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Ignorance Dominion Pt 1 - Willingly Ignorant

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posted on Jul, 1 2020 @ 10:50 AM
Once upon a time, I used to think ignorance was accidental. How else would someone be oblivious to factual information. As I got older, more and more, I realized that ignorance was often a choice. Sadly, choosing ignorance isn't just a choice for some but for many, many more than I ever dreamed possible.

in layman's terms...

I can place a duck in front of you and ask you the species.

Ignorance is - You may have never seen this type of duck before so you're ignorant of that knowledge.
- Faulted? No. It's not important that you should know every species of creature.

Now, I place this duck in front of you and ask you what kind of animal it is.
- You say... Rabbit!

Ignorance is - You may have never witnessed or saw pictures of a duck or a rabbit.
- Faulted? hmm... ok no.

A dominion of ignorance - You say it's a rabbit because you were told it was a rabbit and even though you were also told counter information, it's still a rabbit because you hate the source that says it was a duck. You also deny it's a duck because the faction you're in also claim it to be a rabbit even though the facts are right there in front of you.

Someone brings along a dictionary and says "If it's in here and shows you the true answer - will you believe it?"
- You say yes. However, they show you the duck, the proof you need and you turn around and say... Naw... It's still a rabbit because....*****....

Some think that this is total BS. I wish it were so.

So in this, I see the problem with society vs government is that we trust too much on who we admire and will out right deny truth from any source we don't agree with, no matter if the proof is right there in front of your face. We live in an age now where knowledge and factual information is of no importance and only the knowledge and information that comes from your desired source is the correct answer.

Many people trust their government, specifically their political football team.

Many people trust celebrities.

Many people trust their parents.

Many people trust anything and everything they hear from any source available.

We no longer trust ourselves to find the answer. We prefer to take everyone elses word on it but only from the ones we admire. Nothing else matters. Not even the reality that they look like total idiots to the knowing.

Idiocracy... A hilarious movie! But that's just a movie and not even close to possible. Oh it's possible. It's actually fact and it's the plague of our world today. You think Wuhan is a problem? Unemployment a problem? Trump a problem? Biden a problem? No.... Idiocracy and willing ignorance is a problem and could outright be the doom of us all. It affects everyone, not just the willing idiots.

Here is an example. Please ignore the presidents involved that are being used as a catalyst. Just open your mind and observe ONLY how facts are used and the reaction to them - and observe the reaction once the answer is found and the willingness to make an excuse used to make that person think they're still correct in their answer. The unwillingness to accept truth is baffling!

The video is showing pretty much the same thing I stated above. I'll ask a question, you answer, I show you the correct answer and then you tell me if it's changed your initial answer. The outcome is just sad to watch. Keep in mind, this is not just the mindset of college kids. This is all of humanity in general.

posted on Jul, 1 2020 @ 12:07 PM
Sorry folks... I was doing a part 2 but the video was taken down and there is no copy anywhere. The account of the original person that posted it was also taken down (theOfficial.trou6le_)

I wanted to show another side of what law enforcement goes through in certain situations and show you that the above goes hand in hand. By removing the video, my point is proven but I can no longer do that. I tried to find similar videos but oddly enough, there are none like this.

The video showed an officer attempting to pull someone over for a traffic incident. The person in question isn't far from his neighborhood and drives the rest of the way there without stopping. (Happened here in Texas) The person gets out the car and runs to his house where outside, there are multiple black males drinking and carrying on that all get up and walk towards the cops. The person driving is nowhere to be seen.

You have one white cop who then radios for backup and one by one - slowly - another cop then another then another. Now 2 of these guys, obviously drunk, start their shenanigans. One, I'll call the front man and the other I'll call the hype man for obvious reasons.

The front man walks up to the white cop and gets inches from his face and starts screaming at him while threatening him continuously. This fella isn't small by any means. Over and over... "Touch me.. I'll F you up! Go on, touch me.. I'll beat your a$$.". This goes on for a long time, over and over and over. The front man begging the cop to touch him while the cop just calmly looks at him and his surroundings.

More people start to semi surround the officer while another officer walks up.

The hype man, the whole time, clownin "damn ya'll ugly as $#!&!. Ya'll need all of em. Better call more cops. Ya'll conna need all of them. Damn.. Look at them coming. More are coming. Better get more - ya'll gonna need all of em". Laughing and acting a fool the whole while.

