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About time Nissan!

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posted on Jun, 19 2020 @ 04:31 AM
a reply to: AutomateThis1
I'm curious why you would opt for the nismo?

It has slight HP increase over stock, but if I'm not mistaken lacks some of the comfort benefits like heated seats?
Obviously you don't buy a Z for heated seats, but the HP increase on the nismo is so slight it doesn't justify the lack of comfort options. It's really easy to make up the loss of HP on the nismo compared to stock.

1000HP is also a tad over-kill. I use the 370 as my daily, and can't imagine trying to pull into traffic with 1000HP.
Could be fun though.

400-450HP is more than enough for me, stock I believe the 370 has around 330BHP, still a lot of fun, even when it's stock.

I admire your enthusiasm for modification though, I live in a country with 'less-than-ideal' roads, been thinking about adjustable suspension so I can lift it during the daily drive. Seems like you were hell-bent on a VQ37 for drag racing?

posted on Jun, 20 2020 @ 03:49 AM
a reply to: GreenGunther

I bought the Nismo simply because I liked the body kit on it.

If I had bought a base model 370 and bought the body kit that comes factory on the Nismo the savings would have been negligable.

And I'm not going to buy some small bolt ons just so I can say it's just as fast or faster than the Nismo. I was out to beat the plethora of Mustang and Challenger owners. I get tired of hearing them talk about how they can beat anyone just because they can stomp on the gas pedal and go in a straight line, hit 100 or 120 and then slow down.

Of course I could have bought a used one, but I still wouldn't have saved that much money, and I would have also had to deal with the previous owners lack of maintenance or not knowing what they screwed with.

And no, my goal wasn't really for drag racing. I simply like to push boundaries. It was going to be a highway racer.

I never cared much for drag racing. The people that were in the street racing scene all like to do pulls and it was all kid play, amd I'd always end up arguing with people when they lost, because they would come up with some arbitrary reasons why they won.

My thing was highway sprints and mountain runs. Exit to exit, and who makes it to the top or bottom or up and down or vice versa.

Kids want to do pulls on each other for 100 or 200 bucks, but when I pull out a fat wad of cash and ask someone to commit to a race that lasted more than a minute they'd all come up with excuses.

I can't tell you the amount of times I heard someone say they were low on gas.

If you can't even afford gas what are you doing messing around with cars?

Ya know?


I'll never forget the time we went on a highway cruise, and I pulled out of the parking lot last, we were rolling at about 80-90mph, I got tired of hanging out in the back so I started creeping past people, about halfway up I realized that someone must have radioed ahead, because people started trying to block me from passing, but that ain't a thing.

So, I easily out maneuvered them and increased my speed.
i started roaring past people pushing for top speed, by the time I reached the last few cars I was easily doing 170.

An exit was coming up so I matched speed with the car in the lead and we hit the split. The car in front of me went lights out, so I did as well. Then we took off. The car in front of me had better acceleration, but I could tell the heart to keep going. She hesitated at about 140 if I recall correctly, and I flew right past her. I got about a mile ahead of her, and because I didn't really know what the destination was I slowed back down and slipped in behind her again.

When we got to where we were going a lot of people ran up to me and told me I was crazy. I just laughed and said doubt me now? Who's ready to move on from the kiddy games?

No one was lol.

That wasn't even in my 370. That was in an old Z31 300ZX with nothing special. Just a little bit more psi than stock, some decent suspension, tubbed out, and a tuned engine.

The fastest I've ever gone in a car is 180 in the Nismo. My goal is to go faster than 200. And I don't plan on stopping there.

I don't street race anymore. For obvious reasons, but I plan on building a track car and would like to get sponsored or something so I can race legitimately.
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Oh, and I wasn't necessarily bent on sticking with the VQ engine. I was toying around with the idea of putting a LS engine into it, but like I said I decided not to do anything with the car and just sold it. If I'm ever going to actually build up a 370 it'll just be a cheapo used base model.

My next project car goal is to find an old 240 or 280 and restore it. Not to factory specs, but just make it slick and fast for a daily driver slash fun.
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