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Covid19 Youtube Review......This Old Crack House

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posted on Mar, 29 2020 @ 12:51 AM
Youtube review???? Yes, that's going to be a thing now.

I'm sure I'm late to the party on this "series", but I watched all three episodes today.

Cable has died, even most networks are going to a streaming model, the next step is independent creators on streaming platforms like youtube making good, episodic, material for us all to enjoy. we are.

An Angry Cops production that to me should be right up there with the best on the old school networks like HGTV when it comes to flipping houses.

This is the story of a simple man that bought a house at auction, site unseen, in the hopes of immense riches as he fixes it up and hopes to flip it(I assume).

What he found is a hoarders dream(nightmare) and a newfound sense of religion(basement Jesus). It's a real journey, that's nothing more than a joke. Both for the viewer and the producer that is documenting this.

He asks, is it a comedy or a tragedy, it's obviously both. I look forward to atleast 2 or 3 seasons of this, which should be easy unless there happens to be an "accidental" fire that renders the property into a permanent state of destruction.

I know I'll never look at the few issues I have with my home the same way.
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