time and got this really weird thread:

originally posted by: EnochWasRight on Aug, 12 2012

What happens to fruit when it is squeezed? One of the things I enjoy about ATS is being forced into a wall, only to then engage truth that is locked deep inside the subconsciousness. This post deserves a thread and is one of those cups of fresh squeezed goodness. Am I a religious nut or am I producing spiritual fruit? Your decision may indicate your own standing with truth by symbol. See which cross you hang on. Proton, Electron or Neutron? Come back and read this paragraph again after you finish the thread.

Talisman Magic and the Builder Thieves of Egypt

Next intention was "truth or proof", in my mind I was hoping for something that would help explain how this technology works. Didn't get much the first time but my second try gave the following thread which seems right on the money. Don't think it proves anything but it's interesting none the less.

originally posted by: benevolent tyrant on Oct, 5 2006

Until now, teleportation has been limited to "transporting" single atoms over very short distances -- fractions of a millimeter. However the National Research Foundation Center for Quantum Optics, a research lab under the aegis of the Niels Bohr Institute and the University of Copenhagen has reported a breakthrough.

The National Research Foundation Center for Quantum Optics has reported that a breakthrough in their teleportation research. Using light as a "carrier", Using a process called "quantum entanglement", For the first time, researchers have transported information and matter.

"Beam me up Scotty"....Teleportation breakthrough

posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 04:11 PM
Chaotic, you've been blowing my mind today. Literally.

posted on Jul, 6 2020 @ 06:18 PM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

This is actually a really cool idea, thanks for taking the time to create this!

I seem to be getting an error though, it shows "Error: ANU request failed" whenever I click "Get Random Threads." What am I doing wrong?

posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 12:04 AM

originally posted by: Thorsen
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

I seem to be getting an error though, it shows "Error: ANU request failed" whenever I click "Get Random Threads." What am I doing wrong?

That would suggest the ANU server was offline when you tried, or maybe you have some sort of firewall blocking it. I would suggest maybe trying another browser or disable any script blockers you may have installed.

posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 02:06 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

Fantastic, and great job! Gonna has some fun with this. Thanks!

posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 02:13 AM
To reflect on my first session with this, it is a subjective experience, bit like doing tarot cards with some of the connections that are made. The question about who to trust stands out the most, all three results where threads on different weather storm events. So am I to trust the power and chaos of the weather and nature? It is something with real world effects and I do like to trust that.

What about the chaotic nature of QRNG? Is it trying to establish some type of connection with me? Chaos is cool so lets be friends, you can trust me? Kinda reminds me of the movie 'Fight Club'.

For the first one about finding an alien, I don't know. Can probably find any type of connection when looking through enough of something. I did have a few beers last night, generally better to do this kind of thing
when sober. Getting the answer that the devil does not want you to know does fit the situation.

The next one on how to make myself better. It makes me feel I am getting a bit soft in keeping up with things, getting lazy, could do more. Or maybe I cannot and should focus more on the things I can do and just let some things go? I guess asking the intention has got my brain thinking about this one despite what came up. I did get a sense of anger and conflict when the topic came up, there is a lot of it in Korea. Making myself better by using anger and conflict is something I will pass on, takes me back to Fight Club.

The last one on the light at the end of the tunnel, that was cute.

Overall I do have to give a good WTF? The results in this early stage do have a strong correlation between by intentions and results. Occult themes do start to surface when trying to make sense of it. With strong undertones of conflict, is that just me or the results? Seams like a lot of the spooky stuff is wrapped up in conflict with ripped clothes and angry signs being found. Is it the echos of nature screaming in pain?

posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 04:42 AM
a reply to: kwakakev

The next one on how to make myself better. It makes me feel I am getting a bit soft in keeping up with things, getting lazy, could do more.

The process is fundamentally random so I wouldn't necessarily draw any conclusions from every result you get. Like I said sometimes you get unrelated results and it can take 2 or 3 times before the result has any meaningful connection to your intent. A lot of the time it seems like just after I decide to change my intent is when I get a result related to my previous intent. Sometimes I don't even realize there's a connection until I read the thread or I read some of the replies to a thread. Obviously the odds of finding something relevant become higher when you do more searches, but it often feels like more than chance.

Occult themes do start to surface when trying to make sense of it. With strong undertones of conflict, is that just me or the results?

