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We are just reliving the 2016 Political Cycle right now with (insert news cycle)

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posted on May, 31 2020 @ 03:59 PM
Think back to 2016. The summer was coming and there was a crazy election going on. Protests all over. Everything in full swing. You had rallies being cancelled and it was all in a move to stop President Trump. The left shut down the rally in Chicago on March 11th. People were being attacked at rallies. BLM was shutting down the roads. But...not too violent. Those protesting were trying to keep Trump isolated...just like 2020 and COVID...hmmmm.

Now the protesting was going strong but there needed to be that catalyst to split the nation. (throws newscycle dart and......)

Racism in America

First week of July 2 men were shot dead by police. Their names were Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. For the next 2 weeks it was carnage and chaos. During this time one man decided to shoot and kill 5 and wound 11 police on July 5th. Another man killed 3 police on July 17th.

A two week news cycle. What took over? The Nice attack and North Korean nuke testing. It was then out of the news cycle but it effectively caused a lot of chaos in the US. Why? Because the RNC convention had then started on the 18th.


As a society why are we allowing all of this to happen again? Even before 2016 there were racial tensions going back to Trayvon, Tamir Rice and Michael Brown. The government at that time did nothing to help to quell the tensions and in fact with rhetoric made things worse.

Obama never addressed the two shootings in 2016 specifically but stated "the U.S. to "do better". He also said "Americans should feel outraged at episodes of police brutality since they're rooted in long-simmering racial discord." He did not call for calm. He did not show support for the police. Instead of calling for unity he called for Gun Control. In his Dallas speech he chastised the police for their racial divide they have created. At the funeral of Police Officers he pushed an agenda. The AG at the time was even critical of Law Enforcement. It was crazy.

The country was all ready to hand off to HRC but it did not work but they are trying again. We see the videos of the staged protesting, the paid actors and the set ups. AntiFa. Other offshoots. Paid protesters. Just like 2016. Just like how the original BLM movement was hijacked here again we have groups funding the destruction of America and elected officials allowing it to happen to their cities and states. The media and politicians were complaining a few weeks back about not having jobs because of COVID but now it is ok to burn down those same buildings and truly keep people out of work?

As a country I am hoping that, like many other things that have occurred over the last few years of exposing the true behind the scenes government that this curtain of Systemic racism that separates our country through media and politicians is shown and once and for all exposed.

So we are looking at quite a few weeks of this and then, don't worry, NK will threaten with a test and foreign, not domestic policy will be back in the media spotlight and once again the average American will have to rebuild.

We are at a crossroads and it can end only one way. Let's hope that it is one that can heal our country because it was not in 2016 and that administration had 8 years to bring about the positive.

posted on May, 31 2020 @ 04:08 PM
Democrats will still vote Democrat 🎯🔥🎯

posted on May, 31 2020 @ 04:13 PM
The election results will be the same too

Trump’s second term is more-than-guaranteed

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