One black officer shows up.. Hype man goes... Oh Oh! Damn you ugly! All ya'll some ugly SOBs. Damn... and you look like peter griffin!

Imagine someone saying that he looked like wesly snipes or buckwheat. Both are black actors. Which one will get you beat down?

In the end, an older black lady came out and that officer got her a chair in her house and brought it out while she sat and smoked a cigarette and spoke with him. At the same time, both the front and the hype man are still going at it trying to get these officers to react but none did. Cussing them lower than dogs and threatening them over and over.

Normally, this guy would have been hooked up faster than dogs in heat. He broke numerous laws.

My point is this...

Being a police officer, I've ended up in this exact situation a handful of times. When you go down on a call in a white neighborhood and you arrest someone, you will get to arrest that person and the family might complain a little but they'll just go to the jail house and bound you out if they can. They spend very little time arguing with you. Mostly! I've never, ever had the above issue in a white neighborhood. Not saying it doesn't happen but I've never seen it.

When I'd go down in a black neighborhood, I'm instantly 'greeted' by 5-15+ guys that want to scrap and will do anything and everything possible to light my fuze. God forbid if I had to arrest anyone.

One time, I had to go down on a call at a small local bar to break up a woman on woman fight in a black neighborhood. We got there to find 2 women pulling each other's hair out. We tried to break them up to no avail. We're surrounded by no less than 50 people, mind you. We hit them with a little mace to try and break it up but they're bitchin about the spray while still clutching handfuls of hair. It took a while. When we hit them with mace, so many people around us started riling up at me and my partner.

Granted... We had backup coming but they all had to get out of bed at the time.

Our dispatcher was a black woman - love her to death... but...
When we called for backup, she laughed hard and said... You scared? You white boys scared?

Two white guys at a black bar surrounded by around 50 people or so full of liquor? Hell yeah we were scared.

Then we went to breaking it up again... This time you hear...

Don't you touch my auntie! Don't you touch my auntie!

You know it's about to get bad... So I had to turn around and look the guy in the face (who just happened to be one of our officers sons) and try to keep a stern - mean look on my face to show him that I would go down beating his #$$ if I had to... Knowing he could easily break me in two. But then there was that mutual respect that suddenly happened at that very moment.

You're damned if you do... You're damned if you dont.

The point I'm making is...

People assume everything is the same everywhere and for everyone and it's not. There is an element of fear, especially in a situation like this. Black folk and white folk are totally different when it comes down to something like this in many places. This doesn't really apply to city upper side middle to high income black families in nice neighborhoods.

So you can see where the once bitten twice shy comes in. You can see where the standoff comes in. You can see where the fear comes from. In fear - you make mistakes. You do stupid $#!& because you're wits has been replace by fear and fight or flight. There is no calm because at any minute you can be snuck up on, beat and or killed just for doing your job. Yet if you don't go... It's the same outcome. You loose your job or whatever.

I saw another video where an officer had to break up a pool party where fights were taking place. The guy was trying his best to do with what little he had and took down a teenage girl. Nothing in the video showed that he did anything wrong or used excessive force, yet since it happened just recently in dallas. the guy lost his job for using excessive force to try an affect the situation. One guy even went fists up to sneak around him and hit him from the side but slipped. The cop saw him and the guy caught himself and moved back.

On the camera when the TV people showed up - He told the crew that he wasn't trying to attack the officer - he tripped making it look like he lunged for the cop when you can see in the video plane as day that he was lunging to attack and slipped in the middle of the action.

The cop's chief still fired him and the reporters even narrated the whole thing as though the cop was 100% at fault and every person there surrounding him was perfectly fine.

If you know my posts, you know my scrutiny against law enforcement. I hate with a passion, an Ahole cop or an officer with something to prove. Even as an X cop, I knew that officers are way over powered and have too much wiggle room for potential disaster. Yet - At the same time, I know what officers go through. I've been there and they're not all bad. Some join because it is a community service and some of us enjoyed the community in it.

Believe what the media tells you. Believe what BLM tells you. Believe what your government tells you. Believe what your mom and dad tell you. Your best pal. Your teacher or professor. Stop thinking for yourself.

Just keep living that lie...


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