I was getting a similar sort of impression, there's a lot of occult religious stuff and it also seems like a lot of negativity is surfacing in the results. Seems like a reflection of current events but once again it could just be a subjective thing. I just did another session and got a lot of crap results compared to my first session, got a couple of good results though. My first intent was for "a solution or way out" of the many problems we are facing in the world right now, specifically I was thinking about all the protests and division between people. It gave me quite a beautiful story, not the type of thing I'd usually read but I found it relevant and really well written, the title is also on point.

originally posted by: TNMockingbird on May, 22 2018

He talked of a world where everyone was equal and there were no color or social divides. She would laugh at his naïve and dreamy talk, but felt spellbound and mesmerized as his deep voice hypnotized her into a feeling of peace and love. The world seemed brighter and the birds sang more beautifully when they were together. Even the grass and the flowers had a deeper hue that summer after he arrived at the farm.

The Escape Plan [TL2018]

After that I tried "ancient technology and science" while thinking about things like sacred geometry and the design of pyramids. I got a very funny thread about the MythBusters debunking The Brown Note, a low frequency sound that supposedly makes people lose bowel control. At first I didn't think it was relevant to my intent but then I remembered all those theories about ancient builders using certain frequencies to control large objects. The thread is really funny though because so many people are pointing out how poorly conducted the MythBuster experiments are, you have to read it to see what I mean. My favorite is probably the responses from a member literally named "thematrix" because he went to the effort of sending them emails to complain.

EDIT: What's also a bit weird is that both the threads before and after the brown note thread are about Michael Brown. The thread ID for the MythBuster brown note thread is 168406 and if you decrease it by one you get NEWS: FEMA Memo Proves Brown Delayed or if you increase it by one you get FEMA Memo Proves Brown Delayed Aid. The brown note thread just happened to be posted right in between those two threads but they are completely unrelated to the brown note. When I clicked the button those were the 3 threads it gave me, just thought that was something interesting worth noting.
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posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

When I as younger I spent some time exploring some of the occult stuff, can mess with your head. How you fell into a Brown connection when your intention was "ancient technology and science" comes across as getting lost down a tangent and getting caught jumping between topics. It can happen. Things can get a bit clouded if keeping this up.

Getting emotionally attached as some seemingly powerful moments of connection occur is one to watch out for. Looking down some different avenues for options and perspectives can help at times, But to put your full faith into something you do not understand and throw away your common sense and decency is a recipe for disaster.

I did find how we use and focus our intentions as a big part with how occult stuff works. If we are to use them effectively we need to aim for targets that are realistic and reasonable. To intend on "a solution or way out" is a big call, to really have all the answers will easily fill up a library. Dad's dead and the couple will push on for another year, nice story. I am just trying to provide some review with this strange stuff.

To further help with some of this review stuff I went for the same intention "a solution or way out". I mainly focused on us all, but thought of you having this intention too.

hello i am new

Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law

Who are the real terrorists?

I guess ATS being what it is there are going to be a lot of dark angles to this. In some ways do you really want to solve everything? While there are people that are going to be problems. As for some of the bigger problems going on, the great awakening looks to be progressing well.

posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 09:49 AM

originally posted by: kwakakev
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

To further help with some of this review stuff I went for the same intention "a solution or way out". I mainly focused on us all, but thought of you having this intention too.

hello i am new

Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law

Who are the real terrorists?

That's a pretty relevant hit, I should point out that if you get 3 results it means the middle result is most likely to be important because that's actually the thread which was randomly selected, the other two are the ones made before and after it. In some cases the thread before or after may be removed so it can also show 1 or 2 results and it's harder to tell which was the original target if there's 2 results. If the original target thread was removed it will increment the thread ID until it finds a working thread and then it will decrease the thread ID until it finds another working thread, so it will always show 2 results in that situation.

Just gave it another go with the intent to find "something interesting" and got this thread containing a lot of really cool images of petroglyphs from caves discovered back in 2013: Mysterious cave found in Ecuador. Then I decided to try it without focusing on any particular intent just to see what it would give me. Got another weird religious thread titled Jehovah Revealed . This script seems to have a real knack for finding the most bizarre religious threads on ATS.
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posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 09:56 AM

originally posted by: kwakakev
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

How you fell into a Brown connection when your intention was "ancient technology and science" comes across as getting lost down a tangent and getting caught jumping between topics. It can happen. Things can get a bit clouded if keeping this up.

I don't necessarily think it was a tangent, I was thinking about sacred geometry and the patterns made by different frequencies is highly related to that sort of stuff, especially when you start mixing frequencies as mentioned by one of the people in that thread. I'm not sure what the significance of brown is though.

posted on Jul, 7 2020 @ 10:18 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

I don't necessarily think it was a tangent

How about an entertaining, spooky story? If you are working with frequencies then colours are a part of it, many other types of frequencies around. If the ancient builders where using some kind of frequency to construct with earth and stone then seams reasonable that the colour brown fits in somewhere. There can be a lot of power transferred through oscillations and frequencies. Trying to match the right one up for the right job can be tough.

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