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Uh-oh! No good will come from this...

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posted on Jul, 21 2020 @ 07:52 AM

originally posted by: AutomateThis1
a reply to: Spider879

Lincoln was inspired by Marx's writings.

Carl Schurz one of the prominent "carpetbaggers" was a German who came to America, brought into Congress and was infatuated with Marx.

Ok thanks didn't know that, but is the implications here is that , the reconstruction era was communist inspired, or was it the taking away the planter classes property aka slaves, was the problem.
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posted on Jul, 21 2020 @ 10:46 AM
a reply to: Spider879

a reply to: Spider879

Same thing that's going on now. Use a bunch of facades of social justice to push Marxist ideologies.

The problem is that a lot of people want to focus on one sole issue of the Civil war and Reconstruction era. Slavery. There were a lot more issues than just slavery, and by directing all of that anger onto the south ignores all of the injustices of the northern union as well. It's basically the same thing as partisanship in which one party turns a blind eye to their own wrongs and demonizes the other party.

Everyone wants to simplify issues into a this or that argument, but I'm saying that it's pretty much everything.

We as a people, as a country, have a notoriously bad problem with turning a blind eye to anything that makes us uncomfortable until we can't anymore. From avoiding eye contact with the homeless to voting for the lesser of two evils for President.

Lincoln didn't even want to free slaves. He didn't even care about them.

Technology was advancing to the point that it threatened the labor force of that time period and no one could agree on the best way to go forward. People in the north and south knew that slavery wasn't going to last forever.

In that time period textiles were a large influence on the economy. They were changing from clothing being tailored to being ready made. The north was churning out large amount of textiles and I believe that it was like 75% of all textiles were exported over the Atlantic.

The north began using it's economic success against the southern states to influence politics and way of life in the south.

The south over time began to feel like they were getting the crap end of the stick. The northern states although they were faring extremely well depended on getting their cotton and other crops from the south. After the southern states governors got tired of getting the crap end of the stick and started declaring that they wanted a netter more fair deal. The south afterall was providing for the north's success and the north was basically hogging the wealth.

The north basically said deal with it, and the south announced plans to secede.

Lincoln said hold up a minute, amd made up some BS about how they couldn't do that. Despite there not being any literal word for word case against secession. Lincoln basically said he felt it was illegal and that was that.

The south basically retorted. Deal with it, and the Civil War kicked off.

People actually thought it wasn't that big of a deal during the first few battles and would actually set up picnics and spectator spots. When bullets started to fly and people actually started dying the people realized that this was a literal SHTF situation.

It wasn't until halfway through the Civil War that Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation, and that only declared abolishment and freedom of slaves in the south. There were still slaves in the north after the end of the civil war.

The Emancipation Proclamation was a military/political ploy to get the southern slaves to fight against the Confederates, but even when slaves were "freed" in the south it wasn't uncommon for northern generals to leave them behind, shun them, or outright abuse them.

The Civil War ended when the Confederate leaders realized that the Union would rather burn everything down just to win.

The Reconstruction period afterwards was a sham. Southern governors weren't allowed to maintain their office afterwards. People were sent down from the north to take those positions without a vote by the people.

Upstarts, and entrepreneurs began moving south to take advantage of people that had been affected by the war and buying up properties for dirt cheap. Families were pushed out of their homes and land and many went west to try and survive in the lands of harsh deserts and cowboys.

The politicians from the north and the ones that went south did everything they could to make sure that all throughout the time frame of the Reconstruction that the people who were born and raised in the south didn't have a say in anything.

This started to piss off a bunch of people for obvious reasonsa s this was why the southern states wanted to secede in the first place. So some ex Confederates and politicians formed what came to be the KKK. It goes without saying that while they may have had good intentions to begin with, they screwed up. They would destroy ballots. Burn down government buildings, and for the stupid reason of fearing that black people would vote in ways that didn't favor them started intimidating them to the point of maiming and killing them.

The politics of it all is that before the Civil War there was the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party.
The Federalists did not support the Second War of Independence. Therefore due to that and other reasons they fell out of favor, and we ended up with the Democratic-Republican Party splitting.

Shortly after that the Whigs came about from the National Republican Party, and the Democratic Party.

In the 1850s about a decade before the Civil War there were already some issues arising from slavery. The Kansas-Nebraska Act escalated things which ultimately set off the events of the Civil War in the 1860s. Before the Civil War a faction of the Republicans labelled as "Radical Republicans" started pushing for the end of slavery. This would become the party of the northern states that claimed victory of the Civil War. The States that didn't free their slaves during the war. The Democrats were the party of the South.

This #show that the Reconstruction was ended with the Compromise of 1877. The presidential election between Republican Party Hayes and Democratic Party Tilden was pretty heated. Much like the elections of today's time. Tilden won the popular vote, but lost the electoral vote. Tilden agreed to concede the presidency if Hayes would remove the remaining Federal troops from the south.

The carpetbaggers from the north also left. Black Republicans felt sucker punched because their power was taken from them.

The compromise also included plans for federal aid to help industrialize and restore the economy of the south after the Union had destroyed it. Also included were other economic and social issues which the southern states wanted before the Civil War had started.

Essentially, in my opinion, this made the Civil War pointless.

The crazy thing is that many of the events occurring back then mirror what's going on now. We still have people pushing for more government control and people pushing for less government control. Black people are still caught in the middle with other people trying to tell them to be quiet and who to vote for. We still have Marxist supporters infiltrating movements, virtue signalling, and coopting social movements to get legislation passed in their favor. We have a highly contested political arena between dynasty politicians who's families have been governors or other power wielding persons for decades to close to a century or more.

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