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To sleep, perchance to scream

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posted on May, 31 2020 @ 05:05 PM
This was more of a daydream, inspired by recent events. At no stage is any event intended to be seen as factual or that the time line is remotely accurate.

Here follows the greatest strategy ever played out in world politics and effectively modern warfare. For the sake of understanding, all western role players are in on the fix.

Or are they?

In the 1950s all think tanks were focused on Russia and the Middle east. All but one tiny little think tank, that stumbled upon a future scenario that could shift the focus of the entire western world.

They were focused on China.

President Truman is briefed that China is en route to overtaking the U. S as the world superpower in a matter of decades...... A handpicked team of stable geniuses are assembled to game the situation.

In 1986 a young boy picks up a family magazine and reads an article about a sleeping dragon. It is said that the dragon won't be sleeping for much longer. The boy wonders how could someone possibly know this. He does not know what predictive programming is. He is only seven but the story never leaves him, he sometimes recites the same tune because it sounds like the well read thing to do and from time to time it shows up in the press until finally it becomes more than a rumor, reality. The dragon is all pervasive.

Fade to black

In the 1960s the U. S. spreads disinfo in China perhaps through college exchange programs perhaps a family member of some policy maker that certain ammendments to American policies can be brought to expedite Chinese embedment in US economics and education. A support for communism is declared between the cooperatives.

More and more sectors get "on board" the China train and receive huge sums of money from them and deliberately gift them with some tech secrets.

The universities sacrifice at least three generations through indoctrination and junk education, painting the most beautiful picture China has ever seen. It is intoxicating to see a plan fall in place at least a century in the making.

China begins to feel confident. Their long term visions have been accelerated because of morally bankrupt westerners.

China buys property and US debt among other things, furthering the merger between these two opposites in every little meaning of the word.

The parasite was now firmly attached to the host.

The democrats played their part perfectly, and had to be too ridiculous at times, but it worked.

But they were in on the fix and baby, the fix was in.

China sees the host is slowly giving in, it is slowly being sucked dry.

Half of America and most career politicians were actually cheering for its demise.

The best part is all the US companies setting up shop right there in China a couple decades ago, boosting their economy beyond their wildest dreams.

The dragon becomes addicted to having a full belly.

The US secretly, but part of the fix, gifts China with coronavirus. They know exactly where the virus will be kept. They release it in the same district.

China stumbles in shock and in a panic they cover it up before they eventually act. But it is too late and they know it.

They received the proverbial poison apple voluntarily!

Their western "Allies" keep making the right support role noises, but something seems off..

China goes all in and they fall.

They fall so f*#&ing hard.

What just happened? The US, alongside 9 other countries cut all economic ties to China.

This includes the semiconductor tech that they can't reproduce yet.

And that they get from the countries that cut ties with them.

The tech sector in China has been paralyzed by one bitch slap of a speech that was felt across the globe.

The United mess that is the west have played their parts unwittingly, perhaps not.

The role players revel in their accomplishments like at the end of Ocean's Eleven.

The end of part 1.

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