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Coronavirus and The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, documentary film

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posted on Mar, 30 2020 @ 02:30 AM
Want to know why governments of the World are taking such draconian measures to stop COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

This documentary will show you as there are many similarties with the current Covid 19 pandemic and the one that ravished the World in 1918.

It is somewhat long [about one hour] but comprehensive, showing research and modern trends in battling these type of viruses
as well as an excellent history of the 1918 pandeimic, how similar techniques to what we are using today were also used
back then to stop the spread of the disease. And there is much on scientific research and the history of that research.
Includes interviews with people who actually lived through the 1918 pandemic.

We Heard the Bells: The Influenza of 1918

"As many tens of thousands are perishing each year from the flu, and the new Coronavirus has emerged in regions around the world, here's a film that looks back on one of the most tragic of all of history's pandemics. We Heard the Bells: The Influenza of 1918 recalls the outbreak that swept the planet and eventually killed over 50 million people.

The most unique and haunting aspect of the film are the interviews with the survivors of the outbreak. These are the children of the tragedy, many of whom were made orphans during the height of its spread. They speak of the ill effects suffered by the stricken, including the high fever, complete loss of energy and occasional episodes of delirium. The bodies were piling up so quickly that many did not receive proper burials. Entire families were wiped out.

The influenza of 1918 was not like the strains of the flu we see today. Traditional seasonal flu is especially hazardous to the very young, elderly and the chronically diseased. The fatalities that resulted from the 1918 scourge did not discriminate based upon age. Younger men and women were considered high risk.

How did this virus become so virulent and claim so many lives across the age and gender spectrum?............."

Quote source: erm=2020-03-29

After watching this film all the social distancing and temporary closing of non-essential business will make sense.
Apparetnly, even after over a hundred years, we still do not have a comprehensive vaccine or cure for some of these
viruses and only the old technique of avoiding contact can slow the spread of this modern day plague.
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posted on Mar, 30 2020 @ 05:37 AM
I had a friend her name was Linda

we opened up a window in flu enza !

Think this was the same one I watched yesterday and use there are some parallels but there was also this the epidemiologist said it just suddenly went away. They really don't know why, though it seemed like it just burnt itself out like it had no more vulnerable people and everybody else had developed immunities.

The thing that hit me is biologists couldn't even see the virus, it wouldn't be till the invention of the electron microscope that we could identify something so microscopic. They were fighting blind, communication was much slower, people wore masks but they were ineffective against such small particles and the Spanish flu was much more virulent. People were just showing symptoms in the morning and would be dead in the evening
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posted on Mar, 30 2020 @ 06:28 AM
I want to present another documentary, because every coin has two sides. I am sorry that it´s in german and from youtube but somehow, "coincindentally", it´s not to find anymore in the so called mediathek of the public service broadcaster here in germany.

It´s called:

The profiteers of fear - SARS H1N1 H5N1 - Vaccine marketing with fabricated pandemics

And we shouldn´t forget Event 201 and it´s players like Gates, who "plays" around with vaccines in africa and india since decades and propagates population declining.

In Germany we have lying politicians which try to fullfil their wet law and order dreams they have since decades now, trying to track every cellphone of owners which are stupid enough to not use anonymous sim cards and have absolutely nothing to hide anyway. They try now to create a law that forces every german citizen to identify via ID before being allowed to enter the internet. They want to install a total observing police state here. And if people are aware, they are again just fake news spreaders, tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, anti-social people and what else.

Here is an example:
German Ministry of the Interior on Twitter
Just look at it, you don´t even have to speak german to understand that they warn about evil, evil FAKE NEWS. At that time they just forgot the fact that they had plans for curfew (only in you spare time, almost everybody has to work like before) and three days later these "Fake News" got reality.

Meanwhile i start to believe it´s a controlled crash of the economy system, that greedy robber baron capitalism system was short before collapsing again and suddenly the virus "happened". And is the allegedly reason for the crash now. And not the same greedy players that caused the crash in 2008, because they changed nothing since 2008 and even got more greedy instead. The real culprits fear the "guillotine", the revenge of the people. And try to hide their repeated wrongdoings behind that virus now. Let´s look who profits now from this man made crisis, it´s the usual suspects, some rich people get even richer right now, greed grows and rich hyenas and vultures waiting to make rich pickings. To steal from the dead bodies that economic crisis will leave.

Then we have the usual law and order fetishists, which leave nothing undone, since 9/11, to steal and destroy peoples rights and freedom. They profit now again because, like with that terror thing, by mass media propanada and fear hype scared people beg for more observation. "Like in China, because that saved them from that virus". Yeah, sure.

The dying system- and mass media, the "intellectual" prostitutes, this crisis is their maybe last chance to gain some clicks and audience, to maybe survive for another year with spreading propaganda and system conform formation of opinions, silencing critical thinking people under the aspect of "hate speech and fake news". Try to find some critical thinking people in the comment sections of the mass media outlets. If you find the one or other not system conform comment, look how the grey and panicked, toilet paper hoarding mass is attacking these people and their opinions.

And they are celebrating even those now which are the culprits of all what is wrong now, what is missing now because of that neo"liberal" greedy rober baron system for the profits of a few. People are so stupid to believe those same old politicians again and again. The culprits just have to act like the saviors in the self-inflicted situation now, which be could be much, much better if the right people in the right jobs would make the right amount of money and not the wrong ones for doing nothing than playing casino games with peoples lifes, just as one example.

I really think it´s a by the "elites" controlled crash of the world economy because that system was short before collapsing again anyway. Till before two weeks i really believed it "just" was an accident in that Wuhan Lab near the market there. But now i am not really sure who really "made that virus happen".

But as always, we "little people" have to be very, very careful now, even more than ever before since the most of us were born. And we shouldn´t forget that we "little people" are many. Nothing fits more than "We Are legion" here. We are not slaves, not idiots, every single minute of our lifes is so valuable that no greedy Scrooge McGates, Scrooge McTrump, Scrooge McBezos, Scrooge McSuckerberg and Scrooge McWhoeverGreedyPunk with his ill fantasies of omnipotence could ever pay for. Most of us people forgot that, trying to get a crump of the pie by selling our lifetime for cheap cents and with no other result than making a few ultra-rich people even richer while the leash around our necks got tighter and tighter. Ultra-rich people which don´t care for others than themselves, their money and with that power, and maybe, maybe their greedy rich brotherhood.

These people and their henchmen (politicians and system conform propaganda mass media and the usual greedy rich suspects) are crashing what is old to create something new right now, to enslave the people a bit more, to make some more profits to put into their money bins on the cayman island or wherever. While reaally for the society important people have to risk their lives now for minimum wage but without any protection like masks or whatever. Because of greed and making profits for a few ultra rich beings and their paid henchmen.

posted on Mar, 30 2020 @ 07:14 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

I have very little doubt that the rich and wealthy and connected people will be taking full advantage of this episode. But it's a far leap to think it's a worldwide global conspiracy manufactured by Bill and Melinda Gates to depopulate the world. This falls in line with the theories of Bill Gates' microchip vaccines aka mark of the beast. All these fanciful theories are fine but the evidence is severely lacking. To have a worldwide conspiracy there would have to be more than just money, control and power involved. I mean hell TPTB they already have that thus the moniker TPTB.

I remember listening to a sermon in church about we were in our last 1000 days, very convincing, very much geopolitical themes along with religion etc. That was 1977 I was 13 years old in other words these theories have been rebooted over and over nothing really changes except the villains and the M.O.

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