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There is no way but up, in the analysis of our fate..

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posted on Mar, 24 2020 @ 08:00 PM
Hi fellow denizens of ATS,

We may be facing some devastatingly pernicious times in the world at this moment in time. It seems every which way I look there's another theory, another piece of the puzzle - but also a new suspicious action from government, or a national leader goes against the grain, or a political debate goes dark just when the important bit is heating up.

What hope do we have in this stalling of our economic wellbeing, with everything taken away from us, and those who have bigger wallets than us, will weather the storm, the storm that may just cost us our lives.

And if that be the case, if we see confusion at every turn - deception at every crossroads - what then can our hope become?

Yet this is the truth of the matter:

Have I not told you, that ye are gods?
John 10:34

We are not totally powerless. We are born for greatness, and despite the mudsuckers who spew filfth & invite you to roll in the muck with them, to cast foul language, to fight & rob, beat & kill - or those who do the same, yet roll about in filth with a more golden hue & tend more to hypocrisy - despite them, we are born for the heights, for the ascent of the Eagle, for the flight of the Condor. We are born to tread the mountains & wade through mighty rivers. We are to gallop over the plains like the wind, our joy more exhilerating with every breath - we are born to become ghosts in the forest as we track the sainted beast that will feed our family through the winter.

Despite the fact of all this uncertainty & deception, and the idiotic bland rejection of authority, and that the fake culture of the social media hip hop hype of the past thirty years has degraded the good sense of our youth - despite this, we are supposed to overcome.

I know that I can trust in the God who has made Himself known to me. By His Spirit I am quickened, by the blood that was shed on Calvary I am made whole, and I need nothing from this world to become perfectly who I was meant to be, and the same is true for you. And no man shall decide the day or the hour at which the great mystery begins to become clear. I will therefore trust everything that I am to God, and I invite you to do the same. I believe that we are at a very delicate moment in the history of this planet, for a multitude of reasons, and for the simplest of evidences. I hope we can withstand the evil that will be wrought against us if this goes the way it seems to be going.

But we are 'gods', after a fashion, and we are invited to tread on the heights, and to be seated at His right hand. As humble as we can be, we are destined for those heights of glory, and don't ever let another man tell you that you are somehow less than him, somehow more unworthy than him, somehow less deserving than him. We are all equal before the throne of God above, and we are called to love each other, not to lord over one another. The darkness of this world is passing away, as it has been for two thousand years. Where we will be in just two more years, it hardly bears thinking about. But here's to hope, the last thing left in Pandora's box when all the evils & plagues had rushed out to desecrate the Earth.

To HOPE. Let's keep it in our hearts no matter what this present madness leads to.

Thanks ATS,

I apologise if that seemed a little intense...

posted on Mar, 24 2020 @ 08:15 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I love the positive message

We gallop

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