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Anecdotes As Antidotes

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posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 10:33 AM
Hi again ATS!

There's not really a point in me trying to put on an awkward, over the top and obviously fake digital smile here. Typing out a few all caps happy words while trying to force some levity isn't going to come off well at all.

So I'll skip that part. Think of this less like running into an old friend in public, an old friend who lights up and becomes far too loud and animated upon seeing you - and more like maybe running into a coworker in the break room at work. Less "OMG HAI!!!!" and more silent eye contact and a slight head nod that says it all.

Since the nod's out of the way... Things are a bit crazy yeah? Pretty freaking stressful. Thankfully break room rules apply and we're not going to discuss any of that in here. We're on our fifteens here and we're not going to waste them talking about what's going on out there.

So what to talk about? You know it's funny... I know most of you on a superficial level. I recognize you. Seeing you likely brings up a few random memories - things you've said in the past and so on. For some those memories are much more fleshed out. With others, much less so.

I'd like to remedy that with some small talk - but small talk that's a bit more personal and connecting than the usual topics like the weather or how good that new movie is.

I thought we could all share some anecdotes about ourselves that might give others a glimpse into the people behind the name badges. If nothing else it might get our minds distracted for a minute and help reduce a bit of stress.

I'm happy to start.

When I was a kid, maybe 4 or 5, I didn't understand that recording was possible and I thought that musicians, on the radio, drove around the country - non stop - from radio station office to radio station office - playing their songs live. An endless loop. If Sonny and Cher were on the radio? Thought they were down the street singing into the DJ's microphone. If the same song played an hour later I'd think "Wow they got back here fast!"

At about the same age my mother caught me just as I was about to jump from a second floor window. I'd been watching the old George Reeves Superman show on TV, had tied a blanket around my neck and was about to give my best go at flying.

About fifteen years ago I found out, from a friend, that often, when we were out in a group having dinner or drinking, when I got up to use the bathroom or to sneak out for a smoke, my ex would tell everyone that I had Tourette's and to overlook anything shocking or unsavory that I might say.

I once put a disc into an Xbox 360, walked away for a few minutes and returned to find that the disc would not load. After quite a bit of frustration I tried dismantling the console without having the proper tools on hand, breaking the case. Once opened, and to my shock, I could NOT find the disc. It was gone. Vanished. I looked everywhere. I moved furnishings. I was stumped. Oh and the 360 never worked again, while manhandling it I'd shorted the motherboard.

A few months later I bought a new TV stand and while moving things around I accidentally pushed the eject button on a small DVD player that just sat there, unused, under my TV. The tray opened and... Well you already see where this is going. Yup. There was the game disc. I'd been distracted on the day and had absent mindedly inserted it in the wrong device.

I think that's a fair start and enough about me. I'd love to read some quirky little stories about ya'll!

Thanks for reading.

posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 11:18 AM
What a cool idea for a thread -- thank you!

I really don't even know what to say about myself though. Which is quite strange because I feel like I already talk about myself too much! Okay. Here's one.

When I was little and figured out what a mirror was, I used to think that was cool, but it was only the outside. So I would close my eyes as tight as I could and try to see inside myself. I figured if I could see myself on the outside I should be able to see it on the inside too.

It never worked though -- LOL! -- and I just couldn't figure out why...

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