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Jonathan the Evidence

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posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 06:22 PM
Jonathan Reed was, well "was" in the U.S. He was expeld from the country for not giving complete testimonial about what he did.

This story I saw and heared in 2000. I was in Mexico watching the show Otro Rollo. The only place I've seen this story. And I believe it. Jaime Maussan went into the studio. I knew something interesting was going to demostrate. He inmediately showed this video.

Now I will narrate the video he showed exactly how i saw it.

Jonathan Reed was in the mountain walking with his dog. There wasnt any people arround. His dog smelled something strange. And ran into the forest. He was scared. Breathin like was having a heart attack. Because his dog was being attack by an alien. The dog bit the alien arm and hold it for some seconds. When the alien got free it took like a weapon and shoot the dog. The dog was moving arroun in circles for the pain of the injury the had. When the dog stoped it banished in millions peaces.
Jonathan made a quick move by getting a tick wooden stick and hittin the alien on the back of the head. The alien fall. And drop the weapon. then it dissapered too. Jonathan fainted. After a couple of minutes he woke up. The alien was still there. He was breathing to dead. He was very exausted.I could hear his breath.At the moment he got closer to it. Jonathan notest that it was bleeding by the hole it got on the back of the head. Then tape the face. The alien was still alive. It was moving its big round black eyes. Jonathan took the alien to his house in the mountains. And put it on a table. The alien was dressed. A tight black suit that cover its hole body, exept his head and its hands. On his wrist the alien had an object that Jonathan said he could teleport to another dimension. When he put it arround his wrist the divise it attached to him. He could'nt get it off. He start pressing the buttons of the divise. He felt dizzy. The whole room whre he was start colapsing but it was all in his mind. And teletransport to another place. He said another planet. He axplained that he saw people like the alien. Those things could see him. I fill peaceful, he said. When he came back to the room. He tought it was a dream but it was real.

If you want the rest send an email to

I'll post the next part later.

Or check About Jonathan

I didnt got this story from this website. I saw the actual video in Otro Rollo when I was in Mexico. I got the video recorded in a tape. At the moment I saw Jaime Maussan I put the tape and press rec.

In another show several weeks later Jaime went again to Otro Rollo

And there was an special guest. Jonathan Reed.

He was followed by 5 people , for protection because Jonathan is no longer accepted in U.S. and can be killed. He had in a briefcase with a couple of locks, a combination lock, that only Jonathan knows, and covered with bullet proof crystal. The teletransporting object. And only Otro Rollo was the only show that had it.

You can read about Jonathan's divice in my next story "Jonathan Reed a person that should be important or killed" Thre are many witnesses that saw Jonathan fainting by the divise.

Do you believe my story?

vote by sending an email to

Jaime on the left. you got to believe every thing he said


[edit on 12-3-2005 by btog_deMexico]

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