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COV, the truth...and you. Why is gas 2 bucks a gallon and will we survive the TPP 2020?

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posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 02:00 AM
Run for the hills.....What seemed like the E3 intro for RE8 has become a nightmare scenario for the US as well as the worlds economy. Nothing else really. There will be a lot of sick people but the stopping of the US to a halt for a few months...this is going to test the will of our nation and media.

Here were are over 4 months into what has become a global pandemic. Bat soup or bio-weapon...or both? How about the South Korean death cult? Was it Russia? Why are some many Iranians infected or was it to prove on the world stage who is working with who? Ok, maybe it was just bat soup.

When first hearing about it I thought about Ebola, and SARS and H1N1. How many times have we been warned and it turned into a nothing burger. A lot.

Each time the media creates a 'problem' and they move the American Public like pawns it creates a new set of laws and a precedent to be used at a future date for more control. However, sometimes there is a crack in the Progressive Matrix that shows us just how the government is screwing us. It is happening more than ever right now. Close your eyes and think back one month. Congress could care less and was criticizing the president while impeaching him. Now we are at the point of the Corona-Zombie Flu? Not quite but wash those hands.

So, you are telling me there is a global pandemic...that everyone needs to be 6 feet away from everyone else on the whole planet. Cannot eat around others. Drink. Shop. Walk...But, I just filled up for 1.98 a gallon?

I remember the last time the economy took a dump and gas was over 5 bucks a gallon. Advantage. So please deniers tell me that we are not independent and able to prepare. Right now I cannot believe people are buying "All the Ramen and TP" thinking it will save them from..what? Seriously.

Yes, this is a hell of a virus and inside I still feel we will see a .8-1/0% fatality rate globally if not more. It can easily happen. But the things we are normally lied to about are not lining up and the media/progressive electives are still ranting about the poor response from the US government. The media who criticizes a POTUS who talks so there is no panic will in the same opening 5 minute monologue create "The TPP of 2020. (Toilet Paper Panic of 2020) " or some #.

Make sure to have food. A gun for travel. People are not going to be paid. People are going to be hurting. People are going to get desperate but again not zombie desperate. If state and local resources are tapped as they should be we will be ok and let the Fed work on a cure.

Be safe. Tell jokes. Have drink. Live Long.


To enter the nine-story Shincheonji Church of Jesus building Feb. 16, the 61-year-old woman needed to press her finger into a digital scanner.

She was nursing a sore throat and a fever, local health officials report, and any doctor would have advised her to stay home

Then you throw in an obscure book from the 80's by Dean Koontz and people are buying more TP than ever.

Seriously though, even with the market crashing, why are other goods not affected like before?
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posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 02:24 AM
I like you said RE8.

Anagrams for: coronavirus
Racoon Virus


or maybe.

posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 09:29 AM
Gas is cheap because Russia and Saudi Arabia are in a price war over their oil. It's a world market. As a result oil is very cheap and frackers in America can no longer profit from it.

But, yeah, cheap gas.


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