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GOP Rep. Warns Trump On Wild Scarborough Murder Claim: 'Just Stop. It Will Destroy Us.'

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posted on May, 26 2020 @ 09:40 AM
Im just trying to figure out the new rules.

So calling trump a russian agent every day on the news, to the point where we have a hoax investigation for three years is fine.

Calling Kavanaugh a gang rapist with literally no evidence on main stream outlets was fine.

But trump tweeting about a suspicious death is somehow off limits?

posted on May, 26 2020 @ 10:13 AM
Oh yes... I do remember that. In general, JS had a really slimy reputation in the circles I hung in as many were near his age and I am in the ballpark. There were actually a few "intern" stories and I can''t say if they were true or not but there was one that everyone thought was for certain, and if I remember right, it was pretty public. I mention that just to say that most people I knew then would not be surprised if he had at the very least, tried to have, a relationship of some kind with Lori. Which obviously, doesn't make him guilty of murder but could provide motive.

On your other note... oh yes... I agree. Destin was two lane in my early years. There was nothing on the road after the Destin bridge until you hit the "Green Knight" -- which is finally no longer there I believe. We still go back periodically and it seems to get more and more crowded to the point where I just don't enjoy it anymore, at least in-season. 98 from Pensacola, through Navarre, past Eglin, into FWB, over Brooks Bridge, to Destin and beyond to South Walton/30A can be a truly miserable drive... even though the end destination is so beautiful. Like you said - I used to make the trip like it was nothing. Today, I'd have to REALLY need to go between the two to fight the crowd.

a reply to: hounddoghowlie

posted on May, 27 2020 @ 09:45 AM
a reply to: DanDanDat

How about you have your own standards that dont rely on fox or cnn narratives?

posted on May, 27 2020 @ 12:52 PM
Do yous ever consider the families when you pull bogus stories out of your butt and resurrect the ghost of their dead loved ones over and over, year after year, decade after decade to use in your sick political game???

She had a heart condition and died from it..
Let her rest in peace and her family heal the pain of their loss!!

posted on May, 29 2020 @ 01:46 PM
there was something medically wrong with the intern that day...she complained to the co worker that she did not feel well...she fainted and hit her head on the desk..

it is not just that the president brings it up.,,,he brings it up NOW when the whole country is having extra stress...not to mention that poor womans family dredging this up and putting THEM through this....... AT THIS TIME.this is the time the president needs to LEAD by example...but he just acts like a spoiled petty arguing bullying everyone...he constantly OVERREACTS to everything.....TRUMP acts more like a dictator every day

originally posted by: Snarl

originally posted by: Arnie123
Good for Trump bringing this to light.

There's probably more to this story. Trump's not just returning fire willy-nilly. At least, I haven't seen him do it.

Joe probably did murder her. I wonder how that's going to affect everyone who has grown familiar with his face. I mean ... Matt Lauer ... the accused Rapist ... eww.

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