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Alien Supremecy? Cancel Culture Is Coming For The Aliens

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posted on Jun, 20 2020 @ 04:57 PM
What is up next in the race to cancel everything?


That's right! You racist folks hiding out under the cover of alien research,
ancient aliens and pyramid research will be soon be exposed.

It seems this push started with the well known left of left SPLC-
Southern Poverty Law Center
Close Encounters Of The Racist Kind

The modern far right is crisscrossed with pseudo-scientific research into lost Aryan super-civilizations, biblical giants, ancient astronauts and the occasional inter-dimensional alien.

Now a "Culture Hero" archaeologist who specializes in directing
folks in how to topple historic monuments is angry and on the war path.

The idea that an archaeologist would support the destruction of historical monuments of any kind is truly breath-taking. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is all too typical in our current climate.

Now she has Aliens in her sights! Watch out!

I’d like to see one of the most racist shows on TV @AncientAliens cancelled permanently. It’s an entire show that exists to discredit the extraordinary artistic and architectural accomplishments of past and current peoples. The time has come. #CancelAncientAliens

Yes - Ancient Aliens is an Alien Supremacy white supremacist pushing show that is
infecting the minds of millions! So says a woman named Karen Sarah Parcak

This is the future, and there will be no fun in the future dang it!

What's next? Star Trek?

Cancel everything!

And don't you day say "was it aliens?"!!

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