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Leftist Ideology 101 - "I'm for Biden, regardless."

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posted on Apr, 29 2020 @ 04:46 PM

originally posted by: IAMTAT
The simple answer is...

get ready...

this will shock you...

but it's just so damn obvious...

here it is...

Biden supporters DON'T CARE if Biden rapes their long as he stops Trump.

Biden can rape their family members too. No limit on age... 2 to 90.

And By ignoring Joe Biden, they are inviting every Democrat pervert in the world to commit the atrocity, with impunity.

posted on Apr, 29 2020 @ 05:12 PM
TRAGIC: This is what happens when there is no push from the right people high up the ladder, to investigate Joe Biden's alleged rape of Tara Reade.

Her official Complaint to DC police was just moved to the inactive file.

posted on Apr, 30 2020 @ 11:06 AM
a reply to: InTheFlesh1980

One thing to notice in Progressive ideology is the prevalence of “the ends justify the means”. It’s very basic, Marxist thought.
Leon Trotsky
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posted on Apr, 30 2020 @ 11:34 AM
a reply to: Lumenari

I'm just going to quote myself because I already threw my back out trying to have this conversation with a neolib this morning.

Let's just admit that sexual assault allegations from decades past with or without corroborating evidence are simply one variable in the political calculus required to make a choice as to who we think will best represent our own interests and beliefs.

Lots of good people did that calculus last time around too, and on the whole, chose to vote for Trump in spite of those charges. Not because they are evil, but rather because they performed the calculation, added up his plusses, subtracted his minuses, and chose the one that *best* fit their needs.

Just like a lot of dems will do for Biden.

I don't know Lynda LeCasse, so I'll extend that benefit of doubt to her as well.

She has (somehow) calculated that Joe's positives still outweigh his negatives. I know, I know.... he isn't coherent with regard to anything, so that seems crazy, but there it is.

The truth is people on all sides do this calculation all the time. Maybe not always about sexual assault, but whatever. We get two choices. You can either pick one or go home and cry about it. Those are the rules.

I'm voting MAGA, but I am a horrible white male in his late 40s/early 50s so I am clearly an "ist" in several categories. Maybe more.

posted on Apr, 30 2020 @ 11:41 AM
a reply to: NightVision

Maybe. Again, voting for Biden because of two-potential supreme court nominations is as valid a qualifier as any other. They just have to be honest about it or none of us will ever take them seriously again.

posted on Apr, 30 2020 @ 01:42 PM
The rightwing are hypocrites too. All of a sudden they are me too advocates when it suits them. The 25 rape allegations against Trump don't matter but this one, which actually is very weak does; there all in on convicting on an accusation alone. BTW, the accuser doesn't charge rape just power abuse.

This assault supposedly took place in 1993. At the time she didn't report it to the police.

Biden's Senate Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff during 1992–1993 and the office's long-term executive assistant expressed doubts as to the veracity of Reade's account, saying they would have recalled the complaints had she made them, and that such behavior seemed uncharacteristic of him. Melissa Lefko, a comtemporary staff assistant, said she had never experienced harassment and thought his office was a "very supportive environment for women."[14] Reade said she reported sexual harassment to her supervisors in Biden's office at the time, but her recollection of to whom has shifted and none of her former supervisors recall any such event.[28]
Also, unlike Trump Biden has demanded all his records be released.

The point boils down to it's her word against his. And its no crime involved because she didn't report it at the time. Maybe he's guilty maybe he's not but there is proof on both sides. It will NOT be settled conclusively.

The lefties who are bitter Bernie lost and the Trump supporters are the ones pushing this.

Both sides are hypocrites. The right, who are only either getting revenge for the left's attack on Kavanah or to help Trump.

The left, who are always too anxious to support an accuser and give little credence to the accused now should learn a lesson: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. AN ACCUSATION IS NOT NECESSARILY THE TRUTH,

I already learned this lesson since I was on another matter falsely accused of something and understand the accused should get as much respect as the accuser until the case is settled.

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posted on Apr, 30 2020 @ 01:42 PM

originally posted by: InTheFlesh1980
There are several recent threads regarding the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden; however, in reading an article on the topic which includes direct quotes from one of the people that Tara Reade told about the assault (her neighbor at the time Lynda LaCasse), there's a different concept to consider other than the assault itself. Based on what I read, I am astounded at the complete lack of personal integrity exhibited by this person, who I believe is a fairly accurate example of the "typical" leftist mind.

