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spiritual antenna

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posted on Jul, 5 2020 @ 12:05 PM
i think most us here came here for one reason or another, most of them being strange.

i have had some very odd things happen to me from seeing an orange orb right above me to UFO's.

i have found that the more and more i deep dive into the occult and all the other strangeness i find myself becoming more and more aware of my surroundings like looking up at the night sky as much as i can or reading obscure books all night etc.

also if things in my life, are not going great emotionally or generally not living my a good life so to speak i notice that is when strange things start happening around me.

For example.

i was in a very very bad relationship with a woman and chemicals(painkillers) and in her house i would see shadow people all the time and even her kid saw them peeking in the bedroom. One morning when i was making breakfast for him he told me about the 'grim reaker' he didn't know it was reaper. his room had a door to the attic and he could go up there to have his own 'space' and one day i noticed he hadn't been up there in awhile and i asked him about it and he told me that this same man would stand just inside the doorway and make scary faces at him.

when i ended that relationship i was in a very dark place emotionally and trying to get back on track, during this time(i was sober, still am) was the time of my most disturbing sightings of shadow people and 'people' looking in my window at me when i was in my room. When i say people that is the only word i have for them. ill put the one picture i got of one of these things at the end of the post.

im a very nuts and bolts kind of person so shadow people and 'creatures' outside my windows at night was 100% out of my ballpark.

my buddy and i were driving around the city honestly looking for something to do as it was a nice summer night and i saw a light that was supper low that looked like a heli or aircraft that was flying very very low or was about to crash, im talking roof top altitude.

and after we watched it for a few seconds i had to keep my eyes on the road and i was making a turn and right around the bend in the intersection of the next block up there was a black triangle just sitting there spinning very slowly. i stopped my car and got out to look at this thing and just stood there looking at it and actually started to walk towards it when my friend basically pulled me back into the car. i was pictures sadly but it was like it was just waiting there for us.

we both got a good look at it and than after 30-60 seconds later it just went straight up and away so fast if you blink it would seem like it vanished.

i think certain people might put out some sort of signal or whatever you want to call it that these things are attracted to, or seem interested in checking out.

some people can go an entire lifetime without ever seeing a UFO and i have a handful of sightings, shadow people, grays in my room(i know that sounds crazy) the whole gambit.

I am no one special in the grand scheam of things and i have never been a part of anything crazy so i have this theory that some people/families are born with this antenna that allows us to see things more than the average person because we are broadcasting(if you will) some sort of emotional energy.

once i saw my first UFO(with my whole family mind you) the sightings and strangeness just ramped up from there to the point it wouldn't blow me away to see a ufo.

both my sister and i have bouts of what i can only describe as clairvoyance, but its never anything earth shaking just something very personal that only we know about, i think its a way of getting your attention and if you will proving what it is.

we have all expreanced picking the phone up to call someone and they are already on the phone and you just happened to pick it up before it rang. Its stuff like that but x10 and it comes in waves it seems.

im not going to get into dreams because well they are dreams but for a good few months i was afraid to go to sleep(im 34) without a light on and the alarm set and a gun or SOMETHING to defend myself in arm reach. My doctor told me i have narcolepsy and sleep i just go with that because the other options are that im crazy or what im seeing is real and i dont know what is worse.

i dont talk about this in my normal day to day life because people who dont know or haven't expreanced something like UFO's or shadow people just tell you that you dont know what you talking about or that you were dreaming(in the middle of the day mowing the lawn) so i just dont bring it up anymore.

im also a very lucky person, there have been 2 times that i should have died or been seriously injured but some how the worse that ever happened was a broken finger. i got hit by a car on my bike and walked away with just scrapes and my finger, there was a guy outside walking and saw it all happen and he said he thought i was going to be dead or really hurt to then see me stand up and bush my self off.

or things of mine will go missing and then they will be sitting in the middle of the table or some where else that i had looked a million times. almost like something is playing a game with me.

at some level i think (most)UFO's, big foot, orbs, shadow people etc are the same thing or from the same place or in the case of so called ET's learned how to manipulate that 'other' space so to us they seem magical or other worldly. dont get me wrong i think there are real nuts and bolts craft flying around but most of them belong to us.

i have always wondered if i made some sort of deal with the 'future' me to mess with me to open my eyes to the real world around me and not the rat race.

now for the picture as promised(most of you have seen this probably but it shows that im not crazy because cameras cant take pictures of delusions or hallucinations. look at the center of the open window in the darkness you will see two eyes first and the rest will fill its self out.

make the pic as big as you can on a good screen and you will 100% see it.

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