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Adversarial Gods [DE2020]

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posted on Apr, 18 2020 @ 07:56 PM
At the beginning of the universe, there was only blackness a sleeping monster that wasn't ready for an invasion of light beings to divide that kingdom into parts.

It was the trembling and constant echoes throughout that blackness of space screamed to get in tearing and scratching to enter that opened the eye for too long. A pitch-black diamond-shaped eye that slowly started to turn glowing purple and glittered throughout the whole dark nothingness of an unexplored universe where only evil would hide and rule.

Electric forces started to pull that eye and it was forced to open from another dimension that found a way to conquer a new region of an unknown and undiscovered parallel black endless evil pit, the light beings later are known by scriptures all over galaxies as demigods all described through different solidified biological cultures and languages spread and passed on planets throughout the whole peaceful universe never knew existed.
Their realm only consisted out of light where every photon had a purpose to be there to create love and the right to exist.

When the Eye opened it looked and scanned his whole kingdom of darkness and ours leaving a faint reddish glow throughout that part that also played a role of that multiverse within the universe for over ten thousand years.

The first time, the giant monsters of evilness known as and later described as the Harendi Maki an evil demigod that never encountered the world of the Remidea engul that dwelled that part of space was seen for the first time by the first Remidea engul explorers " huge angelic beings that explore and create stars and planets " as that faint reddish light could take shape and gave birth to a form of evil entities living there as if someone lit up a lightbulb ten miles beneath the surface of an ocean and things living there were attracted to the light.

As the diamond opened and forced to stay open by the Remidea engul explorer's cracks started to appear and a huge blast obliterated the eye and the universe as we know on Earth started to be filled with enlightened spiritual demigod of light explorers and mythically known as Remideas engul or angels of light that always were there to expand their universe to grow prosperous so that all newborn godly planetary souls of light seeded from biology created by (The Induresco Remida or offered Remidea enguls on planets could find a new home to build new worlds.

Worlds that we call planets and stars now, as stationary sources of life as stars were ancient shining remnants of demigods of light (The Remidea engul) that became (Remidea Stellae )stars that created planets from some of ( The Induresco Remida or offered Remidea engul those who solidified into minerals) to flourish biological seeding on those solar bodies enough to give offspring we call biological life and every planet that those Remideas Stellae stars produced over billions of years were fruitful and living.

Biological solidified entities of endless variations geometrical in shape and appearance living off those planets to finally explore the realm of the demigods we all know as our universe, the heavens of unimaginable forces and beauty in space as on planets and moons with a diversity of color and beautiful biology.

Every living planet or moons could give birth to a rare group of indigo and intelligent beings that possessed a consciousness connected to the universe strong enough and powerful enough to evolve and finally become young newborn peaceful demigods in transition ( The avenis Remidea engul) themselves if nothing would stand in their ways or influence by evil or persuaded to go off course not evolving to be.

This time was different for the Remideas engul or angels of light they never had to deal with an adversary unseen force of evil demigods, so evil that it opposed and consumed all light and energy and hated and despised everything that lived, that they started their retaliation wrath and destruction to take back what belonged to them or even more as their power grew to leave behind that same black emptiness of evil to destabilize and destroy everything consuming every photon there was, only spitting out a dark unknown force that couldn't hold or bear light in any way.

This battle took over another few billion years and the light within this newborn universe wasn't that bright as al previous universes that had been built consistently out of light and pure energy of good.

The peaceful demigods (Remideas engul or angels of light) that battled the dark evil demigods (Harendi Maki) only left devastation throughout this universe and remnants of those battles are now projected as nebulas blackholes where fallen demigods ( The Harendi Maki and Remideas engul the angels of light both good and evil demigods and their powerful essence and magical spells were intermixed into the light and dark clouds of matter and dust, the Remideas engul that settled there and offered themselves into shining stars to expand that universe, didn't produce enough living planets and light for their offspring to take over and control this part of space.

No most of those planets were either dead or dark lifeless hard surface mineral bodies of evil that produced their kind of offspring not seen hiding in dark places of inside hollow planets, moons or asteroids waiting to invade the living planets to alter that prosperous fruitful place into either a hell of death fire or gasses and shortlived biology that later on destroyed themselves by the influence of those dark entities we now call demons and untrustworthy spirits a newborn adversary offspring from the evil demigods the Harendi Maki or from ancient scriptures the Harendi Predado the demon to destroy every living biological thing by invading the spool of recycled spirits on those planets that had been produced from battle nebulas of clashing with the Remidea engul or angels of light to unleash the adversarial demigods and their offspring of evil on those healthy planets moons and fruitful places the trees of life.

There were many thriving and stable galaxies where the Remideas engul could form a barrier and clutter together as a protection so that dark forces at the boundaries of those galaxies couldn't penetrate centers to destabilize or destroy those godly colonies of light the stars the important stars former Remidea Engul now Remideas Stellae transformed into stars in the center to keep it alive at all cost.

Only one god could save this part of the galaxy a redeemer god that could unite all demigod stars and planets with moons to fill that part of the galaxy with unbearable light a prophecy so strong it could spell out every adversarial demigod and their demons to open a new sanctuary of evil space and cast out all that was evil to save this galaxy so that this galaxy could be filled with light life and prosperity.
But closing it would mean that they had to find them all obliterated pieces of the diamond-shaped eye that was destroyed and spread throughout this universe.

Only bringing back that diamond and forge it together could be done by the redeemer god that could build and open the new dark universe and the diamond eye could be used in an opposite way to extract all darkness out of this universe and put it there where no light ever would dare to enter and guarded by only the strongest Remideas engul or angels of light...

posted on Apr, 18 2020 @ 07:56 PM
Today the Avenis Remideas engul or diminishers of evil, saints that have powers and ways to consciously connect with other planets and worlds throughout this universe and can astrally travel without leaving their home planet to have a sanctuary deeply hidden and protected inside of one of the biggest galaxies that float around in our universe a place of light so dense that the Harendi Predado and Harendi Maki, demons and adversarial evil demigods cannot possibly enter that shielded place.

The last pieces of the diamond eye were found in the old battlefield nebulae and it took over one billion years to assemble and reconstruct the diamond eye by intergalactic forces of an established biological humanoid force a federation of good spirits that traveled with their machines throughout the galaxy to retrieve all the pieces necessary so the higher hierarchical forces the Remideas engul could forge the diamond eye together and call upon the one redeemer god that no one had ever seen before to initiate and unlock the diamond eye and restore peace expel all evil out of this part of the universe.

As I finished my last chapter of this iron scroll encrypted and written with the ink the essence from the blood of the fallen from the last battle of the Acheron nebula, awaiting the horns of silence to welcome the redeemer god and ruler over all that is light and life within our existing peaceful multiverse.

As I can hear the horns now for over one month and feel the static electrical power thriving through my body, I know my time has come and the end is near. I take notice that all the federation of planets are brightening and raising frequencies showing an unbelievable colorous spectacle light show throughout our universe, as I put my name on the last line of my scroll illuminating all words into a bright shining and golden words feeling and noticing the arrival of the redeemer god is happening now.

I finish with the words my name, Avenis Quiom I will become Remideas engul an angel of light and protector to be part of the realm of seven that protects the gate of the diamond eye for eternity and peace throughout our whole kingdom.

The end.

posted on Apr, 19 2020 @ 03:05 AM
a reply to: 0bserver1

That was a great creation story.

You did well managing to cut it down for a short story.

posted on Apr, 19 2020 @ 05:03 AM
a reply to: SprocketUK
Thank you,
Yea that's actually the difficult part chopping it down to a minimum size..

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