Here is a link to the article I read:

Article with quotes from Lynda LaCasse

Here is the excerpt that irks me:

LaCasse told Business Insider: "I remember her saying, here was this person that she was working for and she idolized him. And he kind of put her up against a wall. And he put his hand up her skirt and he put his fingers inside her. She felt like she was assaulted, and she really didn't feel there was anything she could do."

LaCasse said Reade was "upset" when she told her about the allegation and "the more she talked about it, the more she started crying." She said she remembered urging Reade to file a police report but did not recall specific details from the alleged incident, such as the location or remarks Biden allegedly made to Reade.

"I don't remember all the details," LaCasse told Business Insider. "I remember the skirt. I remember the fingers. I remember she was devastated."

LaCasse, a retired staffer of San Luis Obispo General Hospital, said she lived in the same apartment complex as Reade in Morro Bay, Calif. She recalled how the two of them had talked about "violent stories" they've experienced, which was when Reade told her "about the senator that she had worked for and he put his hand up her skirt."

"I personally am a Democrat, a very strong Democrat," LaCasse said. "I'm for Biden, regardless. But still, I have to come out and say this."

This woman has direct and reliable knowledge that Joe Biden sexually assaulted Tara Reade, yet still says "I'm for Biden, regardless." It seems this is the presiding mentality of the left, "by any means necessary", with absolutely no regard for morality, integrity, or even general human decency. There is definitely something wrong with the wiring upstairs with this lady. The more alarming notion is that nearly all the "very strong Democrats" I have encountered exhibit the same soulless iniquity. I can't imagine what could fix this deranged thinking.

I hope Biden gets held accountable. He'll probably just shout "You're a dirty-rotten no-good dog-faced liar!" and feign consternation like he does every time someone calls out what a scoundrel he is.

As a precursor, can we not talk about Trump in any ensuing discussion? That's not the topic.


Just shut up already! You were all fine with the p***y grabber, and the dozens of women he paid off to be silent. Biden has this one thing and you all act like anyone would be crazy to vote for him. the dissonance on this website is absolutely at "levels never seen before"

posted on Apr, 30 2020 @ 08:47 PM

originally posted by: lakenheath24
The Tman grabbed em by the p***y, and paid off a pornstar did he not? Now I support the tman in most things but not that kinda stuff.

Lets face it, men in powerful positions take advantage of their power regardless of party affiliation.

But for the part where Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock on SNL both said

the women "LET HIM DO IT and that is NOT Sexual Assualt."

That is why the Left wants to say this lady Reade "wanted it". Clearly she didn't..... Clearly the Trump women wanted it and would easily get CNN, NYTimes and all the others on it ASAP. We all know it don't we?

Only a fool can not give it up after two of the most famous Comedians in History pointed out the difference for you.

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posted on Apr, 30 2020 @ 08:56 PM

originally posted by: ADUB77
a reply to: ADUB77

Or another way to look at it, do you kill all 100 men knowing one is innocent sacrificing your individual morality in order make sure the 99 murderers are killed

Knowing that releasing them may be a greater crime then killing the one innocent man?

Che Guevara sure would have if only one was guilty from the stories I have read. Why have him as an avatar if you are for Freedom, Justice and honesty?

posted on May, 1 2020 @ 06:39 AM

originally posted by: Meniscus
a reply to: Irishhaf
AOC is a Sanders supporter she doesn't want to support Biden for president. Having said that If the same credible allegations were made about Sanders she might sing a different tune. She is using these allegations to raise the question that maybe Biden shouldn't be the nominee.

Good points. I don't recall her being nice to the COTUS nominee Cavanaugh? Maybe she was but her venom seemed to be looking for the plan of "by any means necessary". All of them do by any means stuff since that is the D's preferred way of doing business.

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posted on May, 1 2020 @ 07:37 AM
The simple truth is they believe their ideology is so pure it doesnt matter how corrupt their leaders are

posted on May, 2 2020 @ 01:06 PM

originally posted by: Guiltyguitarist
The simple truth is they believe their ideology is so pure it doesnt matter how corrupt their leaders are

Which confirms for many of us that their ideology is bad. If you have to compromise so much that evil people committing crimes are allowable, that is your clue.

posted on May, 2 2020 @ 01:08 PM

originally posted by: Guiltyguitarist
The simple truth is they believe their ideology is so pure it doesnt matter how corrupt their leaders are

I agree. They do.

You are talking about Dems and Reps right?

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