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...and Hades doth follow

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posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 02:06 PM
I'm not sure if anyone brought this up. I didn't notice anything by usual means. If so, forgive me in advance.

I've been mulling this over in my head for about a week now and the only thing that stopped me from mentioning it before was, I wasn't sure of the answer but now that I 'THINK' I see an err in how - we/our media/common opinion/your answer here - are looking at this virus. By all means, correct me if I'm wrong. If I'm right, then?

Based on what I've been seeing on Corona TV, the numbers didn't quite add up vs what I'm seeing from various media. Yes, the media is running with this as though they were caught near a burning house with matches and using fear and madness to put out the flames. There are opinions abound. Please allow me to add a few more. At least I'll use the numbers 'they' give us. Remember... Objects in Mirror... but also a wise man once said - "Make sure you stock up on plenty of TP".

By the way - I think these 'main stream' sites are trying to soften the blow by trying it's damnest to play the truth down while others lift it up. Compare.

Stats: (From the time I started this post until the time I hit Save)

Total Confirmed - 169,387--------jumped- 179,073 = 9,686hr

Total Still Infected - 85,617------jumped- 93,381 = 7,764hr

Total Deaths - 6,513---------------jumped- 7,074 = 561hr

-- Separating for Effect --

Total Survived - 77,257-----------jumped- 78,078 = 821hr

They leave out the "Active" stat unless you add up all the numbers yourself by going to each state/country.

Total Confirmed - Total cases worldwide that were infected (that we know of) with 'King Flu'.

Total Recovered - Total cases worldwide that were considered recovered.

Total Deaths - Total cases worldwide where someone from the Total Confirmed had a really bad day.

See where I'm going with this? Not yet?

I'm seeing that a lot of media seem to be weighing in on how many people had 'King Flu' and how many people died. If they really wanted to scare people, they could remember that the recovered is an important aspect of the chart (which doesn't make sense either).

My flawed way of thinking? Why would every media source have their own 'Virus Guru' focus on a 3.4% death rate when the amount of people who have the virus still haven't recovered? It's too early to tell. Though, if you had to do the best you could to get a more correct answer, I would say...

IHaveNoIdea %

First off... Let's get this out of the way. IGNORE CHINA's STATS. They don't make sense. To me, it looks like they unexpectedly quarantined a mad amount of unsuspecting souls. They then took the bodies of said souls and cremated any evidence of just how many died to this virus. Italy is fairly quarantined and the living-dead ratio tells a different tale, as do many other places. They can't suddenly have their recovery numbers redlining while the rest of the world is just beginning and the deaths are just starting to take off but leaving a far deadlier wake in comparison of the numbers.

Second... There are too many variables. What happened in Washington state that didn't happen in California, for example?

Washington, US
Confirmed: 769
Deaths: 42
Recovered: 1
Active: 726

How do you look at it?

769 people caught this flu. 42 Died.
- Death Rate: 5.46%

769 people caught this flu. 1 Survived.
- Survival Rate: 0.13%

726 are still sick, 42 Died.
- Death Rate: 5.79%

726 are still sick, only 1 Survived.
- Survival Rate: 0.14%


California, US
Confirmed: 431
Deaths: 6
Recovered: 6
Active: 419

431 people caught this flu. 6 Died.
- Death Rate: 1.39%

431 people caught this flu. 6 Survived.
- Survival Rate: 1.39%

419 are still sick, 6 Died.
- Death Rate: 1.43%

419 are still sick, only 6 Survived.
- Survival Rate: 1.43%

How do you determine what numbers are most important?

- So I play a lot of strategy games, what can I say?.. I'm a little messed up. lol

And what the hell happened to Italy? They're pretty much quarantined!

Confirmed: 24,747
Deaths: 1,809
Recovered: 2,335
Active: 20,603

24,747 people caught this flu. 1,809 Died.
- Death Rate: 7.3%

24,747 people caught this flu. 2,335 Survived.
- Survival Rate: %9.44

20,603 are still sick, 1,809 Died.
- Death Rate: 8.79%

20,603 are still sick, only 2,335 Survived.
- Survival Rate: 11.33%

Some stats are crazier. France for instance:

France, France
Confirmed: 5,380
Deaths: 127
Recovered: 12
Active: 5,241

Look at how many more people are dead vs recovered. How do you find an accurate survival rate from the infected with such confusing data?

Welp... that's all I've got. As an added bonus for rummaging through this mess that is my brain this morning... Useless Bonus Trivia (just the answers)

- Corona means King or Crown and duh... The sun's atmosphere!
- There was a Solar Eclipse passing over Asia on Dec 26th 2019
- There was a Total Lunar Eclipse on Jan 20th 2019


Anyone else seeing some discrepancies?

posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 02:24 PM
Sorry Stallionduck: I hit the flag thingamajig too many times, and ended up with a fial, but not what I intended.
However accurate those numbers are, what jumps off the page at me is no one is recovering.
stay healthy,
ETA: fixed the fail issue and flagged you
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posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 04:31 PM
a reply to: tetra50

No flags needed but thanks! ..and thanks for the perseverance!

Some of it may be mad ramblings but this was before I got around to brewing some tea. -Black Tea LIFE!- Green's ok too.

I was just trying to say that the spread doesn't form any sort of pattern. Maybe it's too early to tell but if you remove China from the numbers, it's hard to tell how bad it was at the start but in the end, their numbers would conflict with everywhere else around the world.

Even with it being so random and taking into consideration the population with various cities in the US, I'm finding it hard to find the data sans china without having to dig through a hundred sites to get the numbers Id need to compile to make a graph. I'm just too damn lazy. Based on a birds eye view... it's bad. Up close... everything is still so new but now would be a great time to start pinning charts and wait 2 more weeks.

Apparently these last 2 weeks, we weren't keeping good records.... cough - china - cough. The deaths are low in most states right now, if you use the US as an example, but almost all are just starting with this bug and even a couple dying in each state is bad news. That means there is more death to come and if this sudden growth outside of china, around the world... those numbers don't look good with people dying this early in the game.

If we don't know exactly what happened in china, it's like this flu just hit us for the first time all over again. 30 out of 380 people is pretty bad... in just one county in Washington. Maybe it's the way it's being explained that makes the difference.

In Washington state, if we use this as an example of what's to hit each US state...

769 people caught the flu (in one little town). 42 died from that flu (in that small town) and so far only one person recovered from it (who got the hell up and drove as far away as one could).

for you Brits

posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 05:10 PM
a reply to: StallionDuck

Have also thought the # recovered from the beginning was odd. In another thread someone posted a study of how the virus can cause 'altered consciousness' due to the neuorological affects it can cause. Assisted breathing and an altered state of consciousness... i think this is far darker than we imagined without being morbid to be quite honest.

posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 06:21 PM
a reply to: StallionDuck

Aside from the virus let me pitch you this.

I can't shake this feeling crashing the economy was the point and something worked backwards to accomplish it.

Also as it stands right now what's more dangerous catching the flu or losing all your money/income?

I'm really not trying to downplay here. Others have posted 500,000+ have died from influenza in recent years. That is an insane amount of people. Has covid hit 100 yet? (In the USA i hasten to add)
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posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 07:35 PM
a reply to: SuicideKing33

Very true. It so mysterious since this could pretty much fall in any category conspiracy. All leads to dead ends.

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