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WAR: Mass Deportation of Alien Criminals

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posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 10:49 PM
The latest ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) sweep in the Washington DC area nabbed 37 criminal aliens over the last week alone, all of whom have been deported. In DC alone, nearly 1400 illegal aliens were deported in 2004. The national statistic is at an all time high of 160,000 per anum. One of last weeks arrests that resulted in deportation was part of the highly effective Operation Predator, targetting Sex Tourists; those people who travel the globe in search of children to have sex with.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have deported 37 criminal aliens rounded up over the past week in the Washington area, two of whom have ties to a South American gang known as Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, which operates in the region.
Mary Loiselle, director of field operations for ICE's Washington detention and removal division, said those rounded up include aliens who have been convicted of theft, assault, burglary, sexual battery and malicious wounding — and one who was removed under ICE's Operation Predator.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

ICE is doing brisk business, removing hundreds of offenders a month in some states. They target immigrant gang members in particular, due in large part to the charges of collusion between Al Qaeda and street gangs.

These people are, in most cases, dangerous criminals on their own. They are rapists, murderers, and burglars in many instances. A quick glance at the lists of deportees every month reads like a transcript of America's Most Wanted. It's amazing to think this many criminals could be parasitizing our society.

The fact that agents are literally burdened with an impossible caseload doesn't help things. There aren't enough ICE agents to track down a tenth of those illegals who committed crimes in the US or the country of their origin. It would take the entire US army years to make any sort of progress against the tide, and yet an understaffed, underbudgeted agency is supposed to shoulder the burden? I'm all for shooting high, but there is such a thing as a dangerously unreasonable expectation.

posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 06:10 AM
113 people have viewed this thread so far, and not one person has commented. Are people afraid to touch this subject because of the immigration angle? Is there simply nothing to say? I'm very curious what peoples opinions are on the subject of our open borders, ICE, and the criminal aliens who come to this country.


posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 06:17 AM
Just found the thread. ...No real comment because I don't have enough information to understand the issue.

Question off the top, does it look like the money is going to track terrorists, and "ordinary" criminals are being ignored in policing budgets? ...Also, The sex tourist thing is scary - some countries have a kids sex industry - are you saying there's one here too?


posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 07:49 AM
Americans consume 85% of the world's child porn. That's a really, really depressing thought.

As far as your other question, there are tons of cops on the streets. More and more street crime is getting thwarted, but of course the really heinous crime, the genocide of the American poor, remains unpunished, and largely uninvestigated.

It seems as though deportation is bailing water out of the ocean. I appreciate the efforts of ICE in trying to clean up the streets, but I wonder at the relative effectiveness of it. There are simply no accurate numbers of how many illegal immigrants enter the US each day. Rest assured it's signifigantly more than we catch and deport every day.

The flimsy allegations connecting Al Qaeda and street gangs are for one reason and one reason only, to get the approval of the American public to deploy military tactics and inteligence in the pursuit of armed gangs.

The thing is, any organized group is a threat to the New World Order, or whatever you want to call the psychos in power. They can deal with lone 'crazies' and unarmed dissidents by simply making them vanish from the public eye, they can't do the same with heavily armed, street smart gangs. So they call them terrorists and dispatch the appropriate military resources.

The gangs are coming together, unbeknownst to Washington. They will likely make some sort of statement soon, assuming they're not all deported or murdered in the meantime. Coastal rivalries have cooled a great deal, and interracial gangs are more common now than ever before. This is a threat to the powers that be. They will react the only way they know how, disinformation and violence.

posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 07:07 PM

Originally posted by WyrdeOne
113 people have viewed this thread so far, and not one person has commented. Are people afraid to touch this subject because of the immigration angle? Is there simply nothing to say? I'm very curious what peoples opinions are on the subject of our open borders, ICE, and the criminal aliens who come to this country.


Personally I agree that there should be much more sensible discussion of the immigration issues which are having adverse effects in many of the large U.S urban communities. I have lived, and worked in 3 of our border states; California, Arizona, and Texas so m-13 activity is nothing new for me. However I would like to expand on this and say perhaps there could be a thread focused on these isuues which could hopefully attract some meaningful discourse. I am always open for a one to one discussion if you desire.

posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 07:42 PM
Why deport them? They're criminals, criminals belong in jail no? So put them in jail and charge them for the cost of their upkeep. If their families back home can't pay in full by the time of release, work out a deal with teh mexican governement where the families debt is recognized, and release the illegal back to mexico, or finland, or brazil, or sweden (except for the bikini team models that were illegally here), and continue to follow for collection.

Deporting someone as the only punishment for being in the country illegally isn't much of a punishemnt, its like a 'do over'. Why make it worth it to come to the US illegally? Its an insult to the people who wait and struggle for years to come here legally and comply with the regulations.

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 04:09 AM
Yeah, criminals belong in jail, but most often they committed the crimes in their home country, or in a third party state. And FYI Mexicans aren't really under discussion, at least not exclusively. The larger, more problematic issue is violent offenders from south and central America. Incarcerating them in America, and then expecting to recoup any costs, is not wise. We'll never get them to pay, and so we'll end up footing the always.

I think the only sensible thing to do is shove them across whatever border they came in from, and make sure they can't get back across. I agree it's not much of a solution, but it's a better solution than creating a whole division of pencil pushers to tabulate and assess and keep up to date, a bunch of debts owed by foreign nationals, when 95% of that will never be paid. We would end up spending ten times, a hundred times, more money trying to collect that we will ever realize in receivables.

The answer is to make the problem go away. hehe Make it someone elses problem. This was a big issue with Cuba for a while, Castro was just shipping his criminals to us by the boatload, and then refused to take them back. I say put a parachute on their back and push them out the back of a c-130 at altitude. hehehe

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