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Navy Pilot Reports Detailing Mysterious Aircraft Sightings Off The East Coast

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posted on May, 14 2020 @ 06:47 PM

originally posted by: GBP/JPY
I'm the orb king...

especially at my sons old ranch.....orbs took the place over in 1990's

I've seen so many...back then the drilling rigs were going up everywhere and not just oil rigs....but big rigs....

in East Texas deer hunting at 3 am a group of rigs 4 miles off were all lit up...had my binocks in my sleeping bag.....

I saw orbs growing big and drifting a little, staying around the rig...and 12 more of diffferent sizes.

Saw a bright one off the wingtips about 400 feet of a departing md-90 DFW....going 3x as fast and following the instrument departure to the East.....and it passed three air bus jets till I stopped tracking it to the horizon....bright one, kinda appeared over the Denton FEMA site....

I suppose one could wonder why "Orbs" would come up while discussing physical craft. But if one uses deeper thinking, one might discover a connection.

I guess your son wasn't running the old ranch in a appropriate manner. Was your son a Authoritarian? Inconsiderate to the cowboys?

I have seen the orbs twice, don't quite understand the "why Me" question, but then there is the other question one might ask, "why not me". I do know that when the orbs are about, things seem to be far more, honest. So I guess that ranch is now a better place.

For the rigs, big rigs, going up all over, I wouldn't know a thing about them. Except maybe, once they have lived out their useful life they would rot back down to the ground.

As far as that rig with all those lights? I guess some would need more observations than others, dont know why..

We sure could use those orbs in the East, like East coast. Need lots of them there. That Ranch needs a real cleaning...

There is one orb I miss terribly. If you happen to see that one, let em know, K?

TIME's the orbs know what that means...

Thanks for your time

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