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A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 — Even in His Young Patients

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posted on Mar, 22 2020 @ 11:31 AM
a reply to: McGinty

My daughter just reordered, and my son just told me about it yesterday. I havnt used any yet. It arrives tomorrow. Not sure how much my daughter uses

posted on Mar, 22 2020 @ 12:46 PM
a reply to: visitedbythem

Thanks for getting back to me. If you learn anything i'd love to hear and i'll do the same. Best wishes!

posted on Mar, 22 2020 @ 12:48 PM
a reply to: Fowlerstoad

Anyone on here actually know anyone?

posted on Mar, 28 2020 @ 12:42 PM
a reply to: iwanttobelieve70

I personally believe that I know someone. It is a personal friend of mine, whom I have been treating since February (one of the early US cases, located in Rhode Island, USA). This person has not been officially 'tested' (test kits were scarce back in February), but empirically I believe this is a positive case due to symptoms, with a greater than 90% chance that I am right, statistically.

They got 'a flu-like illness', it turned into a chest pneumonia, I prescribed azithromycin, they got better even though they did not think the azithromycin helped, it came back, and now I have them again taking azithromycin (to keep them from getting a secondary bacterial infection). I tried to also prescribe chloroquine based on advice from TD early, but their pharmacy was backordered, and it was impossible to get. Rhode Island isn't exactly a Mecca for malaria, or rheumatoid arthritis apparently

This patient is a 49 year old female smoker, with multiple sclerosis, but no other predisposing conditions to severity.

This person has had the classic symptoms, including loss of taste, and loss of smell (anosmia), fever, and dry cough initially. They also seemingly spread it to their cat, which they slept face to face with nightly, and then the cat started wheezing, and still is wheezing and lethargic to this time intermittently. The patient is better overall comparatively since, but is still battling a feeling of 'pressure in the chest', and a cough, that is somewhat occasionally productive. I also have this patient taking max vitamin C and vitamin D. By now, this person will most likely live without going to the ICU, but it isn't over yet for them either. This Covid-19 is a serious bitch of an illness for some people....

posted on Mar, 28 2020 @ 12:48 PM
a reply to: Liquesence

Its definitely something you do NOT want to catch.

There are studies coming out now saying this thing may cause male sterilization. Its a funky unknown bugger and we should not walk into it like a choice between diarrhea and a tasty street taco.

This thing has the potential to overwhelm our healthcare systems. Thats the issue.

One in three require hospitalization and without it up to 10% are dying as we are seeing in Italy.

Its insane and irresponsible to advocate against public health measures during a pandemic and ESPECIALLY this early on.

Lets not forget that it could mutate and have a second mass infection of even China down to places not yet affected.

Any new strains have the potential for initial mortality rates being much higher than we are seeing with the current pandemic.
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