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it got boring, so i came back

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posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 09:51 AM
hi ATS

Last Year was a hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride. trying to keep it low for now, but finaly beeing in charge(again?), feels good...

not much going on right now is it?

barely any paranormal stuff, very few UFO threads, no monsters, no psychs, no crazy posters, just the usual mainstream left vs. right talking points. some corona panic, and it seems even q is losing momentum.

I would enjoy it so much more if people would tell their own stories more, instead of repeating fully formed ideas.

yet here I am, fully aware that this board runs deep, for good and bad as all things.

The whole coronavirus thing smells fishy or was it birdy?

Any way the stench of fear and panic is unsuportable, and the liberties taken away are unprecedented. 911 is like kindergarden compared to this corona thing...
i have my own pet theory about it, which i will share at some point.

Sincerly NoConspiracy

posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 01:49 PM
a reply to: NoConspiracy

Hey now, I am a crazy poster and I still create uniquely original crazy threads.

I also enjoy making crazy posts in other threads to shake things up and change the flow of things.

My main goal is to get people to think more deeply and question everything especially their current beliefs.

If your beliefs don't evolve and change over time I'd say you're not learning anything new. No one knows it all...

Crazy huh?

posted on Mar, 11 2020 @ 05:51 AM
a reply to: muzzleflash

you shure do. and you always bring a breath of fresh air to this board.

I notice a slight change in the way you write, more humble, at times it almost sounds submissive... no offence!

It seems you decided...

How is the word decide related to the meaning of the Latin root CID?
The root word cis and its variants cid and -cide come from a Latin root which means 'cut' or 'kill. ' A decision, for instance, is a 'cutting off' of all possibilities except for one; if you are decisive you have 'killed' all other options.

its the one thing they want from you, just decide!
Either here or there, but we humans have a unique gift, to be here and there to unite the opposite into one point in space and time.
It pisses of both part of the isle, If you learn how to do it.

I want peace and therefore will not decide until the cards are on the table and a real discours happens in the light.

So long NoConspiracy

posted on Mar, 11 2020 @ 11:57 AM
a reply to: NoConspiracy

Thanks for sharing that etymology, you know I love the deeper meanings of language!

Your reference is correct and I am now pondering all of the possibilities I've killed by my decisions...

I'm glad you came back, we need more open minded posters here offering their input. I feel like the political bias has overtaken the place and there's hardly any room for anything else beyond what's on the MSM.

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