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PM's have been sent

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posted on Jun, 20 2020 @ 10:21 PM

originally posted by: smurfy

originally posted by: Gothmog
Is Proboards the current host ?

I didn't say that, and probably not, Proboards are always accompanied with their hosting logo....but?

I know , and I meant no offense to you whatsoever.
2 problems
1) Nothing in the IT world is free , especially hosting. Someone has to pay for that million(s) of dollars of equipment and upgrades periodically . (at least in the 100s of thousands)
2) As I stated , the host would have to have a comparable forum style , or allow this forum to be migrated intact as is.

The case mentioned in item 2 would be penultimate if agreed upon by the current owner(s) .
However , it could be one would have to start anew .
At least it COULD be transferred .
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posted on Jun, 20 2020 @ 10:38 PM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
PM's have been sent to a select number of individuals here regarding the initial discussions of a possible buyout of ATS. There were six (6) ATS members as well as some others.

If you didn't receive one of these emails, and you would like to participate in the discussion in a material way, please feel free to PM me.

Note: we cannot conduct these discussions on a public forum. It's bad form, and it is not appropriate for any of the parties. We likely will also transfer these discussion into a meeting type venue / software once we have some fundamental concurrence. I am happy to coordinate initially, and then the group can decide who they would like to lead from there.

ATS ownership has expressed their wishes, and now is our opportunity to act upon those wishes if possible.

This is not a drill.

Note: Thank you everyone for offers regarding subscription models and the willingness to participate, but the initial discussions need to begin beyond this point first (i.e outright purchase). A subscription model would require ATS to remain in its current form, and this has been clearly stated not to be an option. Consequently, I would ask, if this is your desired involvement, please be patient until we have an organized vision of the way forward prior to engaging.

Thank you, and best regards,


You go brother. Fight the good fight.....

posted on Jun, 20 2020 @ 10:57 PM
I’d love to see some kind of patreon deal where am we can all support with that we can.


See “Liberty memes” on Facebook for an example l.

posted on Jun, 20 2020 @ 11:27 PM
This is great to hear, and I hope it goes well. I didn't get a message, and I don't think I have the posts that I need to send a message. I'm interested in this, as I said in several of the threads, either by donations, investing, or subscriptions. I posted in the thread about investing, and becoming an owner with others.

posted on Jun, 20 2020 @ 11:33 PM
as weird as it sounds has any one reached out to any like insanely rich individuals?

i mean im sure trump would like a place like this lord knows the left likes to complain about his number of supporters here.and it would be kind of like a mini media center for him...... and far less hostile then reddit

seems like something Elon musk may enjoy if Macaffe hadn't been locked up we could try him

bloomberg like media not that im a fan of him

i mean im sure we can find some rich eccentric individual who may wanna save this place

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 02:22 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

I don't have disks to throw on the court, yet I know 1001 things can be done to keep the ATS legacy alive and hopefully the actual website.

But for goodness sakes remember that the most important thing has always been the target audience. For instance, I still do not know which way you vote and frankly I hope I never do. Any slant on your recipes or stories on the farm would genuinely be lame. I've learnt a few things on those threads of yours... A big one is how they get classic ATS members out, people who just must share the most critical information about how to season that rice just nice.

The spirit of ats.

People with small post counts, 1000's of hours and an old joining date.... Feeling welcome.

The home of weirdos and misfits was what we were, people who are seldom rude struggle to fit in don't ya know? It's one aspect of ATS I fear can't survive a push to the modern world.

I wish you all the best though. I hope ATS is still around in 2021 and beyond.

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 02:28 AM
a reply to: RalagaNarHallas

Idk man.

Elon Musk has a gf who likes Elvens and maybe Nordic gods? Their kid is named after the SR71 or something. And Trump? Should've stayed away from politics just like ATS should.

This was always the place for people calling out bs. I member when being political meant you batted for the other side.

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 04:52 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

This is not a drill.

Drama much??

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 03:26 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Can i have a slice of the pie, i don`t have the coins but i have something better..

Magic Beans, yeah that`s right, and these are the real deal, not like the fake ones i gave Jack.

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 04:43 PM
Thank you. I will take the liberty to speak for all of us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts on this effort.

For the record I would pay a subscription fee. This site is too important to just disappear.

posted on Jun, 21 2020 @ 07:31 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

You have a PM

posted on Jun, 23 2020 @ 10:02 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Any update?

posted on Jun, 23 2020 @ 10:33 AM

PM's have been sent

The only PM I've received said....

"A member of the forum staff, has sent you a warning regarding your activity on the thread titled,________
Your have been warned 2 times."

Are other PMs being sent?
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