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Friends and enemies of coronavirus

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posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 08:41 AM
Laying it out simply , some things help and some things don't.

Here's some of the friends of corona infection :

Air conditioning

Cars trains public transport

Close contacts of all kinds

Public restrooms

Public gatherings

Shop assistants

Infected bed linen clothes and other contaminated items like bins , dirty plates and cutlery

Toilets and showers

Door handles , glass condensation

Here are some of the enemies of coronavirus infection

Medics in general , remedial products eg ritonavir

Bleach and antibacterial solutions ? / disinfectants

Social distancing measures , turn off air cons

Natural antiviral compounds eg basil

Advance measures - eg being faster than it

Physical protection eg blocking / assuaging large viral loads

Common sense and hand washing , cleaning exposed skin , removing suspect clothes .

Heat , hot water clean towels , steam , salt baths

Biological washing detergent ? Sterilising solutions

Vacuums and carpet cleaners , general tidiness , spray disinfectants

Natural antiviral air / skin products eg aerosolised
weak tea tree solution - pets

Human and animal immune systems except cytokine storm

General healthcare mitigation measures and routine cleaning during infection , patient isolation measures during infective period

Source I'd and eradication , contact tracing initially .

Mitigation measures post infection will include both immediate proximity environmental measures and personal measures , for example if ill then wash regularly , stay warm clean dry and keep your home that way , leave facilities clean if possible every time, don't contaminate more than you need to , get plenty of fresh air , drink enough , eat well treatment of symptoms etc.

It's sometimes difficult to tell an I'll person to change their bedclothes but that's an important way of getting past cold infections .

Treat it as a common cold but watch for shortness of breath , superinfections (eg bacterial / fungal ) ,tremors , signs of toxicity or severe headaches . Remember , even if gets to that it's not necessarily going to kill you even without hospitalisation . Stay mentally strong .

Use natural antivirals , usually sold as food supplements , liberally if you get Corona which is quite likely .

Also combine strategies , go to war on Corona , get allies muster resources strategically plan aim to win

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posted on Mar, 10 2020 @ 09:02 AM
a reply to: DoctorBluechip

Many words of wisdom here

Natural antiviral air / skin products eg aerosolised weak tea tree solution - pets

Just a quick caution: Tea tree oil should never be taken internally as it is quite toxic for people and pets. It should be used topically only. And when used topically, it's pretty amazing.


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