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Back to Work Bonus instead of Unemployment benefit

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posted on May, 29 2020 @ 07:11 PM
a reply to: JIMC5499

Thanks for explaining that, sounds messy and won't get better I guess while money is the driving factor for a health system.

I don't think trump is all bad I just think he's a douchebag with serious foot in mouth disease, if he layed of the tantrums I could find him more palatable.
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posted on Jun, 1 2020 @ 11:27 PM
a reply to: TheRedneck
sorry not getting back to you sooner

i do believe we are on the same page

i HATE IT due to fraud, waste and corruption that people like you have to wait for the benefits THEY ARE JUSTIFIED IN HAVING

The problem is (not from you) the benefits are so good (give or take) that many try (and sadly succeed) in committing fraud.
along with the powers that be (with much support) dont REALLY TRY to weed them out.

it seems the only people that suffer are the legit ones.
the ones that get (it seems) to get away with it and some ahead of the line is those who have story over substance and/or are in a "protected group"

hell look at ILLEGALS... they fight tooth and nail to give them benefits (be children or adult) when THEY CLEARLY AND LEGALLY SHOULD NOT GET THEM..
But even suggest this... o boy the moaning and gnashing of teeth, the calls of "racist", calls of "anti immigrant" and "how can you hate children"/

to further just this one type of fraud we have a program in IL called "kids care"... in essence a medicare for needy children"
the local paper (rockford register star) published an article 12 or so (been so long and so rare) stating the budget for this program was 50 PERCENT (minimum) GOING TO ILLEGALS.
hell if you were even 50 percent (which is very low given this is low hanging fruit in fraud control) effective the budget could have been cut 25 PERCENT with NO LOSS OF SERVICES...
every one caught and removed just upped that savings
savings to taxpayers and more benefits to the truly needy .

but again no one wants to REALLY cut out fraud , waste or corruption... just make it harder on legit cases (as yours was) and DEMAND we just increase the budget..

hence IMO entitlement vs justified benifit.


posted on Jun, 1 2020 @ 11:36 PM

originally posted by: Daughter2
Why would people need an incentive to return to work? There already is one.

If you are called back and don't show up, you lose all your benefits?

The money should be used to help some small businesses cover their losses so the business will stay afloat.

That said, I support a Universal income - you could do away with unemployment, social security disability, food stamps and public housing. Just the savings in the administrative costs would be significant.

i was with you untill universal income

the elephant in the room / reason it will never be tolerated by those claiming the want it is this.

to have it you must determine WHAT is BARE BONES minimum someone should earn.

in essence telling them what is basic to live.

hell look at the screaming and wailing on food stamps limits alone

along with when one (just one CLEAR CUT example) points out to those that protested for more hourly wages in fast food that they dont need that latest Iphone/android with the mega everything plan but (if needed) just a flip phone with test (or very limited data plan for necessities) .

those that responded FLIPPED OUT.

constantly ranting on the theme "you cant tell me what I need/ how to spend my money"

can you see how they react to other areas of their lives?

like if you cant afford kids dont have them?

along with when you point out that the minimum wage was NEVER MEANT to cover "a family of four"?

hence universal income will never work...



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