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Area 51 Alien Interview Deleted?

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posted on Dec, 25 2006 @ 12:03 AM

Originally posted by John Nada

Originally posted by intrepid
Logic Please
Why would they interview a "sick" alien when they had a perfectly healthy one there.

That's exactly what I thought and forgot to include it.

Logic Please?

Perhaps the Hipocratic Oath?

Gee, I wonder if there could be ANY LOGICAL reason why 6 doctors and an interpretor would feel more compelled to tend to a sick/dying being rather than a healthy one.

Above are two quotes which probably contributed to driving a new member and potentially future great contributor away from ATS.

Obviously Intrepid could not conceive any logical reason why 6 doctors would tend to a sick alien who reportedly had to be wheeled in via wheel chair rather than have 6 doctors tend to another alien who would more than likely be alive the next day, and available.

Why would a priest choose to give last rights to a healthy human rather than a dying one?

Why would 6 doctors and a telepathic interpretor choose to deal with a sick alien rather than a totally healthy one? This obviously made no logical sense whatsoever to either Intrepid or John Nada at the time. I know this was nearly 2 years ago, but perhaps if people were just a tad bit more tolerant of such seemingly illogical ideas like 6 doctors choosing to focus their attentions on a sick alien rather than a perfectly healthy one we would still have the original poster as an active member on ATS.

Maybe the powers that be considered the fact that one alien may not survive 24 hours, where as the healthy one would be more available and less dead the next day.

yet it seemed soooooo illogical to the degree that merited the posts that followed for the next few pages after the original post........

just my thoughts on the subject of intolerance and unwillingness to see possibilities where personal opinions and peoples inner intentionality did not permit them to fathom the concept that 6 doctors would be obligated to tend to the sick before the healthy. That was obviously just not logical.

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 02:23 PM
My Question is what happened to SinCity?

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