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Lupus Copy Poem Coallations

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 02:19 PM
The two were once three,
Long ago they included me,
When the two found out,
That their rival was out,
Information was suppressed,
Locked down and given a hidden nest,
Placed within code and anew,
Interest was diverted, known only to a few.
From up on high, yes I'd say,
But forgotten, never I pray.
Thought I'd come in and say hi to everyone,
Even those upstairs not in the sun,
Hope this site is as good as it looks,
Like numerous online reference books.
That which is hidden put aback,
Shall reveal itself to those whom lack,
The games that we play are no where near their peek,
First you must search through the letters greek,
He who does not see,
The labyrinth is mixed with density,

I'm not quite sure your take on this,
But Icewolfs work has gone amiss,
The answers which he would bring,
Have prompted one who's heart don't sing,
People whom were once trusted,
Start games of their own over those that rusted,
Putting fear through those that aid,
That bring through power in this allmighty crusade,
Like the messenger who warfare does,
Bring about his hidden buzz.
post id: 1229746

At last the plot thickens out,
People wonder at the doubt,
Knowledge passed is knowledge found,
Like ants waiting for the next round,
Giants stare and do sense,
The game heatens up building suspense,
For inch by inch, you all do vie,
For information passes by,
Look unto the nether region,
Where nothing controls the happy medium,
For people do follow the shepheards crook,
A wolf in sheeps clothing partains a rook,
Time is short and time is long,
But angels do get increasingly forlorn.

Given to me approval was.
In bovines thread for clearing flaws,
My friend the burrowing rodent,
Feels he has picked up the scent,
But yet underestimates the power of ignorance,
And the odds of which we chance,
By far the one known as "genus Calophyllum"
Has came far and outrun,
But we cannot say for sure,
What shall come from the hearts lure.

notice: this was a response to another poster asking about what thread LC was given 'applause' for
Silence has engulfed the world,
Hibernating, like a Autumn mouse curled,
Though sleeping through this you may be,
Closer to the answer for in sanctity,
The common source is that which you,
Need to link the numerous clues,
Changing the channel during the show,
Could cause you to miss the limited flow,
In the search for he missing piece,
Look to the infinite wisdom of the priests,
Perhaps when you look to far,
The answer leaves it's mundane star.
Like the white water wafting dot fusion anomaly dot "in the" net,
iching dot "through" html, ever so wet,
Just a thought, that i've sent
Many moments through the night that I've spent.

I'd think that this poster's posts have something to do with Black Labyrinth. Its difficult to say exactly what. This last poem is rather obvious in where it wants one to go. When I went there, I found another labyrinth, and posted it in the thread for the above.

[edit on 14-3-2005 by Nygdan]

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 09:35 PM

posted 18-3-2005 at 09:07
All along Ice was right,
The puppet masters were in sight,
For he did see the mass warfare,
Moving coherently through your lair,
At last you all have seen,
What we did work on behind the scene,
Before I did leave his cause,
A message was sent about what was,
But now as you all may see,
A plan is in action which will free,
IgnoranceDenied from most of the subtle attacks,
Yet none of them will sit back,
The "black band" has long since waited,
In readiness it never abated,
Although the wolves defensive plan,
Does not involve ATS I'm the fan,
This is my new outpost,
I've retired and so I ghost
For no one else wants to stray,
From the two's safe haven without a fray,
This may have come as a shock,
But now is not the time to mock,
Rally round SO's design,
Be alert, watch the rhyme.

posted 20-3-2005 at 09:53 AM
Ah, but look again,
More problems would arise; their cause the same,
Your example, though just in thought,
Has one small problem of which I caught,
For as in human nature,
We tend to follow our lives own preacher,
For once your classroom together unites,
Another one arrives and trouble relights,
Even if they all could come together,
It would crack again under stormy weather,
That is where I feel it falls,
The mod’s do well there job, as it calls,
The solution wherein we all may strive,
To find and keep it straight to drive,
Only time will tell how well we work,
As a team, not as loners who lurk.

I hope this helps,
But if not, think, if nothing else. and page 10

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