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Aliens and their Cyborg slaves

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posted on Jul, 12 2003 @ 08:02 AM
Now this story orginates in Pravda (the online newspaper which is in no way part of the old Russian stae newspaper despite the name) so I would not consider putting to much faith in it. I`ve only posted it because it seems to be missing from the forum and its an interesting story (which is all it may be).

It would appear that in 1995 a frozen body was found in the central mountainous area of Mongolia. The people who examined the body determined that it had in part been made of artificial parts. The contention by some is that the cyborg was there to observe what was happening on earth. May sound like a silly contention but sometimes first hand experience is the best way to collect data. Why did n`t the aliens do it themselves? May be because when you are dealing with our ancestors and their contemporaries you may have been attacked if you were n`t recognised.

Personally I`m very skeptical of the whole thing but who knows....


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