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Dream sensations in the waking world... getting stronger

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posted on May, 23 2020 @ 03:34 PM
The best way to learn to remember Dreams.
is to have a new book and 3 pens or pencils and a bed side light.
as SOON as you can wright out your dream.
then go back to sleep or what ever you do.
later read it and add to it if you can.

a trick I found, is to fantasize continuing the dream.
make up a story to continue the dream.
dont make it drift to far from what the dream was.
dont copulate with aliens! unless that was IN the dream.

about 1 hour after you get up, remember the dream.
some times you will think the part You made up IS part of the dream.
its like lucid dreaming.

Dreams more real than real life?
if you have ever taken ***** you will know that
the brain can make it seem that way.

posted on May, 23 2020 @ 11:07 PM
First of all, what.... Long time lurker lmao. That's a joke right?

posted on May, 24 2020 @ 02:22 AM
I have a new thing going on.. but I think it may be nerve damage and aftermath of a head injury. Never know.

I feel like I have maggots in my spine. Its a maddening sensation. Sometimes I get that "bell rung" feeling in my brain where the world kind of shifts around. Its hard to explain.. you know the movie fight club.. well it kind of feels like this looks clip below.
Now, Ive done a lot of stupid outdoors things that have messed things up and I also fought semi pro.. so Ive had a few knocks to the noggin. I mean not Foxy Boxing but actual womens mixed. I guess it really is more likely this is the issue.. but sometimes I have really weird sensations out of the blue suddenly.. and I dont recall dreams really, but I can feel if it was a good one or bad one or unremarkable. Lately Ive had a few very clear dreams I can recall.. so thats weird too.

ANyway, heres the clip. Its not exactly like this.. but its the closest I can show you. Its like Im stable, it the world is shiftng. My perception of it anyway.

posted on May, 24 2020 @ 10:48 AM
The Omega, The Bang or The End was, is, and always has been flowing.

Sounds like third eye meditations, just the switch was left on.
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posted on May, 24 2020 @ 07:26 PM
a reply to: AutomateThis1

I wish more understood how much humor can mean to “being in the moment”!

Since Universe seems to go out of Her way to present it to me, I try pay it forward!

PS - Some people have extended thoughts (and by extension, humor). The idea spreads across the telling of this experience. Besides, a corny thread intro should let you know that even I do not take this seriously (as in, “thems fighting words!”)

a reply to: Specimen88

Third eye is a way different feeling!

It is more like seeing “how it all fits together” where as this is more like, “here you go”.

It was first noticed as a low, slow, rumble. Like an engine on idle. Then the “frequency” (or “revs”) picked up. I could see plants moving to it! Next, both my thighs started shaking like a bowl full of jelly (no, my couch swayed back and forth for several minutes. A minute is a long time in EQ talk!!). Then thighs.? I started this thread... and it seemed to stop.

Then last night, it felt like being in center of a trampoline! Gentle. But hey, if the others increased...

A real Space Monkey ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good!!!

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posted on May, 24 2020 @ 07:47 PM
a reply to: olaru12

You taking antihistamines for them allergies.

Many antihistamines are anti choline. Acetylcholine controls your degree of alertness and "consciousness". The more acetylcholine the more lucid you are.

So if you take antihistamines it initially drops your acetylcholine levels changing your neural chemistry. So sometimes they make you feel drowsy. Here's the problem because your brain detects that your acetylcholine is below normal it cranks out extra giving you a spike of acetylcholine. If this happens and often does right before bed and during your dream stage it makes your dreams extra lucid and vivid. You tend to get trippy dreams.

If its combined with elevated dopamine you get vivid racing and often scary dreams. Like being chased by monsters and stuff like that. You combine the elevated acetylcholine with elevated serotonin, you get vivid intense mellow happy dreams like a pleasant walk on a Tahitian beach for example. Or a dream where your snorkeling in a coral reef in one of Bora Bora's lagoons

posted on Jun, 15 2020 @ 10:03 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

you get vivid intense mellow happy dreams like a pleasant walk on a Tahitian beach for example. Or a dream where your snorkeling in a coral reef in one of Bora Bora's lagoons

That's not funny. I prefer to keep my dreams private and now you spill the beans.

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